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Feed Additive Dry Kovelos-Energiya Propylene glycol

Feed Additive Dry Kovelos-Energiya Propylene glycol

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ApplicationAnimal husbandry


For the lactating cows.

Ketocall serves for prevention and treatment, quickly fills shortage of energy!

The main plus from application of "Kovelos - Energii" is that the product helps to keep health of a cow in the ambassador the hotel period and the healthy animal will give milk 30 - 40% more!

  • Dairy efficiency increases to 10 - 15% , protein and fat in milk increases by 0,2 - 0,3 pieces.
  • "service of the period" reduces duration.
  • Saves expensive concentrates, having high power value.
  • Possesses antiseptic properties. Often use for maintenance or increase in level of glucose in blood, especially at the lactating animals.
  • It is quickly and completely acquired in a hem.

Abroad, especially in the Scandinavian countries, propylene glycol is entered surely in

the concentrated forages intended for dairy cows in a dose from 2,5 to 10% of forages.

Properties of a preparation and mechanism of action

In the first 100 days of a lactation the dairy cattle suffers from a lack of energy. More than 50% of all

highly productive cows get sick ketozy owing to power deficiency of diets,

since on formation of milk a large amount of glucose is required. Propylene glycol joins

in a preliminary stage of formation of glucose, at the same time deficiency of metabolic decreases

energy that favorably influences a state of health of an animal.

At ruminants splitting of considerable part of carbohydrates happens under action

microflorae of a hem. For ruminant obtaining energy generally depends on structure of a diet and

nutrients, and at high efficiency animals consume a large number

forages that leads to violation of a ratio of flying fatty acids in cicatricial contents,

towards increase of concentration of oleic acid and to increase of concentration of ammonia.

We offer you, to solve this problem with the help power fodder

additives - "KOVELOS - ENERGY". Propylene glycol, is glikoblasty, that is it is completely

it is acquired in an organism of an animal and in a liver turns into glucose, through piruvat and

shchavelevo - acetum acid. In the course of a metabolism propylene glycol, is oxidized and releases

energy. Be a part 65% of propylene glycol (99% ) silicon dioxide (filler) of 33% , fragrance and vitamin E.

Recommendations about application

  • Apply a healthy animal to prevention of a ketoz in quantity

from 300 - 450 g / the head in days in 2 weeks prior to an otel and 4 weeks after an otel.

  • Meat cattle of 2 - 10% for increase in power value of a forage.
  • With the medical purpose a seriously ill animal, propylene glycol apply 500 - 800 g in a dose

in day on each animal, at least, within 10 days.

  • Owing to the fact that propylene glycol possesses the expressed antimicrobic action it it is frequent

use as preservative of forages.

  • Propylene glycol is added to the concentrated sterns as the preserving means in

to dose of 1 - 2% and more on forage ton.

Such forages are stored twice more, than raw.

Power value makes 2604 kcal or 10,92 kJ/kg of exchange energy.

Storage conditions: in the dry and cool place (temperature condition to + 25 °C) Biological efficiency

preparation remains within not less than 12 months. It is packaged in bags on 20 kg.


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Feed Additive Dry Kovelos-Energiya Propylene glycol
Feed Additive Dry Kovelos-Energiya Propylene glycol
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