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Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage buy in Krasnogvardeyskoye
Buy Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage
Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage

Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage

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Products: Discator harrow three - row disc mounted for surface tillage 4 m - transport frame width buy price from manufacturer in Russia, Krasnodar

The disc harrow is designed for shallow soil cultivation to a depth of 15 cm, weed control, chopping and incorporation of crop residues, rejuvenation of meadows and pastures.

They are used in various agro - climatic zones, on all types of soils (except for very stony ones), including those subject to wind and water erosion, with a moisture content of up to 40% .

They are especially effective for pre - sowing treatment in the system of minimum tillage, as well as for stubble plowing, leveling plowing fields, working in pairs and killing weeds.

Advantages of 3 - row disc harrows over 4 - row disc harrows:

Model Number of working bodies Capture width Traction power of the tractor Weight Performance
PM - 6х3 N 62pcs 6.10 m 220 ÷ 280 l / s 5600 kg 8.24 ha / hour
PM - 7х3 N 68 pc 6.80 m 280 ÷ 320 l / s 5920 kg 9.18 ha / hour
PM - 8х3 N 80pcs 7.98 m 350 ÷ 400 l / s 6700 kg 10.77 ha / hour
PM - 9х3 N 86 pc 8.60 m from 430 l / s 7050 kg 11.61 ha / hour

Produced by LLC "DIAS" for tractors of medium and high power from 220 hp to 550 hp.

  • In contrast to the modular design, where the wings are "fastened" rigidly to the main frame, in the sectional design, the wings have an articulated connection and can be raised or lowered by hydraulic cylinders.
  • The transport width of such weapons is 4 meters. The distance between the posts in a row is 300 mm, the distance between the rows is 900 mm.
  • Supplied with spherical discs Æ 560mm. (manufactured by "Bellota", Spain). Possible complete set with DROP cut - out discs patented by DIAS LLC - add. option.
  • The frame of the frame is made of pipe 150x100x6 mm. The “rack - frame glass” interface is serviceable, which prevents it from coking.
  • They are used on cultivated fields in all agro - climatic zones, on all types of soils (except for very stony ones), for main and pre - sowing cultivation in a system of minimum tillage, for stubble cultivation, plowing, fallow work and weed control.
  • Important note: All three - row harrows are equipped with "Camomile" discs. Completing with "DROP" discs is carried out as an additional option.



  • At the beginning of the “2000s” of the current century, when the amount of fallow lands formed as a result of the collapse of collective farms in Russia was significant, heavy 4 - row disc harrows trailed on rigid individual stands became very popular. These agricultural implements with working bodies spaced across 4 rows with a tine spacing of 400 mm in one row have become widely and with great success used for lifting fallow lands. They had indisputable advantages over the disc harrows of the BDT type used at that time, where there were only two rows, and the working bodies were located on the same axis.
  • The tractor fleet of that period mainly consisted of tractors of small and medium power. For aggregation with these tractors, discs with a working width of 3, 4, maximum 6 meters were mainly used.
  • 4 - row discs on an individual rigid stand have coped with the tasks set before them perfectly.
  • As the power characteristics of tractors purchased by farmers increased and the agronomic characteristics of soils improved, more and more wide - grip implements were required.
  • The production responded to the wishes of agricultural producers and began producing disc harrows of 6, 7 and 8 meters, but immediately faced problems with the operation of wide - cut models.
  • The fact is that structurally the 4 - row harrow is designed in such a way that during its operation the moments of rotation of the 1st and 3rd rows relative to the trailer are compensated by the moments of rotation of the 2nd and 4th rows, otherwise the harrow will inevitably be unfold ("kick"), which means flaws will appear during work.
  • It turned out that the wider the working width of the implement, the more it is subject to this effect and the more difficult it is to get rid of this defect.
  • Besides, the 4 - row discator, the price of which has been reduced, has a distance between rows of 700 mm. When working on silted and wetted soils, clogging often occurs between the 2nd and 3rd row. The conclusion suggests itself - it is necessary to move the rows to a greater distance, however, due to logistical considerations, we cannot do this due to the impossibility of delivering the equipment to the consumer (the width of the eurotruck body is 2400 mm).
  • Having analyzed all of the above, the designers of DIAS LLC in 2010 developed, patented and manufactured a 3 - row disc harrow, with an original arrangement of working bodies, instead of a 4 - row disc harrow, you can buy a disc harrow on our website
  • With almost the same weight of 3 - row and 4 - row implements similar in width, but due to the original arrangement of the working bodies, their unique arrangement, it received undeniable advantages:
  • - Increased directional stability (due to the mirror arrangement of the first row of working bodies);
  • - Increased productivity (due to the aggregation of a wider tool with a tractor of the same class);
  • - Reduced soil compaction (due to fewer passes due to the larger working width);
  • - Improving the quality of the technological process (due to the arrangement of the working bodies: the distance between the racks in one row - 300 mm; the distance between the rows - 900 mm).
  • - Reducing the load on the tractor hitch - reducing the tractive effort by 18 - 20% (due to the arrangement of the working bodies - less effort is required to move three rows in the soil than four, and also less effort is required to move the cut soil in the transverse plane. Distance between discs 300 mm instead of 400 mm);
  • - Reducing the working speed to 10 - 12 km / h instead of 15 km / h while maintaining the quality of processing (due to the smaller distance between the working bodies in a row);
  • - Reducing the consumption of fuels and lubricants by 15 - 18% (due to the work with a wider - cutting tool when working with a tractor of the same class).
  • - Reduced operator fatigue (due to less time required to process the same area)


  • Hinged all - frame
  • Semitrailer
  • All - frame and modular
  • Semi - trailed sectional
  • Semi - trailer type "Butterfly"

The company produces:

  • Disc harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Stubble plows
  • Rotary technology
  • Combined technique
  • Sprayer - spreader
  • Other machinery
  • Plows
  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  • Lighting poles and metal structures
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Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage
Harrow three-row disc semi-trailed sectional for surface tillage
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