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Equipment for household lighting

Main advantages of LED Led lamps:

1. Service life of LED lamps considerably exceeds the existing analogs (the term of continuous operation of the lamp not less than 100 000 real hours that is equivalent to 25 years of operation, during the 10th hour work in day). Eventually its such main characteristics as a light stream and luminous intensity practically do not undergo changes. All elements of the lamp are durable, in difference from lamps where filaments are applied. For comparison the halogen lamp works 1000 hours, a metalhalogen lamp - 3000 hours.

2. Profitability of energy consumption. Energy consumption in comparison with lamps where traditional gas-discharge lamps of DRL and DNAT are applied decreases by 70%.

3. Full ecological safety allows to keep environment, without demanding special a condition on utilization (does not contain mercury, its derivatives and other poisonous, harmful or dangerous components of materials and substances).
The served mercury lamp needs to be sent for utilization that demands additional monetary expenses. Leak of mercury or other gases from a lamp at its damage will lead to emergence of environmental problems (negative influence on human health, environmental pollution, etc.). So, any mercury lamp contains up to 100 mg of strong substance — mercury vapors. Maximum permissible concentration of these vapors in the settlement equals 0,0003 mg/sq.m. it is possible to note that this dangerous problem remains if there is a fight of lamps during the transporting and operation.
Let's remind, mercury is the most poisonous heavy metal, it is toxic in any form. At inhalation mercury couples are adsorbed in a brain and kidneys, and also cause destruction of lungs and a digestive tract. Even old mercury pollution are dangerous as mercury can evaporate for years, doing irreparable harm to health of the person.
LED lamps are environmentally friendly and do not demand special conditions on service and utilization

4. High reliability, mechanical durability, vibrostability of LED Ledel lamps. It is reached by the fact that the design of the lamp consists of the cast monolithic case executed from an aluminum alloy allows to achieve degree of protection of IP67, lack of a thread of an incandescence gives high vibrostability. Polycarbonate glass maintains considerable shock loadings and shots of the pneumatic weapon.

5. Lack of need of replacement of light-emitting diodes and service of lamps during all term of operation allows to save on the serving actions and personnel considerably.
6. In LED lamps high contrast is reached that provides the best clearness of the covered objects (buildings, structures, entrances, the yards, billboards, warehouses, the protected territories, parks) and a color rendition (an index of a color rendition 75-85).
The LED lamp creates illumination with higher contrast that improves quality of covering of object. Even besides that one of the main characteristics of light - a color rendition index - is slightly lower, than at some gas-discharge sources:

  • the natural daylight has a color rendition indicator — 100;
  • gas-discharge (metalhalogen) lamps - 80÷95;
  • light-emitting diodes - 75÷85;
  • luminescent lamps of a full range - 60÷95;
  • standard lamps (incandescence) of this world - 68;
  • sodium lamps - about 25.

Except that lamps on light-emitting diodes possess a radiation range close to solar, they can have color temperature from "cold white" to "warm white" colors.
Today for lighting of streets and roads lamps of DRL, DNAT, DNAZ are most widely used. Lamps of DNAT, DNAZ have a narrow range of radiation which does not provide the acceptable color rendition. Their light has characteristic yellow coloring that is an essential lack of lamps of this class.
Many researches showed that this world has advantages before other lighting:

  • this world improves night vision for 40-100% concerning illumination of other range;
  • this world improves color perception (color rendition) that in turn increases contrast of the image and perception of depth of space.

7. In LED searchlights and other products the indicator of use of a light stream is equal to hundred percent (in difference from obsolete standard street lamps where it such koeffitsent is equal to only 60-75 percent). Other important advantage of use of LED production of the highest quality is an opportunity to direct a light stream, at the expense of special optics.

8. Total absence of harmful effect of low-frequency pulsations in LED lighting products (so-called stroboscopic effect which can be noticed if to look at luminescent and gas-discharge lamps). It allows to exclude fatigue of eyes during the work in such lighting that it is important for such spheres as school and high school training, design and office activity.

9. There is no danger of an overload of city and municipal power supply networks at the time of turning on of LED lamps. (It it is easy to see from technical characteristics of LED lamps where the consumed current is equal 0,6÷0,9A, in difference from traditional lamps with a gas-discharge lamp where the consumed current 2,2A, and starting current 4,5A).
10. At night, for additional economy of the electric power, decrease in illumination of streets by 30-50% (Construction Norms and Regulations point 7.44 23-05-95) is allowed. LED lamps allow to regulate illumination decrease in the feeding tension (traditional lamps on gas-discharge lamps of it do not allow, at undervoltage they will be switched off). Existence of the switch of power consumption on substation allows to receive, without extension of the nomenclature of lamps, various standards of illumination according to Construction Norms and Regulations 23-05-95.

11. Instant ignition when giving of the feeding tension and stable working capacity at any temperature in all territory of the Russian Federation (including in the conditions of Far North).
Economically inefficient and obsolete, lamps now in use with lamps of DRL and DNAT for street lighting are extremely unsatisfactorily started at low temperatures from - 15 degrees that is average winter temperature practically over all country. Unlike them, light-emitting diodes are perfectly lit and work at subzero temperatures (-60).

12. In practice considerable decrease in a light stream of lamps of DNAT, DNAZ in the course of their operation is recorded. Decrease in a light stream reaches 40-60% of indicators of a new lamp. And the largest speed of recession of a light stream is observed in the first 100-200 hours of operation of a lamp, i.e. within the first month of work. Based on this feature of work of lamps of DNAT, DNAZ, in various literature recommend to make their replacement to an exit them out of operation in 4-6 months (according to various sources). I.e. the real term of life of these lamps is determined for 4-6 months.
One of the main reasons influencing recession of a light stream of lamps of DNAT, DNAZ and reduction of their service life the moment of inclusion or a short-term de-energization is because when giving tension there is instant growth of starting current destroying lamp design elements. With each inclusion of a lamp its accelerated aging explained with the strengthened dispersion of material of electrodes the big starting currents arising at establishment of the arc category that is connected with the transition processes happening in a lamp torch is observed. As a result of the listed factors electric parameters of a lamp go beyond opportunities of the puskoreguliruyushchy equipment, and the lamp ceases to work. Notice that load of cables at the same time raises more than twice.

13. Besides, at an assessment of economy of the electric power it is necessary to consider losses on wires of lines of power supply of lamps. DRL consumed by lamps and DNAT makes current 2.1-2.2A, the consumed current of the LED lamp makes 0.7-1.1A depending on an operating mode.
Thus, the economy on maintenance is reached and at installation of LED street systems where the cable of smaller section is used.

14. Also there is no danger of an overload of city and municipal power supply networks at the time of turning on of LED lamps. (It it is easy to see from technical characteristics of LED lamps where the consumed current is equal 0,7÷1,1A, unlike traditional lamps with a gas-discharge lamp where the consumed current 2,2A, and starting current 4,5A).

15. Production of LED Ledel lamps is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard

16. We use the best light-emitting diodes of the OSRAM company - one of leaders in production of light-emitting diodes: with high luminous efficiency with one Cotton wool (90-100 Lm).

17. On all our production we provide a guarantee 3 years.

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Equipment for household lighting
Equipment for household lighting
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