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Greasing for a cold shtampovea

Greasing for a cold shtampovea

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  • BrandБентол Формопресс
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Greasings for cold stamping on an oil basis.

We offer you greasing of our production "Bentol-3 Brand 2" (analogs of "HFF-22", "Kurtis-55", "FIMITOL K FP13", greasing of a series "Rosoil", etc.).

Bentol-3 Brand 2 greasing is widely applied on processes of cold volume stamping of steel details of a difficult profile, fair cutting down, a deep extract and other types of processing of metals by pressure.

Use of this greasing will provide economic efficiency due to material supply directly from the producer I pass intermediaries.

"Bentol-3 of brand 2" by results of researches in various laboratories showed positive results:

- on corrosion aggression (protects products from corrosion at further storage)

- on microbiological researches (bioproofness)

- on influence on a kataforezny layer and on quality of coloring

- on rinsability

- on ensuring protection against corrosion

- by technological efficiency

Greasings for cold stamping on a synthetic basis.

Today the environmental issue therefore the known global manufacturers of greasings suggest to replace oil-containing greasings with more environmentally friendly synthetic greasings on a water basis or with the minimum content of oil is particularly acute (for example on various operations of cold stamping the Henkel company offers greasings of the series "Multan", "Fuchs" - the series "Renoform", "Statoil" - the Nimbus series, "Siners-MF, etc.).

We offer a pozharobezopasnuyusmazka "Formopress-Akwa the ShS-1 brand" to TU-2422-006-81851949-2007 for various operations of cold stamping which provides high technological parameters, reduces friction coefficient, provides protection against corrosion and it is well washed away without addition of the washing reagents that allows to exclude further negative influence on such operations as a cataphoresis, coloring, etc.

"Formopress-Akwa the ShS-1 brand" represents technological synthetic fireproof greasing on a water basis with addition of anti-seize, antiwear, anticorrosive and biocidal additives, is applied on a surface in the automatic mode (for manual drawing with a brush the ShS-2 brand)

"Formopress-Akwa the ShS-1 brand" passed tests at the enterprises in shops of large stamping with positive results both on separate pressa, and on the Komatsu automatic transfer line, at the same time it is noted:

- considerably quality of details improved

- procedure of quality control of details became simpler (greasing transparent, it is clearly visible a surface


- the operation "rubbing" is excluded (greasing is well washed away)

- decrease in a consumption of greasing

- corrosion protection (protects products from corrosion at further storage)

wHa all our production is available a full package of technological documentation, among them:

- the specifications coordinated with "The state Sanitarno's center - an epidemiological surveillance", with plant - the consumer;

- sanitary and epidemiologic conclusions;

- on each party the certificate of quality is issued for compliance of production to specifications

Greasing is selected individually under each tekh.protsess depending on features of the equipment,

difficulties of a product, way of putting greasing, etc. (at the same time necessary viscosity with change of a marochnost is selected).

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Greasing for a cold shtampovea
Greasing for a cold shtampovea
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