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Fertilizer of Kalimag

Fertilizer of Kalimag

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of fertilizerPotassium-magnesium
Characteristic of agrochemical:

Agrochemical "Fertilizer like "Kalimag" of TU 2184-001-50267458-02 (with amendment No. 1) represents the concentrate from mix of chlorides of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium made from a semi-product of production of the magnesium which is formed in the course of electrolytic decomposition of a mineral of the melted waterless carnallite.

The made product differs with the size of granules

Particle size distribution (mass fraction of fractions):

"Fertilizer like "Kalimag" fraction M
Fraction over 3 mm, % — no more than 10
Fraction from 0 to 3 mm, % — not less than 90

"Fertilizer like "Kalimag" fraction C
Fraction over 6 mm, % — no more than 10
Fraction from 0 to 6 mm, % — not less than 90

Scope and purpose of agrochemical

Joint presence of potassium and magnesium as a part of one fertilizer has important agronomical value. Separate introduction of potash and magnesian fertilizers in view of unevenness of their distribution in the soil reduces productivity in comparison with their joint presence at structure "Fertilizers like "Kalimag", evenly distributed in the soil.

"Fertilizer like "Kalimag" effectively acts on all soils and under all main crops. Influence of fertilizer for cultures which productive part is the vegetative weight and root crops - for cabbage, green vegetables, beet, carrots, a garden radish, parsley, a celery, and for all forage crops, and also on meadows and pastures, thanks to useful effect of potassium and magnesium is especially effective.

The recommended regulations of application

"Fertilizers like "Kalimag" it is recommended for use as the concentrated water-soluble potash fertilizer in agriculture for introduction under all grown-up cultures, trees, berry and ornamental shrubs, and also for their root top dressing.

Name of agricultural cultures Doses of application of fertilizers in kg/hectare
Potatoes 288
Beet 411
Carrots 360
Cabbage 463
Tomatoes 206
Cucumbers 257
Onions, garlic 154
Radish 308
Turnip, swede 308
Silage cultures (corn, sunflower, the mixed crops "peas-овëс-sunflower") 308
Grain (овëс, winter wheat, barley) 257
Fodder (овëс, colza, beet) 257

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Fertilizer of Kalimag
Fertilizer of Kalimag
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