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Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details order in Novosibirsk
Order Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details
Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details

Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details

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Repair or restoration of aluminum, steel or pig-iron details by method of a cold gasdynamic DUSTING of metals is a guarantee of operability of a detail of your car!

Method of a cold gasdynamic dusting of metals - one of innovative technologies!

Features of new technology allow us to apply it in such cases of repair when any of traditional technologies cannot be used or WHEN NADEZHDA NA VOSSTANOVLENIYE of the DETAIL of YOUR CAR ALREADY DIED!!!

First of all, it belongs to repair of thin-walled details and details of a difficult configuration for which the influence of high temperatures leading to emergence of internal tension in details and deformations (change of geometry) is inadmissible.

What argonno-arc welding could not make can be corrected service in a metal dusting, and overlapping of microcracks and a time.

The unique technology of cold drawing (dusting) of metals on a surface of details and products, allows to restore quickly and qualitatively mechanical defect of a detail, to seal a leak in a radiator, to protect a detail from corrosion and many other things. And the covering is put in the air atmosphere with a normal pressure, at any values of temperature and humidity of atmospheric air.

By means of new technology - the DUSTING of METALS - we can make:

• Restoration of light-alloy pallets of cases of DVS;
• Repair of DVS blocks (the holes defrozen corrosion damages);
• Seal and sealing of cracks in case details;
• Repair of damages of radiators of cooling of DVS (fistulas, damages to road accident);
• Repair of intercoolers in DVS;
• Repair of radiators of conditioners;
• To make repair practically of ANY damages of aluminum tubes and condensers, evaporators, aluminum radiators of cooling or heating of salon.

The most common causes of leak, and respectively, become a reason for repair of radiators, conditioners, ovens, intercoolers of a car: depressurization in junctions of tubes and tanks, damage of seams on tubes, cracks in tanks, a leak of tubes on the basis. 

Carrying out repair of all types of radiators, especially from cargo cars, as a rule, it is necessary to liquidate mechanical damages of tanks and bells. 

Sometimes it is necessary to cut down and suppress radiator tubes.

But we have an advantage to such repair – the METHOD of the COLD GASDYNAMIC DUSTING METAL which can restore tightness of a radiator and need will not cut down a tube. And it keeps also the working volume of a radiator that also well affects operation of all car.  

The new TECHNOLOGY of the DUSTING of METALS, allows to restore aluminum radiators in such cases when any of traditional methods of restoration or repair of a radiator cannot be used, or repair of a radiator will not bring in the traditional ways to 100% result.

We can make REPAIR practically of ANY DAMAGES of aluminum tubes and conditioners, evaporators, aluminum radiators of cooling or heating of interior of the car.

Also in our special Car center ALL types of welding works are made: 


And also - the soldering of aluminum, brass, copper.

In this market of services we since 2002.

We work daily from 10:00 till 20:00.
We work - as on cash, and clearing settlement, payment by the card including.

We provide reporting documents.

You can register in repair in advance at any time convenient for you, having just called the dispatcher.


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Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details
Dusting metal - restoration of tightness of case details
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