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EP-1620 electric lift truck

EP-1620 electric lift truck

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Russia, Ekaterinburg
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПАО "МЗИК"
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Lifting heightот 3,2 m
  • Load-lift capacity1600 kg
  • ConditionNew

Loading capacity is 1600 kg, freight elevators (masts) on rise heights: 2800 mm (duplex) a free wheeling to 1480 mm, 3200 mm (simplex), 4500 mm (triplex) a free wheeling to 1540 mm. Four - basic, driving wheels – lobbies. Drive: the leading bridge consists of two drives of wheels – an electric motor wheels consisting of the unattended three - phase asynchronous electric motor, a planetary reducer with a moisture - proof maslookhlazhdayemy multidiskomy brake and wheels. Control system: pulse Curtis firms. Power source: rechargeable battery lead traction capacity with a rated voltage of 48B 540ach. Options: 1) tires "superelastic" or pneumatic, 2) a set of the additional lighting equipment (the 2nd LED headlight in front, indexes of turns in front, the combined lamps behind), 3) the rechargeable battery with a capacity of 660 of Ach or above, dimensions of an accumulator box of 620х1015х625 mm, 4) a hydraulic actuator for hinged load gripping devices.

Essentially new domestic fork electric lift truck possessing high performance data and being easy - to - work.

Features of a design:

1) the pulse system of Curtis firm provides smooth change of frequency of operation of electric motors in all modes, restriction of the maximum currents of electric motors, reduction of speed when heating electric motors, the prevention and automatic shutdown of the controller and electric motors at an overheat, partial return of energy to the rechargeable battery at the movement with a setup (recovery), control of a condition of an oil filter, control of degree of a charge of the rechargeable battery, smooth braking at an accelerator pedal otpuskaniye, control of serviceability of electric equipment and a hydraulic system with a conclusion to the display of codes of malfunction;

2) reduction of a loader in the movement is made by pressing an accelerator pedal with the sensor of the Hall and at the same time the control system provides with the microswitch smooth dispersal and restriction of starting currents of electric motors of the course, at an accelerator pedal otpuskaniye the control system makes a smooth stop, and also is capable to hold a loader on a bias;

3) color ZhK the display provides display of the following information: movement speed in km/h, the direction of the movement, an angle of rotation of wheels, level of a charge of the rechargeable battery, quantity of the fulfilled motochas, presence of the driver on a workplace, inclusion of headlights, the chosen operating mode of the electric lift truck, codes of errors of the controller;

4) two operating modes of a control system: normal – fast dispersal and high speeds of work, economic – slow dispersal and speeds of work for economy of a charge of the rechargeable battery;

5) the operated bridge with a hydraulic cylinder of turn of wheels and two shock - absorbers on balansirny system for more comfortable control of the electric lift truck, on the shelf of a beam of the bridge is established the sensor of an angle of rotation of wheels;

6) lateral replacement of the rechargeable battery (with use of the enclosed adaptation), a possibility of use of acid rechargeable batteries with a capacity up to 720 of Ach;

7) LED headlights (in standard execution: one in front and one behind;

8) panoramic mirror of a rear view;

9) a steering with the hydraulic booster of turn of wheels, the steering mechanism with smooth adjustment of a tilt angle;

10) the driver's seat with adjustment of movement in the longitudinal direction with fixing of an inclination of a back equipped with the sensor of presence of the driver, a seat belt;

11) the button of switching of the direction of the movement of a loader is on the control lever handle rise and lowering of a pitchfork;

12) the workplace of the driver conforms to modern requirements of ergonomics: the wide, low footboard and the auxiliary handle provide a safe landing of the driver on a workplace, adjustment of a steering column on an inclination and adjustment of a seat provide a convenient working pose of the driver, there is a holder for papers, a pocket for the scanner or fine details, the lighter 12V socket – for connection of the flashing indicator (option) or other consumer of 12 V.

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EP-1620 electric lift truck
EP-1620 electric lift truck
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