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Heat carrier MARLOTHERM N

Heat carrier MARLOTHERM N

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerSASOL GmbH
  • Country of manufactureGermany
  • Volume200-205 L

MARLOTHERM N heat carrier …

Description of a product

MARLOTHERM N – inexpensive synthetic organic liquid heat carrier. It is intended for application in a liquid phase in the heat-transmitting systems closed, not subject to the strong squeezing loadings with compulsory circulation. MARLOTHERM N can be used instead of mineral oils. The upper bound of application makes 300 °C. Favorable working range of temperatures is in limits between 150 °C and 300 °C. Circulating systems with MARLOTHERM N can be operated optimum and in the top temperature range with a low pressure of inert gas in the broad tank making apprx. 50–100 Mbar. As inert gas well proved oxygen.

MARLOTHERM N proved to be exclusively steady against thermal influence in all scope. At high working temperatures thermal decomposition leads, however, to education low - and the high-boiling derivative products in admissible quantity. The low-boiling fraction is removed mainly through a broad tank continuously or through proportional intervals of routine inspections. It is necessary to avoid too strong congestion to guarantee a reliable working condition of installation. Not separated fractions completely are dissolved in liquid heat carrier. At approach of a share of the high-boiling fraction to 15% on weight it is necessary to replace filler.

At appropriate application within the working range of MARLOTHERM N does not form high-viscosity or firm deposits. Scaling on surfaces of the heat exchanger or a zashlamovyvaniye of heat-transmitting circulating system still was not observed.

For organic MARLOTHERM N liquid heat carrier it is rather steady against air influence. This product is especially suitable for application in heat-transmitting systems for maintenance of uniform temperature in the overworking cars, calenders and so forth in which because of constructional features it is impossible to exclude impact of air on liquid heat carrier completely.

MARLOTHERM N can be pumped over without problems ordinary centrifugal pumps up to the temperature apprx. –10 °C thanks to its dynamics of viscosity, you should not be afraid also of problems with giving of MARLOTHERM N during the filling and start-up of installation at adverse weather conditions.

The design and operation of the heat exchanger have to correspond to recommendations of DIN 4754. It is necessary to check a working condition of filler regularly. MARLOTHERM N – one of many products offered Sasol as high-performance liquids heat carriers for temperature range from-70 to 350 °C.

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Heat carrier MARLOTHERM N
Heat carrier MARLOTHERM N
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