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Dolomite powder brand A, 25 kg buy in Lipetsk
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Dolomite powder brand A, 25 kg

Dolomite powder brand A, 25 kg

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Packing of flour is carried out in bags on 25 kg and packages on 6 kg under the order.

- the best limy fertilizer for elimination of excess acidity (a soil deoxidant). It is most effective at lime application before introduction of other fertilizers as dolomite powder contains a large number of MgCO3 and CaCO3 (about 80%).
Use of dolomite powder.

Kolichestvovnosimy dolomite depends from:

- the planned change rn - sourer soils demand bigger introduction of dolomite;

- absorbing ability of the soil (capacity of a cationic exchange) - oozy and clay soils need introduction of higher doses of dolomite, than sandy soils. Organic substance of soils has the high capacity of absorption for lime. Heavy clay soils need annual lime application.

- an amount of precipitation - rains and thawed snow wash away calcium and magnesium from the soil.

Dolomite does not burn leaves of plants and it can be scattered on pastures and lawns. It can be brought at all seasons of the year, but it is more convenient to do it towards the winter. It is possible to bring once for several years, but it is better to do it gradually every year.

At addition in soil mix for violets (saintpaulias) according to B. M. Makuni's recipe:

On a mix bucket: riding red peat - 2 parts, cespitose zelya-1chast, a chopped moss a sphagnum-1 part, river sand-0,5 of part, a half of a package of soil the Saintpaulia (2-2,5 liters), 1 tablespoon of simple superphosphate, 1 tablespoon of dolomite powder, 0,5 liters of the crushed charcoal.

Kostochkovy trees (cherry, plum, apricot) require annual introduction 1-2kg on a tree on the area of a pristvolny circle after harvesting.

For blackcurrant it is brought 0,5-1kg under a bush of 1 times in 2 years.

Under vegetable cultures, especially cabbage, dolomite powder is brought before landing.

Under potatoes, tomatoes dolomite powder is brought beforehand.

Under a gooseberry, a cranberry, blueberry, a sorrel dolomite powder is not brought.

!!! Dolomite powder, and also lime cannot be mixed with ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea, superphosphate simple, the superphosphate granulated, double, manure.

Danger class: IV (little dangerous substance)

Period of storage in dry rooms is unlimited.

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Dolomite powder brand A, 25 kg
Dolomite powder brand A, 25 kg
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