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Films under metallization

Films under metallization

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Films under the press, a lamination and metallization
Characteristic of a film excellent perception of the press minimum raznotolshchinnost of a film high physicomechanical rates high-quality activation of a surface optimum coefficient of friction excellent perception of adhesives and press for the painted films - a saturation and uniformity of color excellent svarivayemost in the wide temperature range and the exclusive durability of a welded seam excellent optical properties (transparency) if on packing not sealed sites are assumed the hygienic safety confirmed with certificates We are glad to offer you a film under a lamination on the basis of modern brands of polyethylene. At the expense of the activated surface the film is characterized by good adhesion at high technological effectiveness. It has a good svarivayemost, high uniformity, the minimum raznotolshchinnost, the maximum zhirostoykost and frost resistance. According to your desire the film can be painted in any color, such properties as a low zapotevayemost and high extent of absorption of UF-radiation can be given it that positively affects period of storage of food in packing from the received multilayered film. At production of a film materials with the improved optical properties, gloss and luster are used. The minimum thickness of these films reaches 30 microns.
Our enterprise mastered production of food wrap for packing of dairy products with drawing the multi-color press. You can get ready packing from the producer from us and exclude excess costs of completion of a packing material.
Since 2011 at us the new type of a soekstruzionny film with polypropylene is started in production. Polypropylene (PP) can be both in the central layer, and in external. With polypropylene presence the film gets the additional durability, transparency, resistance to a puncture without increasing packing cost.
Considering needs of the buyer, we can offer the wide range of the films intended for production of high-quality packing.
films for packing of the frozen products; films for packing of baby food; film for packing of household chemicals (synthetic detergents, starch, shampoos, liquid soaps …); films for packing of dry feeds; films for packing of pasta; films for packing of the earth and fertilizers; films for packing Doy-pakov with batchers and without batchers (mayonnaise, sauce, ketchup …); films for packing of spices (loose and liquid); films for packing of paper products (napkins, paper kerchiefs): films for packing of wet towel wipes (alcohol-containing and kremosoderzhashchy): films for packing of dairy products.
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Films under metallization
Films under metallization
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