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Drying SKD-30 complex

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМакил Плюс
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of dryerConvective drying
  • Volume of loading30 m³
The drying SKD - 30 complex on wood waste with the UVN - 100 heatgenerator.

The drying complex is intended for drying of timber by one - time loading of a drying chamber of 30 computer - controlled cubic meters, autonomous heat supply from the UVN heatunit.

The heat carrier is heated air which moves in a drying chamber from the heatunit the fan.

The drying chamber represents a modular and combined steel structure with a possibility of moving to other place.

The framework consists of the profile elements covered after assembly with two layers moisture - heat - resistant anticorrosive Autokrin - 177 mastic.

"Autokrin - 177®" on a bituminous and polymeric basis (bronze heat - resistant paint) which has the following advantages:

  • provides high elasticity and durability in the range of temperatures from - 20 °C to + 150 °C;
  • possesses good adhesion to the protected surfaces;
  • it is steady against influence of the increased temperatures and UF - radiations;
  • it is steady against hydroabrasive wear;
  • swore conveniently it is applied on a surface and delivered completely ready to application.

As wall and roofing elements are used a sandwich panel with a mineral - cotton heater density 110kg/m3. Wall and roofing panels have facings. External facings of panels are covered with polyester enamel. Internal facings are covered with the Alyumotsinkovy covering.

The sheeting "алюмоцинк" represents the pseudo - alloy consisting of three basic elements in the following weight ratios: 55% aluminum, 43,4% zinc of 1,6% silicon - such proportion between elements provides balance between corrosion - resistant quality of aluminum and protective galvanic property of zinc. "Alyumotsink", having thickness of 25 microns (185 g/sq. m), not less than 20 years before emergence of products of corrosion for 5% of a surface can be operated in the industrial atmosphere of average aggression. As a result of the conducted researches and an assessment of quality of a covering it was established that the tested material is steady against atmospheric corrosion and it can be operated in the conditions of the industrial atmosphere of average aggression not less than 40 years. A class of fire resistance of the EI 60 panels that corresponds for external walls of the I degree of fire resistance of buildings.

The modular design allows to join additional modules that expands possibilities of a complex and significantly reduces the cost of the modernized complex. Chamber gate - tight, retractable on a lath with use of the mechanism of disclosure.

Between a chamber and a furnace compartment where the UVN heatunit is placed, there is a door for service of a chamber during a drying cycle.

The thermoprotected axial reversive fans providing optimum necessary speed of movement of air through stacks of timber are installed in the SKD camera.

The ventilating system of giving and distribution of the heat carrier consists from: the forcing fan, axial reversive fans fixed on a frame under a drop ceiling, systems of forced - air and exhaust air ducts.

As fuel for the heatunit serves woodworking waste (sawdust, bark, cuts, a dead wood up to 2,5 m long, firewood), peat, etc. Preliminary crushing, sorting, and other preparation of fuel is not required. Fuel can move in a fire chamber in the mixed look, even with high degree of humidity (to 65% ) without preliminary subdrying. Installation is simple in service and is reliable in work, allows to utilize waste and to reduce cost of drying of timber. Loading - manual.

The automatic control system of drying of wood is made of the controller's modules. As a part of system there are 4 sensors of humidity of timber, one sensor of temperature, 1 sensor of equilibrium humidity. The software of system allows to carry out drying of various breeds and assortments of wood (a fir - tree, a pine, an oak, a birch, a larch). Control and control of work of the equipment is exercised of system of Nigos Elektronik automatic equipment. Active control of final humidity of timber - to 7% , and management is made on average value of humidity.

Along with active control and program regulation of process of drying, the system of automatic control exercises control of a condition of the equipment and provides the accident - free mode of operation of installation. The system has three operating modes: automatic, semi - automatic, manual.

The drying complex is delivered in the form of separate blocks and knots, and gathers on in advance prepared base. The base is made by the Customer according to drawings of the Supplier.
Advantages of use of a complex: The drying chamber as combined design, in combination with the UVN heatgenerator has a number of advantages to the Customer, gives a positive effect on time and finance:
  • completeness of delivery (chamber + heatgenerator) and coherence of a binding to the heatgenerator, lack of problems with design;
  • autonomous working hours of system, lack of heating systems;
  • high maintainability in use;
  • compactness of placement of the capital and service equipment;
  • fast installation of a chamber from frame modules; a possibility of dismantle and transfer on other prepared base;
  • universality of a complex (large production and small shop) with a possibility of creation of SK of bigger productivity, staging of creation;
  • the minimum costs of fuel with simultaneous recycling;
  • high degree of thermal insulation of a chamber in general, tightness of the warmed retractable or oar gate, the minimum power of a heatsource;
  • fast warming up up to the necessary temperature, min of heatlosses through designs;
  • the drying agent and the heat carrier - hot air, i. e. lack of intermediate heat carriers and lack of additional heatlosses and devices of heating;
  • uniform distribution of an air heatstream on chamber volume due to rational placement centrifugal and reversive axial fans;
  • simplicity of service, ease of management;
  • possibility of drying at any modes of drying, including soft and delicate;
  • min of the consumed electric power;
  • lack of need of registration for bodies of the Promatomnadzor (Gosgortekhnadzor).
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Drying SKD-30 complex
Drying SKD-30 complex
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