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Erection work

Concept "chief installation" per se is not defined by any standards. From the most often found definitions — this performance of work on installation, connection and adjustings by the customer's personnel under the direction of personnel of the supplier. It is natural that definition the general and all particulars have to be stipulated in the contract. So our company within performance of erection works performs the following works.

  • installation and assembly of components of the equipment if shipping position of the machine means their dismantle;
  • connection of communications (the electric power, compressed air, water, etc.) with use of materials of the customer (an electric cable, a fitting, hoses, etc.);
  • control and adjusting;
  • check of operability of the equipment idling and in an operating mode with check of compliance of performance data to declared;
  • production of test samples of details with use of functions of the equipment (production of details according to drawings and requirements of the customer is in some cases possible);
  • consultation and instructing of personnel of the customer concerning connected with operation and maintenance of the equipment.
  • It is necessary to pay attention that all works are performed by forces of our experts and this cardinal difference from the general definition.

In what a difference between commissioning and erection works?

To understand this question it is necessary to define concept of commissioning. Unlike erection it is available in Construction Norms and Regulations 3.05.05-84: "The complex of the works performed during preparation and carrying out individual tests and complex approbation of the equipment belongs to commissioning." It follows from this that except as there is no difference in the name of other differences in the general understanding of formulations.

Except for one: as the actions which are carried out within the chief-montzhnykh of works are not regulated, at the conclusion of the contract there is a field for creativity, i.e. an opportunity to define actions and the conditions of their performance which are completely meeting requirements of the customer.

What requires performance of erection works?

Qualitatively performed erection works allow to reduce cardinally risks of mistakes at installation and commissioning and further operation of the equipment, to reveal possible malfunctions even before input of the equipment in operation that, finally, promotes increase of reliability of work of the equipment and as a result exclude equipment downtime.

The erection works which are carried out by the authorized organizations levels many difficulties of organizational and technical character which inevitably arise at installation of the equipment new, unfamiliar to personnel.

By whom do erection works have to be performed?

During the work with customers most of suppliers of the equipment strongly recommend performance of erection works with forces of authorized experts. An exception customers and partners whose experts are well familiar with the delivered equipment, can make long term it serve, or passed special training. It is necessary to consider that when working by own efforts the customer connected as with their carrying out and with operation of the equipment undertakes further all risks.

How to plan erection works and to be prepared for them?

At supply of equipment two options are possible:

  • erection works are included in equipment cost;
  • erection works are paid and carried out under the separate contract.

Both in the first and in the second case it is necessary to obtain information necessary for installation, connection and check of the equipment, such in advance as: dimensions, equipment weight;

  • way of installation and installation of the equipment into place;
  • the used tool, equipment;
  • the applied technical liquids;
  • necessary communications;
  • requirements to the operating personnel.

Timely preparation reduces an idle time when working and provides a timely exit of the equipment to production capacity.

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Erection work
Erection work
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