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Euphorbia is very unusual, honey. Its roots are capable of penetrating to such depths where no other plant can penetrate. Thus, he becomes the sole owner of all minerals lying deep in the earth's crust, in particular, iodine and iron.

The beneficial properties of milkweed honey are to a large extent formed by these two minerals, which contribute to the function of hematopoiesis, cleansing the body of toxins, improving brain activity and much more.

Euphorbia honey does not lose its medicinal properties for quite a long time.

Useful qualities of milkweed honey. The beneficial properties of milkweed honey is used to treat the following diseases:

Rheumatism; insomnia;

Diseases of the thyroid gland;

Varicose veins;







Liver disease.

Astringent nectar helps to cleanse the vessels from toxins, which prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, in particular, sclerosis, heart attack and stroke. To make honey even more effective in combating diseases of the heart and blood vessels, it is good to enrich it with another beekeeping product - bee bread.

The high iodine content helps to improve memory, increase muscle tone and strengthen nerves. Iron, also found in large amounts in milkweed, helps to produce hemoglobin, which is very beneficial for people suffering from anemia and anemia.

The high content of vitamins and environmentally friendly minerals make it a valuable source of biologically active substances.

With vitamin deficiencies, this tart delicacy will replace expensive vitamin and mineral complexes, in a short time filling the deficit of substances necessary for health.

Advice! With chronic fatigue and insomnia, a cup of warm tea with a spoonful of milkweed will help. The iodine contained in it will strengthen shattered nerves and increase the nervous system's resistance to stress.

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Honey Euphorbia
Honey Euphorbia
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