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Heating cable RIM 10 W / m

Heating cable RIM 10 W / m

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Russia, Tomsk
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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerКомпания РиМ (RiM), ООО
  • ColorWhite
  • Wattage10 W


ATTENTION: when using thermal insulation, pay attention to its temperature limits!

Calculation of heating cable length - Download formula

Dependence of cable power on the length of a 20W segment - Download graph


Heating cable from the Russian manufacturer "RIM" with a power of 10 W / m is a worthy solution for heating plastic pipes and freezers. In addition, it is easy to install a warm floor using a heating cable . Such an electric floor can be used to create comfort, both in city apartments and in wooden buildings, country houses and other premises for which there is a need.

At the heart of the heating cable is constantan alloy (copper, nickel and manganese). This alloy provides good thermal conductivity and lower energy consumption (compared to competitors). The cable is encased in silicone rubber, which is resistant to aggressive media (for example, acids, oils) and allows the cable to be used in a wide temperature range (from - 60 ° C to + 200 ° C).

The Siberian plant "RIM" has been producing heating cables using well - established technology for about 15 years. The production line is fully automated and supervised by an engineer.


Application area:

High - temperature heating cable RIM can be used for refrigeration equipment (defrosting, defrosting, condensate drainage), to provide comfortable heating in residential premises. With the help of cables, an electric heating system is installed - warm floors. For anti - icing systems on the roof; for protection from snow, icing and freezing in open areas; to protect plastic and metal pipes from freezing, to heat greenhouses and greenhouses. The cable has a bending radius of 1mm, thanks to which it can heat even the most complex geometric structures. The maximum temperature of heating the cable in the open air is 70 degrees Celsius.

The bending radius of the cable is 1mm, it can be used to heat the most complex geometric structures. Heating cable RIM 10w has silicone insulation and does not break in the cold, it can be operated at temperatures from - 60 to + 200 degrees Celsius, and for a short time it can withstand up to + 300 degrees. The silicone sheath allows the cable to be used in destructive environments: frost, heat, water, oils, acids.

Heating cable RIM 10w has energy consumption 40% lower than that of analogs, due to the use of CONSTANTANE as a heating element. Constantan is a heat - stable alloy based on copper (about 59% ) with the addition of nickel (39 - 41% ) and manganese 1 - 2% (Mn). The alloy has a high specific electrical resistance (about 0.5 μOhm x m), a minimum value of the temperature coefficient of electrical resistance, a high thermoelectromotive force in combination with copper, iron and chromel.

Type: Resistive Heating Element: Constantan Wire Application:

  • For plastic pipes
  • For plumbing

Specific power: 10W / m Maximum heating temperature in air: 45 ° С Maximum heating temperature in insulation (without cooling): 80 ° С Size: 5х8mm Maximum cable chain: 300m Rated voltage: 230V Protection degree: IPX7 Operating environment temperature: from - 60 to + 280 ° С Additional information: cut off and sold in multiples of a meter in any length Shelf life: unlimited Service life: 50 years

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Heating cable RIM 10 W / m
Heating cable RIM 10 W / m
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