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Glycerin has positive influence on a cow organism as it not only is quickly and completely soaked up by a gastrointestinal tract, but also takes active participation in a glycogen exchange. Glycerin is actively used by a cow organism at synthesis of glucose which is the main source of a power exchange.
Enough glycerin in an organism of a cow helps to support glucose level in blood of an animal and normalizes power an exchange. Besides helps to reduce concentration of fatty acids in blood that considerably reduces display of a disease of "a fat liver", interferes with manifestation of a ketoz at a cow.
It is very important to give glycerin after an otel as it quickly restores reproductive function of a cow, normalizes a hormonal background. All this positively influences restoration of an organism after an otel shortly.
Glycerin is given to cows at the end of the sukhostoyny period and for 100 days after an otel as it supports glucose level in blood, increases milk yield and fat content of milk. Also prevents development of acidosises and ketocall in cows during this period of a lactation. It is given in the morning, mixing with compound feed.
The norm of glycerin for cows one week prior to an otel and in two weeks later makes 200 g on the head, further give 150 g a day.
Conforming to the rules of use of glycerin, you considerably improve a state of health of a cow in the period of an otel and during the period razdoya that will allow to increase significantly milk yield of milk and its quality.
When feeding cows recommend to use power additives which help to fill needs of an organism of a milk cow for energy. Glycerin and the natural carrier in the form of beet, a ratio 1: 1 is a part of such additive. Except glycerin, this additive contains carbohydrates, a crude protein, cellulose and ashes, and also calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and magnesium.

  1. Increases export of lipoproteins from a liver.
  2. Increases the content of glucose in blood.
  3. Quickly normalizes power balance.
  4. Reduces risk of a fatty infiltration of a liver.
  5. Reduces risk of emergence of a ketoz.
  6. Accelerates involution of reproductive organs of a cow.
  7. Restores activity of immune system.
  8. Increases daily consumption of a forage.
  9. Increases dairy efficiency on 1,5 — 2 kg. milk on the head in days
  10. Reduces risk of an inflammation of a hoofed horn.

Introduction of crude glycerin as medical drink after an otel normalizes power balance, increases consumption of solid of a forage and production of milk. Quickly increases concentration of glucose in blood. Reduces risks of diseases of novotelny cows. Promotes productive longevity of cows.
Replacement in the mixed forage of a full - fledged diet of whole grain glycerin in quantity to 3 kg. in days increased consumption of solid and dairy efficiency by the head, improved forage value, did not influence composition of milk, did not exert negative impact on acidity of a hem, helps to avoid selective consumption of forages animals due to binding of all components of the mixed forage.

Glycerin goes in barrels on 250 kg or cubes on 1200 kg. In a liquid form.

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Feed Additive Glycerin Food
Feed Additive Glycerin Food
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