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Heaters are intended for heating of air in systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in various rooms with a big area (office, trade, warehouses, garages, shops, gyms etc.), are also applied in construction (in the enclosed space with natural and compulsory ventilation at ambient temperature from-20 to +40 °C and humidity 98 at 25 °C).

The heater creates big temperature drop of the passing air (from 70 to 110 °C) that allows to use it for forced ventilation with supply of external air with negative temperatures to -25 °C. In warm time the heater can be used as the high-performance fan. The device consists of the heatgiving elements, pipe lattices, covers with branch pipes for a supply (dump) of the heat carrier and removable lateral guards. The connecting sizes with a uniform step of 125 mm. give the chance to provide assembly on height and length and to collect installation by productivity by air to 500 thousand m3/hour. The heatgiving element is executed from a steel pipe 16kh1,6mm and aluminum nakatny fins with a diameter of 39 mm. A step between edges of 3 mm.

Among now in use heaters meet lamellar fins of the heatgiving element (KVB, KVS, a bedding set, KPS, KFB, TVV). The similar design is considered today outdated as units of this kind in comparison with KSK and KPSK are distinguished considerably by big material capacity and the worst aerodynamic and heattechnical indicators. Replacement of heaters of KVB, KVS, bedding set, KPS, KFB, TVV by KSK and KPSK of the corresponding standard sizes is quite admissible technically and economic.

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