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Grass meal

Grass meal is the fodder proteinaceous and vitamin product received by artificial drying and crushing of new-mown herbs prepare and store it, as a rule in the granulated look, is more rare - in not granulated. In work practice it is considered to be that the granulated grass meal prepared from the same raw materials has identical quality.

Grass meal contains 1,5-2 times more pervarivayemy protein, is 2,5-3 times more than mineral substances, than in grain sterns, and it considerably surpasses all types of forages in the content of carotene (vitamins).

Power assessment of grass meal, as well as all forages, express in fodder units, considering at the same time that 1 kg of oats contains 1 kormovvy unit (to. unit). In 1 kg of qualitative grass meal can be to 0,9 to. unit, to 20% of a crude protein, to 300 mg of carotene (pro-vitamin A).

The forages for a bird and pigs consisting generally of grain components are poor in vitamins and therefore need enrichment.

As a part of a crude protein of grass meal irreplaceable amino acids, very important for animals and a bird, contain: lysine, tryptophane, histidine, methionine, cystine, etc.

Grass meal contains the vitamins C, vital for an organism of animals, To, E, almost all group of vitamins B (except B12), and also the chlorophyll, xanthophyll, is well-cared, tiamin, folic and pantothenic acids.

Grass meal has rich composition of mineral substances: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, pine forest, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, chlorine, iodine and some other.

Therefore the flour prepared from plants widely is applied in the formula-feed industry as an improver of compound feeds.

Preparation of grass meal. For uninterrupted providing shop on artificial drying of forages with green material during all summer season it is necessary to have rather wide set of the forage crops cleaned in different terms in economy. The long-term bean herbs containing much more a perevarimy protein, vitamins and mineral substances than cereal herbs have to be a basis of the green raw conveyor. Here the red clover, a lucerne and their mixes with cereal herbs belong. The optimum term of cleaning of a clover and lucerne on grass meal and cutting - the end of a phase of a steblevaniye (height of plants about 50 cm). Duration of this period is about three weeks. At such mode of bevelling bean it is possible to receive 3-4 full-fledged hay crops of high-quality green material for the vegetative period.
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Grass meal
Grass meal
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