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Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain buy in Saratov
Buy Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain
Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain

Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandКонстанта
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorОт светло-желтого до темно-желтого цвета со слабым специфическим запахом

General product description

Flocculant for the care of water in swimming pools, fountains and household water tanks "Protector - AQUA". Designed for domestic use in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Extending the life of water up to 2 months by using one product instead of three.


Application by specialized organizations for the maintenance of pools and their own owners for the maintenance of water in the pools.


Water, modified cellulose fibers, polydimethyldiallylammonium chloride (PDDA)

Product type

Concentrate for adding to the water of a pool, fountain, reservoir. It is a transparent liquid without foreign inclusions from light yellow to dark yellow in color with a weak specific odor, in the concentrate a slight sediment / opalescence may form during storage.


The product collects small particles from the water, settles on filters, and also fights algae and bacteria in the water. Does not have oxidizing properties to fatty components.


"Protector - AQUA" is used as a means for solving three problems of water care in the pool:

- water clarification, collection and deposition of dust, particles and other small debris on filters for subsequent removal (flocculant function),

- against bacteria and other pathogenic microflora that can develop in the water during its use, as well as preventing the formation of mucus on the walls of the pool,

- against different types of algae that spoil the appearance and pose a danger to people in the water.

The main dosage is 1 kg per 50 tons of water.

It is important to remember that "Protector - AQUA" does not contain oxidizing components (chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, acids), therefore, to solve the problem of degreasing and oxidation, it is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide in a small dosage 1 - 2 times a week (by 75 cubic meters). m of water is added 750 ml).



"Protector - AQUA" is not used for water treatment in industrial production.

Release form

The concentrate is produced and supplied in canisters for food products from polymeric and combined materials with first opening control, net weight from 1 to 25 kg. It is recommended to store the concentrate in a tightly sealed original container.

Practice of using "Protector - AQUA"

- "Protector - AQUA" was once introduced into the water of an outdoor private pool in Cyprus in the summer at an ambient temperature of about 32 - 36 o C every day. For three months of standard operation, only mechanical cleaning (vacuum cleaner, filtration) was carried out in the pool, the water remained transparent without the use of anti - algae and bacteria agents.

- workers poured into a private pool in the south of Russia not city water, but unprepared water from the reservoir; within two days after pouring, algae appeared in the water column. A single use of "Protector - AQUA" together with active filtration allowed them to settle on filters and make the water transparent and suitable for subsequent use.







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Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain
Flocculant "Protector AQUA" for the care of water in the pool / fountain
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