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Horse manure (40 liters) buy in Ekaterinburg
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Horse manure (40 liters)

Horse manure (40 liters)

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Horse manure better than other types heats the soil on beds and quicker works. It less damp and more friable in comparison with other type of manure, temperature of its decomposition (burning) can reach 70 - 80 degrees, horse manure decays much quicker, than others. Therefore it is especially necessary on cold and heavy soils which demand fast warming up. Chemical composition

Manure consists of allocations of animals and their laying. The forage at animals is more valuable, the composition of manure is better. The laying is of great importance for quality of manure. Urine of animals contains about 50% of nitrogen and to 90% of potassium, and in firm allocations there are a phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and other half of nitrogen. The laying (in our case it is sawdust) is valuable the fact that in it liquid allocations of animals, therefore nitrogen (in the form of ammonia) and potassium are late. Manure emits carbon dioxide which saturates soil air and a prizemny layer of the atmosphere, improving carbon food of plants.

Use of horse manure

Horse manure best of all are suitable for greenhouses and hotbeds. For this purpose horse manure is stacked a layer of 20 - 30 centimeters and covered with the soil. In the same way it is possible to arrange the warmed ridges for receiving early cucumbers or vegetable marrows.

If you have no time to wait when horse manure rots through, then it can be used fresh under redigging in the fall. Spring introduction of fresh horse manure is admissible only under a number of cultures, such as cucumbers, cabbage, pumpkin, vegetable marrows and early potatoes. The norm of introduction of horse manure, as well as humus, usually, makes from 4 to 6 kg on sq. m. It is possible to use fresh horse manure and for liquid podkormok, for this purpose prepare infusion at the rate of 1 l of manure on 10 l of water.


There are several ways of storage of manure:

  • Friable storage of manure - stacks are put without consolidation, at this way of storage decomposition of manure goes at very high temperature.
  • Friable and dense storage of manure - when it is necessary to receive more decayed manure for short term. At this storage at first manure is condensed rykhlo, then at achievement of temperature of 60 - 65 °C (for 3 – 4 day) condense strongly.
  • Dense storage of manure - manure pile or stacks and at once condense, such way still call cold storage.
  • Storage under cattle - at this way happens reduction of losses of nitrogen. Good absorption of all dung water is carried out by a laying. At systematic entering into the soil of organic fertilizers its chemical and physical and chemical composition, its water and air modes improves, activity of useful organisms becomes more active.
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Horse manure (40 liters)
Horse manure (40 liters)
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