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How to cut claws of a crab and as to train them
Crabs come to a distribution network in the following types:
• the boiled and frozen in an armor whole;
• extremities of a crab it is boiled - frozen;
• meat without armor is boiled - ice cream.
Extremities of a crab terminate in a finger or a claw, the first pair of legs is armed with a claw and is called kleshnenosny. To a crab they serve for catching of production, its crushing, keeping. Besides, in protection against enemies - claws the terrible weapon.
In that case when it was succeeded to buy claws of a crab already welded and frozen it is necessary to lower them in boiled water and in a couple of minutes to get. The following task - to destroy a strong armor so that meat remained to the most whole inside.
For this purpose there are special tool kits, at them there are always nippers for splitting of an armor and a fork, with a hook for a meat pulling. There are more convenient scissors of a special design which working surfaces are intended for cutting of an armor, and dredging between rings of handles is arranged as nippers.
In that case when bought claws of the Kamchatka crab who is also already welded and frozen, and the house there are no special tools, ordinary scissors, nippers or the hammer will come to the rescue.
If it is necessary to get crabmeat from claws in marching conditions, then it is possible to break them a simple stone, it is important to apply correctly force that together with an armor not to shatter also tasty meat from a claw.
If you ordered a crab or his claw at restaurant, then, except nippers and a special fork, waiters have to bring also a pan with warm water and a lemon, for rinsing of hands.
Giving preference to claws, it is necessary to know that powerful, in length they can be the Kamchatka crab of a claw 14 - 17 cm.
Crude claws need to be cooked in strongly boiling water in which, except salt, it is possible to put a sugar spoon, bay leaf.
It is possible to prepare claws and on a grill, especially if to buy claws of a crab it turned out together with a live crab, then they can be baked on a grill. To facilitate a task, it is necessary to put a live crab in the refrigerator where he slowly will fall asleep. Such way which is rather sparing. After that separate claws and crush them nippers, but do not remove an armor. Prepare marinade on the basis of olive oil, a lemon, and spices. By means of a brush grease claws and lay them on a lattice. To prepare for 10 - 15 minutes from each party. Before turning, it is possible to repeat a plastering of claws marinade once again.
It is possible to buy claws of the Kamchatka crab and for preparation on couple. In a double boiler to pour water, to pour into it a half of a glass of sugar and a spoon of salt, to lay claws and to keep under a cover of 7 - 8 minutes. At such way of preparation all useful properties of crab meat and its taste remain. Take meat from claws having crushed an armor nippers or having scissored.
Meat from different parts of a crab differs on density and taste a little, in claws of meat not only there is a lot of, but it and the most dense with saturated taste.
If there is a wish for more difficult, nourishing, and very tasty dish, then it is possible to buy claws of a crab and to prepare them in hot fan. Except crabs, it will be required to buy also shrimps, there will be 300 grams of fresh shrimps enough.
For this dish it is necessary to take large claws in number of 4 pieces. Best of all if to turn out to buy claws of the Kamchatka crab as they the biggest and well filled.
Except them, it is necessary:
• fresh shrimps of 300,0 g;
• salt a pinch;
• pepper, white to taste;
• yolk;
• starch spoon;
• spoon of sesame oil;
• crackers for a breading;
• oil for hot fan, will approach any flavourless.
1. At first it is necessary to split nippers an armor on claws. Hands to remove the most part of an armor.
2. From shrimps, salt, pepper, a yolk, starch, sesame oil to prepare uniform mix for a plastering of claws. It is possible to make it in the blender.
3. By means of a brush to apply mix on claws and roll in in crackers.
4. To warm oil in a deep frying pan, it is better if it is the Chinese wok.
5. To fry before emergence on claws of a ruddy crust. Usually on it about 10 minutes leave
6. To take out the claws fried in hot fan and for a couple of minutes to place them on a paper towel. It to allow to get rid of excess oil.
Tax with fresh or marinated vegetables. Considering that crabmeat practically does not contain fat, fast roasting in hot fan will not strongly influence dish caloric content.
If the celebration is expected and you want to surprise the guests, then it is necessary to buy claws of a crab by quantity of invited and prepare from them a hot dish in an oven.
On each one and a half kg of claws it is necessary to take:
• sauce soy, juice of a lemon and lime on 50 ml;
• oil and a root of ginger on 150 g;
• the sherry glass, will approach also table wine;
• parsley bunch.
1. Claws to wash out and make on them a section;
2. A root of ginger to cut and put on a piece in each claw.
3. To lay everything on a baking sheet or in a form.
4. To mix all but a sherry and oil, to fill in with mix claws.
5. To part a sherry with a glass of water and to add to a form.
6. To send a baking sheet to an oven and to prepare about half an hour.
7. For sauce to kindle oil on slow fire and when it begins to change color for brown, to add to it greens of parsley and several drops of juice of a lemon.
Such hot dish will not leave your guests indifferent. The crabmeat made in such a way turns out very rich taste, having absorbed taste of wine, ginger and other components.
As for the cost of the main ingredient to buy claws of a crab is not more expensive, than veal fillet and to prepare from it chops or to bake with hothouse to vegetables in an oven. Therefore to feed guests with a hot dish from flares of a crab not much more expensively than we heat from a fresh-killed meat, but having tried many a crab, will become admirers and admirers sea delikatesak

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