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Furnaces Kelt fireplaces

Furnaces fireplaces on firewood.

Some owners of country houses establish in the dwellings stylish wood fireplaces , others - warm furnaces, but the most reasonable inhabitants apply symbiosis of these two devices - a fireplace furnace. The center of this type can heat the room in only a few minutes and hold warmly long period (about twelve - eighteen hours). Also It should be noted the high efficiency reaching sometimes sixty - seventy percent.

As a rule, the traditional furnace a fireplace cannot heat quickly, for example, a country house, lift temperature in which it is required from time to time. For this purpose it is necessary to wait sometimes for several hours, and heat has to come to the room as soon as possible, application of such center as the known fireplace furnace that's when is required.

The device of this kind will help not only to achieve quickly an optimum temperature mark in the house, but also will stylishly add its decorative part. Of course, the fireplace has low power, the efficiency reaches everything fifteen - twenty percent, it heats the house by radiant energy. But if you want to warm as soon as possible the cozy dwelling, flood a fireplace! It will heat it literally for half an hour. In addition, by means of the center of traditional type it is possible to admire a view of live fire, its furnace chamber is not equipped with special glass.

Proceeding from all requirements of creation of optimum temperature condition, follows that in the conditions of country accommodation the unit which combines properties of two different devices of heating has to be used, and it also is a fireplace furnace. This design can quickly warm up the room, and at the same time carry out it the long period of time and is qualitative add an interior of your house. Today we will consider how experts made combination of functions of two centers in one heating unit.

How the similar design looks? The matter is that, of course, it is possible to establish both a fireplace, and the furnace in the house, but it will not solve your problem, at the same time there will be several problems at once. First, in the building it is necessary to execute in at one time two strong the bases (base) of devices. It will cause an excess consumption of material, and also will demand ensuring a certain area. Secondly, necessary heat will unevenly extend that will lead to insufficient heating and excess expenses of fuel which, to the word speaking, costs quite much. Why? Everything consists in an arrangement of these two devices. The main massif of the furnace leaves in a kitchen zone, and a fireplace completely have in a drawing room. As a result that volume of heat which is necessary for heating of rooms of the house does not come to the room. In this way it is possible to achieve receipt only to fifteen - twenty percent from necessary for hundred.

In certain cases owners of country houses try to increase center efficiency at the expense of special devices which can be bought in shops or to execute by own forces. However similar devices cannot be used in the traditional furnace for this reason today such heating device as a fireplace furnace is used.

Plus the above-mentioned center consist in use of one device for achievement of two tasks at once: fast heating of the house and as it was already told above, long deduction of heat indoors.

By the form constructions all centers of this kind can be divided into several groups: classical, symmetric, island and angular devices.

Thus, the classical centers are established leaned against a wall. Symmetric have the correct arrangement of all components of elements, island devices are installed on the center of the room, and angular units are placed in a room corner.

Classification of wood fireplaces for a country house

In addition, it is possible to make classification of designs by power and the sizes.
Unlike established on the different bases the centers, the fireplace furnace has an opportunity to operate at the same time both making an element. For this purpose it is necessary to kindle both of these devices at once. When there is an instant heating of the room, the device carries out functions of the center which is capable to provide long warming up of the massif of a design.
Only present that, having arrived to the favourite dacha or, having visited a country mansion, you can not worry about morning comfortable perception of life, temperature provided with the center of this kind can keep in it some period.

Of course, today does not represent complexity to install any pleasant unit in the house, shelves of shops of any orientations burst with goods. But in certain cases the similar center can be executed and by own efforts. To be necessary for this purpose two hundred pieces of an ordinary brick, thirty five pieces of a brick shamotny, clay, cement and sheet metal.

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Furnaces Kelt fireplaces
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