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Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors buy in Lipetsk
Buy Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors
Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors

Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandElastomeric
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorКомпонент А-прозрачная вязкая жидкость, компонент В-соломенно желтая жидкость

ELASTOMERIC POL - 2003 is a two - component transparent epoxy multifunctional composition with high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. It has excellent adhesion and transparency even on thick layers. Does not contain organic solvents.

Areas of use:

  • As a binder for the construction of high - strength decorative coatings with the addition of colored sand in industrial, technical, administrative and commercial premises
  • Sealing transparent glossy layer for coatings with decorative elements such as colored chips, appliqués (3D floors) 


  • Low viscosity 
  • Versatility and ease of use 
  • Good compatibility with various fractionated fillers (colored and natural quartz sands, corundum, granite chips) 
  • High resistance to water, acids, alkalis, oils and solvents 
  • Odorless, can be applied indoors with poor ventilation
  • High levels of hygiene
  • After curing, it is non - toxic, does not have a harmful effect on the environment


Component A is a clear viscous liquid, component B is a straw - yellow liquid.

Mixing ratio :

(Comp. A: Comp. B) = 3: 1 by mass.



For best results, the temperature during application and curing should be between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C. Low temperatures slow down drying, while high temperatures speed it up. Relative air humidity not higher than 80% . The temperature of the substrate at the time of application and during curing must be at least 3 ° C above the dew point temperature.

The working time of the mixture at + 20 ° C is 30 minutes. Technological breaks between separate working passes from 12 hours to 48 hours.


As a filled base coat:  

The two components that make up ELASTOMERIC Pol - 2003 must be mixed immediately before use, add colored sand or other suitable filler in a ratio of 5 to 10 parts of filler to 1 part of resin and mix thoroughly. Place the prepared mortar on the primed surface, fill in the gaps in the base and smooth it with a trowel or paddle machine. Flow rate 1 mm thickness is 0.20 kg / m 2 of resin and from 1.00 kg / m 2 to 2.00 kg / m 2 of filler.


As a sealing top coat:  

Apply the prepared mixture ELASTOMERIC Pol - 2003 in bulk to the surface and spread with a rubber gate, squeegee and then carefully roll with a needle roller. Two coats may be required.

Consumption per layer 0.50 - 0.8 kg / m 2 .


Packaging and storage:  

ELASTOMERIC - 2003 is produced in metal buckets:


Elastomeric - 2003 

Comp. AND 

Comp. IN 

Kit 12 kg 

9 Kg 

3 Kg 


Shelf life 12 months in original packaging.

Storage temperature + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C.

Store the packages with the lid up.


Tool cleaning:  

Not cured ELASTOMERIC Pol - 2003 with equipment and tools can be removed with solvent 646. Cured material may only be mechanically removed.



Keep out of the reach of children. If ELASTOMERIC Pol 2003 comes into contact with skin, wash with soap and water.

Do not use empty packaging for storing food.

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Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors
Elastomeric POL - 2003 Epoxy self-leveling floors
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