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Technical characteristics
  • BrandГрибофит
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Class of preparationMushroom
  • TypeBiofungicide
  • Effects on the bodyCombined

GRIBOFIT is ecologically safe biofungicide. The preparation contains disputes and a mycelium of Trichoderma, and also, the produced by a mushroom in the course of production cultivation, biologically active agents (antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, phytohormones).
Properties of a mushroom Trichoderma:
development of phytopathogenic microorganisms by impact on them by direct parasitizing and fight for a substratum oppresses;
by means of the allocated antibiotics (gliotoksin, viridin, trikhodermin), and other biologically active agents, suppresses development of many types of causative agents of diseases, including bacterial, and also brakes reproductive ability of pathogens;
stimulates growth and developments of plants, by means of the emitted auxins;
is a straw biodestructor, actively decomposes organic compounds, takes part in processes of ammonification and a nitrification;
has ability of recultivation of the soil (petrocontaminated land)
promotes receiving bioorganic fertilizers.
Gribofit it is applied to protection of grain grains, bean, vegetable, flower and decorative, melon, fruit and berry crops, grapes against mushroom diseases of plants. Effectively fights against the pathogens which are activators root gnily and listostebelny diseases of plants, suppresses activity of harmful bacteria. Trichoderma parasitizes on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum mushroom sklerotion (white decay), Rhizoctonia solani mushroom psevdosklerotion (rizoktonioz – brown decay of root system, strikes potatoes tubers), Ascochyta (askokhitoz), Botrytis (the activator of gray decay), Colletotrichum (the activator of an antraknoz), Fusarium (fusariosis), Helminthosporium (gelmintosporioza), Pythium (pitiozny root decay) is active concerning mushrooms of the sorts Alternaria (alternarioz), Phoma (fomoz), Phytophthora (fitoftoroz), Verticillium (vertitsillez or vertitsillezny withering, strikes including hothouse plants).
Pathogenic capacity of the soil, at introduction of a preparation of Gribofit – decreases four times!
For this reason it is expedient to Gribofit to use for decomposition of the vegetable remains and suppression of soil phytopathogens. After regular crops and use of chemical preparations the microflora of the soil decomposing the vegetable remains is strongly impoverished. Because of it the eddish decays in the soil of 3 - 5 years. Respectively after an autumn zapakhivaniye of an eddish – in the spring to plants no food arrives.
On the contrary – in the soil collect a lignin which slows down growth of cultural plants and slows down a mineralization of organic substances, causative agents of diseases and mycotoxins collect.
Gribofit perfectly copes with suppression of pathogenic microflora and decomposition of the vegetable remains in the soil. The mushroom favourably combines phytoprotective and rostostimuliruyushchy properties with ability to decompose components of the vegetable remains.
The main properties of application of a preparation on work with the soil:
the preparation promotes improvement of structure of the soil, restores soil PH to optimum values;
increases physical and chemical properties of the soil;
suppresses development of pathogens;
enriches with nutrients.
It is recommended as medical and a prophylactic when entering into the soil. Effectively suppresses causative agents of mushroom diseases on all types field and garden cultures, flower and ornamental plants.
Danger class — 4.
It is safe for the person, animals, fishes, bees, a useful entomofauna and environment.
Has no phytotoxic effect on the protected plants.
Does not collect in plants and in the soil that promotes receiving environmentally friendly production.
The preparation possesses high activity, application on cereal cultures promotes resistance of plants to differences of temperatures and drowning.
Most the good result from application of preparations Imunazot and Gribofit is reached at connection them in tank mix. Preparations are completely compatible and moreover – perfectly supplement each other, providing protection against many diseases, increase in productivity, increase of immunity of plants. Biofungicides are compatible in tank mix with fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides, except copper, alkali - containing. At preparation of tank mixes it is necessary to avoid direct mixing of preparations without preliminary cultivation by water. To combine inadmissibly with chemical fungicides!

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