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Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia buy in Cherepovets
Buy Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia
Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia

Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia

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The Steel Prom Trading house company LLC delivers to the organizations, and also carries out complex delivery of metal rolling to the enterprises nuclear and oil-extracting branches, fuel and energy, a machine-building complex, shipbuilding plants and offers cooperation regarding deliveries to your enterprise of the privates alloyed of constructional and special brands of steel, metal rolling for the vessels and coppers working under pressure, hire for a bridge building, electrotechnical steel, hire for shipbuilding, hire hot-rolled of different function, transformer steel, dynamo brands.

LLC Trading House Stal Prom delivers to steel 10HSND, 15HSND,10HNDP,50G, 65G, 20K, 22K, 20HGSA, 30HGSA, 35HGSA, 20H, 30H, 40H, 09G2S, 12H1MF, 12HM, 12HN3A, 12H2N4A, 09G2S-9 sv kp 295 for the NPP, 09G2, 09G2SD, 65G, RSD-32, RSV, RSA, RSD, 10G2S1, 10G2S1D, 17G1S, 16GS, 14G2, 55S2, 60S2, 60S2A, 60S2HA, 18YuT (Ch-33), 19YuFT (Ch-37), 25N3A, 14HG2SAFD, 10G2FBYu, 9HF, 13HFA, 16GNMA.

Ltd company Torgovyyd "Steel Prom" is ready to develop and introduce for you in production any brand of metal rolling.

Listovoymetalloprokat with additional requirements.

Corrosion-proof metal rolling.

Bimetallicheskiyelista and plitynemontazhnykhnorm.

Sudostal with acceptance of the sea and river register.

Metal rolling with a mark for the NPP.

Metiznoyproduktion Exportmetalloprokata.

Metal rolling is ready to deliver to LLC TD Stal Prom in your address:

Fittings, corner, rod iron, strip, square, channel hot-smoked, a channel bent, a beam, a circle, a sheet/roll galvanized, a sheet/roll a hot-smoked, cold-smoked sheet/roll, a leaf expanded, hire with a polymeric covering, a profile, a pipe, a hardware, a grid, a professional leaf, a pipe profile, systems of protections.

Delivery not of assembly norms of metal rolling

Cutting under the customer's size

Implementation of deliveries precisely in time.

Delivery by motor or railway transport.

LLC Trading House Stal Prom is included into group large metaltrading the companies.

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Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia
Export of high-quality rolled metal from Russia
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