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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
The electronic range "Micron" is a special industrial computer of tape power-saw benches, is intended for automation of technological process of sawing up on horizontal tape power-saw benches. By means of "Microns" practically all technological operations on control of the mechanism of rise and lowering of a saw at sawing up are automated:
installation of thickness of a board taking into account thickness spent on drink;
constant control of coordinate (the size is from "0" or "table" to a tape saw);
spent on drink storing of coordinate of the last;
performance of mathematical operations (addition and multiplication) and storing of sequence (lists) of thickness of boards, for the subsequent sawing up;
storing of "lists of coordinates" on which in the established sequence it is necessary to make a cut;
command execution to establish a saw on the set coordinate.
The electronic ruler increases productivity and accuracy of sawing up. It is reached for the account:
fast and exact installation of a saw on the set coordinate;
simplification of mental work, exception of errors of calculations of the operator of a tape power-saw bench.
Spent on drink performance of mathematical operations, the accounting of thickness, addition, subtraction and storing of sequence of the sawn boards.
convenience of visual control;
opportunities to combine operations of movement of a saw and loading/unloading of boards, etc.
It is also necessary to note advantages which you get, having established "Micron" on the tape power-saw bench:
the tape power-saw bench makes a cut with a computer accuracy;
simplicity of performance of a cut, any worker within 20 — 30 min. training, becomes the qualified operator of a tape power-saw bench;
reliability and simplicity of maintenance. At installation of the electronic range Micron on a power-saw bench, alteration el is not required. schemes of a power-saw bench, it means that to make repair and service of the machine any electrician, and in case of breakage Al can. rulers, it is possible to continue to work at a power-saw bench.
Micron the reliable device, testing was made in actual practice and on the most different tape power-saw benches:
increases productivity by 10 — 15%;
increases the general percent of an exit of timber.
As a result of simple calculations it is visible that profitability of a power-saw bench, and respectively and your profit can be increased to 35 thousand rubles a month and more!
Technical characteristics
Supply voltage, VAC 160 …. 250
Overall dimensions, mm 170х85х40
Weight (with the power supply unit), 540
Range of working temperature - 20 … +50 °C
Tension of coils of the actuator, VAC 24 … 380
Accuracy of exposure of the sizes, mm ±0,3 … ±0,9
Degree of protection of the case _r 54
Power consumption, W 8
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Electronic range Micron
Electronic range Micron
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