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We offer to supply rapeseed cake, vintage 2019. in Russia and export.

N roduktsiya of Altai region.

Shipment of cars and F / A



Capacity: up to 500 t / month

Quality control

Moisture - 8%

Ash content of not more than 1.5%

Non - toxic

Shelf life - 3 months

Packing 50 kg / big run / Bulk



Term of payment: by agreement

We provide all accompanying documents.


In recent years the popularity of rapeseed meal and cake in feeding cattle has increased considerably. This is due to a sharp increase in the cost of imported raw protein, as well as an increase in rapeseed production in Belarus. However, many farms still underestimate the importance of this product in animal nutrition.


Rapeseed cake - food perspective

In 2016 in Russia the area under rapeseed totaled 995 thousand hectares. This is 4% less than in 2015. In 2016, the gross yield of rapeseed remained at the level of 2015 - about 1 million tons. Of these, more than 70% is exported already in processed form. In the Leningrad region last year, areas under rape were increased by 200 hectares, and amounted in 2016 - 1.3 thousand hectares. . Primarily produced rape is used as an additive in animal diets and in the production of animal feed.

Rape - a valuable oilseed and forage crops. Being a source of edible oil and protein feed at the same time, it plays an important role in solving the problems of protein animal nutrition. Especially increased the significance of this culture after the establishment of modern and bezerukovyh nizkoglyukozinolatnyh varieties. Rapeseed cake and meal are also good suppliers minerals. Content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and manganese are superior to soybean meal, the availability of calcium - 68% phosphorus - 75% , Mg - 62% , manganese - 54% copper - 74% Zinc - 44% . Rapeseed meal contains significant quantities of choline, riboflavin, folic acid and thiamine, pantothenic acid but smaller in comparison with the soybean meal.

Analysis of the state of feeding animals has shown that diets of lactating cows in the stall period of the content are not balanced protein 20 - 30% Sugar 30 - 35% for calcium and phosphorus by 20 - 30% . At the same time milk production of cows limits primarily the normalized element deficiency in the diet which is the highest. Under these conditions, a shortage of production can be 40 - 50% .

It is found that the quantity of production is 55% depending on the energy content of the diet, by 30% - of the protein and 15% - from mineral substances. Thus, highly productive cow with a live weight of 600 kg, giving 40 kg of milk with a protein content of 3.25% daily produces 1.3 kg of milk protein.

В сбалансированном по всем питательным веществам рационе каждый процент дефицита протеина снижает продуктивность животных на 2 - 3% , при этом расход кормов на единицу продукции повышается на 1 - 3% . Особенностью питания коров является очень быстрое увеличение потребности в протеине в начале лактации. Длительный дефицит протеина в рационе влечет за собой значительное снижение не только удоев, но и снижение содержания жира и белка в молоке. Для устранения дефицита протеина в рационах следует применять корма, богатые протеином – высококачественное бобовое сено, зерно сои, жмыхи и шроты, кормовые дрожжи, мочевину. Протеин корма является самым дорогим компонентом корма, поэтому поиск доступного источника белка главный залог успеха работы животноводов по обеспечению населения экологически чистым продуктом.

The main cost item in the production of milk to date account for the acquisition of protein feedstuffs such as soybean meal, feed yeast, so at this point there is a search for cost - effective components of the diet, that would not have an adverse effect on the productivity and physiological state of animals.


High nutritional value


Rape - unique protein dressing for all sex and age groups of cattle (Table 1 - 4.). These are: lactiferous feed ration balanced for protein and metabolizable energy, increases milk production, average daily gains and prevents the loss of live weight of cows on the Section increases the protein and fat content of milk.

Protein rapeseed meal has a good amino acid composition: the amount of amino acids - 325 g / kg, which is virtually indistinguishable from soybean Dirty (333 g / kg), approximately 45% are essential amino acids (in soybeans - 51% ).

The use of rapeseed meal in dairy livestock increases the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the final product, m. E. Increased milk yield and composition of milk protein. One kilogram of cake contains more than 6 NEL MJ / kg of dry matter and more than 300 g / kg of total protein with a good amino acid balance. Feed enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids - linoleic and linolenic.

Rapeseed cake rich in vitamins and phosphatides, valuable minerals (potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, and other macro - and microelements). Mass fraction of crude fiber - not more than 16% , ash - less than 7% . Total energy nutritional value - not less than 1.17 feed units.

Rapeseed cake can be a component of the diet of cattle. Because rape belongs to the family Cruciferae cake obtained therefrom is lactiferous feed. Fairly high contents of protein can increase the fat content of milk, and low fiber content allows to combine this with other feed additive.

The use of rapeseed oil cake and meal in animal feeding of highly has great advantages, since it relates to a feed with a high content protected from digestion in the rumen protein. According to this indicator exceeds rapeseed meal, sunflower and soybean approaching. This makes it possible to completely replace in diets of more expensive imported sunflower meal and soy partially.

High residue of crude oil in the rapeseed cake is its distinguishing feature. As is known, rapeseed oil comprises oleic acid, which in turn increases the exchange energy feed. This eliminates the additional introduction of the diet of cattle vegetable oils.

When using feed from rapeseed necessary to provide sufficient iodine content of the diet.

The rapeseed oil cake may also present undesired substances for animals - erucic acid, glucosinolates, tannins and sinapine. The moisture content in rapeseed press cake should not exceed 10% , otherwise there is fat oxidation occurs toxic mold and activates undesired enzyme myrosinase. Glucosinolates by the enzyme myrosinase present in the rapeseed oil cake, meal or flour, decompose into substances negatively influencing the functional state of the thyroid, liver, causing inflammation of the bowel. Erucic acid, entering the animal's body in excessive amounts, can adversely affect the cardiovascular system.


safe food

In 1968, Canada was first obtained a variety with low erucic acid, and in 1974 - twice the lean variety "Tower" low in both erucic acid and glucosinolates. Later, two depleted varieties began to be called kanolevymi. In the farms widely cultivated nizkoglyukozinolatnye, bezerukovye rapeseed varieties "Fireworks" "Spar" "Hannah, " "Evvin" et al.

In the late 1970s, Canadian scientists have deduced (create) a special variety of rapeseed low in erucic acid. This genetically modified variety, called it "Canola". The name is an acronym meaning Canadian oil low acid (Canadian oil with low acid content). Thus, restrictions on the maximum input of rapeseed meal to the diet of animals feeding does not exist, and the feeding rate is determined according to the planned animal productivity and other components of the diet components.

Green mass rape can be fed to all animals and birds. Dairy cows to eating green mass rape accustom gradually over 5 - 7 days from 5 - 6 kg per day, further increasing the daily norm in rations to 20 - 25 kg.

The daily feeding rate of rapeseed meal milk cows is 2.0 - 2.5 kg. Flour, cake and meal rapeseed administered in feed from 5 to 15% by weight. Shelf life of the animal feed due to rapid oxidation of fat should not exceed one month. Tested rapeseed cake and meal in the fodder can be administered to lactating cows - up to 10% ; for the young cattle for fattening - up to 15% ; for fattening pigs, birds - up to 5% . In such amounts rape cake and meal by feeding value not inferior to similar feed from sunflower.


reasonable economy

Benefits of Rape: A delicious, cows love him; lactiferous; ratio of cleavable and non - cleavable protein provides optimal development of the rumen microflora; a better balance of amino acids in all protein feed.

Using rapeseed cake in the diets of dairy cows, the farm receives substantial additional profits by increasing productivity; increasing protein and fat in the milk; difference in the price of rapeseed cake compared to soybean meal (2 - 3 times in favor of rapeseed cake).


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