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Emulsion bituminous road (cationic)

Emulsion bituminous road (cationic)

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The bituminous emulsion is irreplaceable at implementation of various roadwork. The area of its application is rather wide: it is added to emulsion and mineral mixes when patching, used for a basis subprimer at construction of highways. Besides, without bituminous emulsion the device of layers of road clothes (the emulsion is necessary for impregnation and a surface treatment) and the device of thin layer rough layers of wear is impossible. The bituminous emulsion is made by way of dispergating of bitumen in water solution of emulsifier and looks as uniform low-viscous liquid. Thanks to low viscosity of a bituminous emulsion there is an opportunity to qualitatively process road materials. Among the most significant advantages of a bituminous emulsion in comparison with traditional forms of use of bitumen - safety, environmental friendliness, durability. Besides, it can be used with the cold moistened stone material, it does not need big power consumption. That the bituminous emulsion for a long time kept the chemical and physical characteristics, it is necessary to store it in the tanks cleared of the remains of bitumen, fuels and lubricants, an emulsion and also other pollution. Materials of various structure have to be stored in different capacities. To avoid pollution of a bituminous emulsion, and also in order to avoid evaporation of water from its structure, the tank or other capacities in which it is stored it is necessary to close densely, and also to watch air temperature: it should not be lower, than 5 degrees.
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Emulsion bituminous road (cationic)
Emulsion bituminous road (cationic)
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