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Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets buy in Grayvoron
Buy Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets
Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets

Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets

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Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets

Line of pelletny fireplaces of the IDRO Pellet brand — one of the most successful decisions for ensuring heat, a cosiness and reasonable consumption of energy. Are issued in two versions — 25 R and 25 RS. Distinctive design features — the combustion chamber functioning with an exchange of counter flows and also the system of loading assuming loading of fuel granules by means of the dosing valve.

Model 25 RS is in addition equipped with the certified thermal store (volume of 60+30 liters) allowing to provide hot water supply.

Options of color execution: ivory, marble red, white.


Model Idro Pellet 25R Idro Pellet 25RS
max. power 25 kW 25 kW
the heated S to 250 sq.m to 250 sq.m
Retail price €6 137 €7 678

The line of TECNO Pellet thermofurnaces is presented by RS options 25/30 R and 25/30 (version R — heating, RS versions — heating and hot water supply). Key difference from other fireplaces and furnaces on pellets — existence of the taken heat exchanger that allows to simplify service and procedures of cleaning much.

Design and operational features

The system of loading equipped with the dosing valve allows to simplify operation of pelletny fireplaces at the expense of a proportional and constant dosage of granules, and also to increase of fire safety at the expense of the special gate dividing the tank and the combustion chamber.

The expense measuring instrument providing adjustment of system of burning of fireplaces and furnaces on pellets allows to reach optimum parameters of combustion of fuel and to keep them for the required time.

The system of an exchange of passers a stream assumes the following principle of the movement:

  • cold water moves from below up;
  • hot streams move from top to down.

The Pelletny fireplaces equipped with the thermal store are capable to solve a problem of hot water supply, giving out in 20 minutes prior to 200 liters of hot water.

Additional circulators and the motorized gates use electric connection (230 V).

The modern fireplace on pellets assumes use of electrode system of autoignition that considerably simplifies ignition process.

Convenient storage of fuel granules is provided at the expense of the built-in large-size bunker.

At last, the pelletny fireplace is equipped with the modern technical panel possessing a number of advantages:

  • fast connection with a network;
  • safety lock of fusible type;
  • possibility of connection of a wide range of external devices (thermostat, modem, personal computer, circulators, dividing valves etc.)


Model TECHNO Pellet 25R TECHNO Pellet 25RS TECHNO Pellet 30R TECHNO Pellet 30RS
max. power 25 kW 25 kW 30 kW 30 kW
the heated S to 250 sq.m to 250 sq.m to 300 sq.m to 300 sq.m
Retail price €5 845 €7 313 €6 576 €8 058
The dosing valve. System of loading with the dosing valve:
- the unique system guaranteeing a constant and a proportional dosage;
- the unique system possessing the protipozharny gate between a chamber
combustion and the tank for pellet.
The system of burning regulated by the expense measuring instrument. Measurement of liters of the air given to the combustion chamber happens via the special patented sensor that guarantees optimum and perfect burning.
System of an exchange of counter flows. Hot streams - from top to down. Cold water - from below up.
Production of GVS. - 90-liter (60+30) store of water;
- to 200 l of hot water the first 20 minutes of use.
Electric connection. Electric connection of 230 V for the motorized gates and/or for additional circulators.
System of autoignition. The system is realized through the electrode attached from the inside to a torch for simplification of ignition of the thermofurnace.
Storage pellet. The built-in bunker of the big sizes for storage pellet.
Technical panel. The panel is supplied by the boss of the fuse and fast connection with the power supply network, and also gives an opportunity of connection of the following components: the thermostat / hronotermostat, the personal computer, the modem, dividing valves and/or circulators of 230 V for management of other contours.
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Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets
Fireplace on IDRO Pellet and TECNO Pellet pellets
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