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Dust removal units ZIL

Dust removal units ZIL

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Dust removal units ZIL

During performance of technological processes in industrial rooms of various orientation the small and large polluting particles in air which maximum permissible concentration is regulated by GOST are formed. Cutting and polishing of metals, processing of a tree, production of products of the light and food industry promotes allocation of the increased content of dust which can lead to work decline in production, deterioration of products and emergence of industrial accidents. In order to avoid negative consequences it is necessary to purify forcibly air in dusty rooms.

Installation of bulky ventilating systems is not always justified in view of the high cost, complexity of installation and energy consumption. Installation of the compact dust removal unit which is effective for removal of dust particles from a working zone can become the most rational decision. Especially well ZIL of 900 m and 1600 m released by Medved Concern proved the ventilating dust removal unit. This type of the equipment is available at cost, is simple in installation and operation. Dust removal units ZIL differ in high efficiency (ZIL 900 filters up to 720 m3 of air, ZIL of 1600 to 1520 m3), at the same time they do not need the additional equipment for providing an air flow from out of.

Design features and principle of operation of the dust unit ZIL

Installations of a series ZIL present themselves metal capacity in the cylinder form in which constructive elements settle down. The dust collector purifies air in two stages: a stage of rough cleaning at which as a result of whirl of air masses settle large particles of dust and the stage of thin cleaning meaning an air filtration through the filtering sleeve. Absorption of the polluted air happens through the branch pipe located in the lower part of the case, and emission of cleared - through the lattice which is in the top part of the unit. In the course of purification of air, more than 99% of dust particles are filtered. To provide the air movement, units dust collectors rotations are completed with electric motors with high frequency. The dust collector ZIL 900 is supplied with the three-phase ACORUS electric motor 80 A2, the dust collector ZIL 1600 - the ACORUS 80 B2.

Operation of dust collectors ZIL

Thanks to the short coupling by means of which transfer of rotation between the engine and the fan is carried out the drive of installations ZIL iznosostoyek and is durable. Long operation of the unit not only does not reduce efficiency, but also on the contrary - raises it. This results from the fact that the dust accumulating on a sleeve, does it to less acute that increases the filtering abilities of the unit.

The fabric filters which are included in the package of dust removal units ZIL 900 and 1600 return are restored, for their restoration it is enough to stir up the filter sleeve by means of the special mechanism. Besides, it is periodically necessary to clean the infiltrate accumulating in the lower part of the dust collector. For this purpose it is necessary to put forward the bunker and to take its contents.

Dust collectors ZIL allocates a small amount of the thermal energy incapable to influence a microclimate indoors. The noise level created by installations in the course of work is insignificant, it meets standards of GOST 12.1.003-83.

Installation of dust collectors

Series dust collectors ZIL differ in the compactness that allows to mount them in small rooms. The basis of installation occupies no more than 1 sq.m. The unit dust removal ZIL 900 weighs 110 kg, and its height makes 1,7 meters. The mass of the dust collector ZIL of 1600 - 150 kg, height with the drive - 2,1 meters.

Service conditions

Dust removal systems ZIL are intended for purification of air in shops with temperature condition from -40 °C to +40 °C and humidity of air to 100%. These units are not used in rooms with sticky, chemically active and fibrous air pollutions. Level of dust content should not exceed 350 mg/m3.

For those who will decide to buy our dust collectors ZIL 900 and ZIL 1600 - the price will pleasantly please. The guarantee for production makes 2 years.

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Dust removal units ZIL
Dust removal units ZIL
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