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Furnaces for glass training

Furnaces for glass training

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Training flew down - it is technological process at which external layers of glass acquire crystal structure, and the inside layer remains amorphous. At emergence of such structure glass gains specific properties - its resistance to blows increases, thermal stability increases (maintains temperature drops to 260 °C). At blow in an end face of glass there is its destruction on small splinters. The quantity of splinters in square decimeter of the broken glass conditionally is considered degree of hardness of this glass. At quantity of splinters lower than 50 in 1 sq. dm glass are considered thermostrengthened.
Furnaces for training of glass happen two types: on ceramic shaft and vertical.

Hardening furnaces on ceramic shaft.
In these furnaces glass arrives on ceramic shaft. For ensuring annealing of glass shaft cover with sulfur. Furnaces happen through passage in which the movement of glass happens in one direction, and chanceless, in which the glass movement forward (there and back) to its full warming up. Depending on glass thickness time of a cycle and respectively a speed of rotation of ceramic shaft changes. At the exit from the furnace glass comes to hardening part where from two parties on glass cold air under a high pressure moves. The cooled and tempered glass is removed from a hardening chamber to packing. Hardening furnaces of vertical type
In this furnace of glass are suspended on special clips and come to the camera of the furnace on the conveyor in the top part of the hardening line. After warming up from two parties glass comes to a hardening chamber where occurs it having blown in compressed air.
Each of technologies has both advantages, and shortcomings.
Advantages of training on shaft:
1. Fast reorganization on thickness and dimensions of glass
2. Easy loading
3. Easy learning ability of experts to work with the equipment
1. Big dimensions
2. Big energy consumption
3. Glass turns out not optically pure (from shaft there are dents and roughnesses which are visible in the polarized light)
4. It is impossible to switch on and off quickly the furnace (a long exit in the mode and long idling during the operation of the furnace)
Advantages of vertical training:
1. Low energy consumption
2. Switching off after each shift
3. A fast exit in the mode
4. Easy transportation and transfer from place to place
5. Optically pure glass
1. The buckling on glass length is possible
2. Traces from clips on glass
3. Training flew down from 6 mm (less than 6 mm do not become tempered, and it termouprochnyatsya just)

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Furnaces for glass training
Furnaces for glass training
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