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Hepatoprotectors Gepatrof

Hepatoprotectors Gepatrof

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • TypeProtein

Natural substitute for propylene glycol. Complex preparation for the maintenance and improvement of the liver and gastrointestinal tract highly productive cows.

"Gepatrof"  provides 5 levels of the body protect cows: protection against ketosis and acidosis; cleansing of the liver; protection and normalization of lipid and energy metabolism; GI protection against pathogens and the normalization of the microflora; protection against mycotoxins.

Advantages of the drug: 

  • contains natural ingredients;
  • economic benefit at the expense of low cost;
  • It provides 5 degrees of protection of the liver;
  • synergistic effect of the components of the drug;
  • low rate of input and convenient way to use;
  • Use as a feed additive. 

Indications for use: 

  • ketosis and acidosis in cattle;
  • mycotoxicoses;
  • acute and chronic intoxication;
  • fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • metabolic disorders, due to the imbalance of the diet;
  • stressful impact of various etiologies;
  • non-viral chronic hepatitis;
  • dysbiosis. 

Basic properties: 

  • prevents early hotel;
  • eliminates negative energy balance;
  • cures and to prevent liver disease;
  • stabilizes the rumen microflora cow;
  • It improves appetite, and normalizes digestive and metabolic processes;
  • It restores the body after calving;
  • It improves the quality characteristics of milk;
  • increases milk production by 23%;
  • It binds and removes toxins from the body and ketone bodies. 

The composition of the drug:

The main value of the drug "Gepatrof" in its natural ingredients: Activated nanosorbent vegetable flavolignany, trace elements in chelated form, enzyme-probiotic complex, propionic acid bacteria, a natural prebiotic, antiketozny complex donor of methyl groups, a complex of natural antioxidants, succinic acid, biodyne energy processes .  

What do the components of the drug? 

  • Activated nanosorbent binds and removes toxins from the intestines and harmful substances and dangerous aflatoxins and bacterial toxins;
  • vegetable flavolignany have addressed complex protective effect on the liver and blocking the penetration of aflatoxins into the liver and bioactivation;
  • trace elements in a secure and vosokodostupnoy chelated normalize metabolism, eliminate blood acidosis;
  • enzyme-probiotic complex normalizes intestinal microflora, increasing its protective properties, improves digestibility of nutrients;
  • propionic acid bacteria produce propionic acid, which, as a precursor in the synthesis of glucose provides the body with energy;
  • natural prebiotic inulin promotes the binding and removal of ammonia, as well as a nutrient substrate for beneficial micro-organisms;
  • methionine activates protein synthesis;
  • antiketozny complex reduces the formation of ketone bodies, normalizing lipid metabolism;
  • niacin and donors of methyl groups normalize the energy metabolism;
  • a highly complex natural antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin C), protects liver cell membranes from free radicals;
  • succinic acid - a powerful natural biostimulator energy processes. 

Characteristics of the synergistic action of the components of the preparation:

Enzyme-COMPLEX + probiotic + prebiotic propionic acid bacteria = protection against endotoxins and ketone bodies.

Nanosorbent + + silymarin complex flavolignans = elimination of toxins and protect the liver.

Micronutrients + antiketozny complex natural stimulants + + Energy = normalize metabolism (carbohydrate, lipid, energy), the elimination of ketosis.

Flavonoids thistle flavonoids and carotenoids + Pumpkin = protecting liver cells from free radicals. 

The application rates:

Unlike other drugs that must be administered intravenously or desoldering, "Gepatrof"  is introduced into the feed. Another advantage is its low drug dose input than propylene glycol.

Cattle: the treatment of ketoacidosis and with a high degree of contamination of feed by mycotoxins 200 g / head per day; prophylactic dose of 150 g / head per day and 14 days before calving to 14 days after.

Formulation: Powder of a light brown color.

Dosing: administered orally. 

Shelf life: 6 months at t from +4 ° C to +20 ° C in a dark, dry place.

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Hepatoprotectors Gepatrof
Hepatoprotectors Gepatrof
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