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Enamel POLYTON - UR (UV) is used for complex protection against corrosion of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete structures in the atmosphere, including those with high corrosive activity. It is used as a weather resistant topcoat in polyurethane and epoxy based coating systems. B grade enamel additionally protects against mold and mildew.


Enamel POLYTON - UR (UV)

  • Compatible with various types of primers and enamels produced by VMP.


  • Possesses high decorative characteristics;
  • Resistant to UV radiation;


Enamel POLYTON - UR (UV) is used in bridge building, oil and gas and chemical industries, industrial and civil construction. It is allowed to use for corrosion protection of metal structures inside and outside buildings and structures of the agro - industrial complex, including with a mode of wet disinfection and under conditions of exposure to a moderately aggressive atmosphere.


  • Certificate of state registration No. RU.Е.000048.04.17 dated 07.04.2017 
  • Oil and gas complex: entered into the Register of OVP of PJSC "AK" Transneft ", the Register of PJSC" Gazprom "(for anti - corrosion protection of offshore structures); recommended for use by PJSC" NK "Rosneft" - entered into the Technological instruction P " - 05 TI - 0002, complies the requirements of Technological instruction P2 - 05.02 TI - 0002, letter No. AR - 5484 dated 06.04.2016;
  • Transport construction: accreditation of JSC "Russian Railways", standard technological regulations of JSC "Russian Railways" No. 12288779.02073.00058, No. 12288779.02073.00062, No. 12288779.02073.00160 for painting railway bridges; standards STO - 01393674 - 007 - 2015 and STO - 01393674 - 008 - 2014 JSC TsNIIS, technological regulations TR 12288779.02073.00007 (TsNIIS); STO 12288779 - 001 - 2013 Avtodor Group of Companies;
  • Industrial and civil construction: recommended for use by GOST 9.401 (rev. No. 2), RD GM - 01 - 02 of Gidromontazh trust, GOST 31384.
  • Approved by testing centers: NPO Lakokraspokrytie (NII LKP with OMZ Victoria), TsNIIS, VNIIST, VNIIGAZ, BashNIPIneft, NIIES (RusHydro), IPEE RAS named after A. N. Severtsova (Russian - Vietnamese Research and Technology Center, Nha Trang; JRC, Sochi; KIS, Severomorsk).
  • Certificate of the Russian River Register No. 07574 dated November 24, 2016


Acryl - urethane enamel POLYTON - UR (UV) - UV - resistant protective and decorative enamel, which is widely used in complex systems of coatings VMP. The main purpose of the enamel is to protect metal structures used in an open atmosphere, including industrial ones.

Compatibility with most VMP primers and high performance characteristics make this material versatile. POLYTON - UR (UV) creates an additional protective barrier against the effects of precipitation and industrial pollution. UV resistance allows you to keep the color and appearance of the coating for a long time.
The enamel is produced in two brands:


  • grade A - general purpose;
  • grade B - with biocide, which is resistant to fungi in accordance with GOST 9.050 - 75.


 Single dry layer thickness  50 - 90 microns (semi - gloss, matte)
 50 - 70 microns (glossy)
 Impact strength  50 cm, not less
 Adhesion (according to GOST 15140)  1 point, no more
 Heat resistance of the coating in air  120 ° C
 Density (depends on the color of the enamel)  1.20 - 1.40 g / cm 3
 Mass fraction of non - volatile substances  65.0% - 73.0%
 Nominal viscosity according to the viscometer B3 - 246 
 with a nozzle diameter of 6 mm at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° С
 10 minutes after mixing
 20 - 150 s
 Viability, not less   3 h (glossy), 2 h (semi - gloss, matte)
 Grinding degree  30 (glossy), 50 (semi - gloss), 60 (matte)
 Drying time of the coating to degree 3
 according to GOST 19007 at a temperature of (23 ± 2) ° С,
 no more
 5 h (glossy), 4 h (semi gloss, matte)
 Spreading rate according to GOST 8784:
 RAL 3020 
 RAL 5005 
 RAL 5017 
 RAL 7004 
 RAL 9003 
 RAL 9004
 200 g / m 2 , no more 
 175 g / m 2 , no more 
 175 g / m 2 , no more 
 125 g / m 2 , no more 
 160 g / m 2 , no more 
 170 g / m 2 , no more


The theoretical consumption for a single layer coating is:

  • 125 - 225 g / m 2 (semi - gloss, matte);
  • 125 - 175 g / m 2 (gloss).


The coating of the underlying layer must be free from contamination, if necessary, degreased and free from dust and moisture.


  • Stir the enamel base thoroughly before use until smooth;
  • completely pour the hardener into the base with constant stirring (the ratio of the base and the hardener by weight is indicated on the container label and in the enamel quality certificate);
  • if necessary, dilute to working viscosity with thinner.

The enamel is allowed to be applied at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 40 ° C and relative humidity of no more than 85% . The recommended application temperature range is from minus 10 to plus 30 ° С.

The surface temperature during application and drying of the enamel should be at least 3 ° C above the dew point, but not higher than 40 ° C. The enamel prepared for application should have a temperature not lower than plus 15 ° С.

When painting works below 0 ° C, the surface to be painted must be free of snow, ice or frost. In the first 24 hours after application, it is necessary to exclude the ingress of precipitation on the coating.

It is recommended to apply enamel in 1 - 2 coats by airless, pneumatic (air) spraying, brush / roller on a clean dry surface

Recommended application methods:

 Airless spraying  
 Recommended thinner  without dilution
 Nozzle diameter  0.011 '' - 0.015 '' (0.28 - 0.38 mm)
 Pressure  10 - 15 MPa (100 - 150 bar)
 Air spray
 Recommended thinner  SOLV - UR (TU 2319 - 032 - 12288779) 
 or oil solvent according to GOST 10214
 Thinner amount  up to 5% by weight
 Nozzle diameter  1.8 - 2.2 mm
 Pressure  0.3 - 0.4 MPa (3 - 4 bar)
 Brush / roller  
 Recommended thinner  SOLV - UR (TU 2319 - 032 - 12288779) 
 or oil solvent according to GOST 10214
 Solvent amount  up to 5% by weight
 Equipment cleaning  Solvents SOLV - UR (TU 2319 - 032 - 12288779) 
 grades 646, 647, 649

The enamel should be applied in 1 - 2 layers (for bright orange, red and yellow enamels, a 2 - layer application is recommended to obtain an opaque coating). Intermediate drying between layers of enamel at a temperature of plus (20 ± 2) ° С - not less than 6 hours.

Time intervals before overlapping with POLYTON - UR (UV) enamel of the underlying coating layers at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° С:

The name of the paintwork of the underlying layer

Minimum interval

Maximum interval *
POLYTON - UR, FERROTAN 24 h 2 years
VINIKOR - ECOPRIME - 01 8 h 1 month
IZOLEP - mastic 
(color - gray) 
(color - silver gray)

6 h
6 h

6 months
3 months
IZOLEP - mio 4 h 3 months
IZOLEP - primer  2 h  8 months

* If the maximum interval is exceeded and / or when structures are stored under the influence of sunlight, additional surface preparation measures may be required to improve the adhesion of subsequent layers.


Reduction of the interlayer drying time is allowed only by agreement with the manufacturer when taking measures to accelerate the drying of the underlying coating layer.


The time for complete curing of the coating at a temperature of plus 20 ° C is 7 days.


Enamel POLYTON - UR (UV) is supplied complete in two containers: base - in metal buckets, hardener - in metal buckets or cans, depending on the weight of the set.

Storage and transportation of the base and enamel hardener in a hermetically sealed container of the manufacturer in accordance with GOST 9980.5 - at an ambient temperature of minus 40 to plus 40 ° C.

Store the enamel components away from heat sources - containers should not be exposed to atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight; short - term storage in direct sunlight is allowed, but not more than 3 hours.

The guaranteed shelf life of the enamel base is 24 months, of the hardener - 12 months from the date of manufacture.


When working with enamel, you should comply with the relevant industry codes and requirements, as well as the precautions indicated on the container label.

It is necessary to use personal protective equipment (goggles, masks, respirators), avoid inhalation of solvents during evaporation and contact of the composition on the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract; indoor use only with adequate ventilation.

Enamel is a fire hazardous material.


Применяется в качестве финишного защитно - декоративного слоя в комплексных системах по покрытиям ПОЛИТОН - УР, ФЕРРОТАН, ИЗОЛЭП - mastic, ИЗОЛЭП - primer и ИЗОЛЭП - mio и другим на эпоксидной и полиуретановой основах.

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