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Humic fertilizer "A-VITA"

Humic fertilizer "A-VITA"

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of fertilizerBiohumus
  • Weight10 L
  • Form release fertilizerLiquid
  • ConcentrateConcentrate
  • ColorТемно-коричневый
  • PackagingPlastic jerry can

What is it and how to apply

Humic fertilizers are natural organic fertilizers related to micronutrient fertilizers, which improve the ecological purity and taste of the crop. Any representative of the flora needs proper, high - quality care. And if you want your pets to please you with even greater beauty or an increased yield, then you should take care of high - quality feeding. Naturally, organic is best.

Humic fertilizers theory and practice of their application

This type of fertilizer has a wide range of applications, high efficiency, proven by many agricultural industries, which began to use humates in growing vegetables and fruits in order to improve the quantity and quality of their products.

Everyone should think about using this type of dressing on personal subsidiary plots, orchards, orchards.

Humic fertilizers can be used:

1.When growing flowers, ornamental plants:

· For rooting cuttings, processing tubers, bulbs, as a stimulator of the development of the root system;

· To relieve stress in plants, their nutrition after transplantation; for feeding adult specimens during growth, flowering.

2.When growing seedlings:

· For soaking seeds before sowing;

· For foliar, as well as root feeding of seedlings.

3.When growing vegetables, berry crops:

· For root and foliar feeding of plants during all periods of development;

· To relieve stress after adverse weather conditions (frost, drought);

· To protect plants from bacterial and fungal diseases.

4.When caring for an orchard:

· For feeding or relieving stress in seedlings during transplantation;

· To improve the quality of soil near - trunk circles.

5. When working the soil after harvest, in preparation for a new sowing.

6. As a compost maturation accelerator.

Thus, it becomes clear that the use of humic fertilizers is possible at all stages of plant formation, development, and growth. This makes them unique, fully in demand when growing almost any crop in gardens, orchards.

During the dilution of the concentrate, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions that are indicated on the package or in the attached instructions. Never exceed dosage: an increase in allowable rates can inhibit growth or fruiting. Depending on the type of plant and the necessary manipulation with it, the concentration of the solution varies greatly. It should be remembered that the finished solution of the drug is stored for no more than a week.

The use of humic fertilizers is especially appropriate in areas with sharp temperature changes, changes in meteorological conditions, since the drug increases the resistance of plants to environmental factors, and also makes perennials, shrubs, young trees more winter - hardy.

Composition of humic fertilizer

Humic fertilizer "A - VITA" is produced in liquid form, which is very convenient for use. It is a slightly viscous liquid, dark brown in color, with a mild odor. The balanced composition of the preparation contains nutrients of natural origin. After all, humates are produced on the basis of organic raw materials. In our case, it is leonardite.

The main unique composition of humic fertilizers is:

Humic acids,

Fulvic acids,

Amino acids (Arginine, Histidine, B - phenylallonine, Proline, etc. ).

The effectiveness of humic fertilizers

Humic fertilizer "A - VITA" is an organic product of agricultural chemistry, which not only nourishes plants, stimulates their growth. The effectiveness of humic fertilizers is that they improve the composition, structure of the soil, making heavy soils easy to cultivate, and light soils receive improved moisture capacity.

Improvement of the microbiological composition of the soil is due to a large number of amino acids, vitamins, beneficial microorganisms. After application, the earth is saturated with nitrogen and phosphorus. With regular use, the growth of humus in the soil is noticeable, which makes it possible to reduce its density, improve air and water permeability, increase photosynthesis processes, and facilitate respiration of plant cells.

Humic fertilizers have the greatest effect on root crops (beets, carrots, radishes, onions, etc. ). Tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, pumpkin seeds, and grain crops react well to the drug. When applied, there is an acceleration of growth, maturation of fruits, an increase in their size, taste, a decrease in the amount of nitrates, an increase in sugars in the composition.

The drug has a weak effect on sunflower, legumes, bean species due to their high protein content, as well as rapeseed, flax.

When humic fertilizers are used in orchards, the content of vitamin C in fruits increases, and the resistance of trees and shrubs to pathogenic bacteria, including fungal diseases, increases.


All this happens because the mixture of the components of the drug converts the nutrients that are already in the soil into substances that are easily absorbed by plants.

You should know that annuals respond better to feeding with humic fertilizer at the beginning of development (seedling age), during fruiting, and trees and shrubs - during transplantation, when the root system is injured. The same applies to perennial ornamental as well as fruit crops.

Humic fertilizers can be used in conjunction with other compounds (nitrogen, potash or organic).

But it must be remembered that mixing with phosphorus forms of dressings, with calcium nitrate is not allowed! Difficult to dissolve compounds may form, which will harm the flora.

I would like to note that humic fertilizers are more effective under greenhouse conditions than when processing open ground.

As for the harmful effects on human health, there is none. It's not for nothing that humates are called organic. Rather, the benefit, which lies in the fact that the products that receive the necessary storage of trace elements, acids during cultivation, become more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the content of nitrates decreases, the useful properties of the product increase, saturating, for example, fruits with vitamin C.

Humic fertilizers do not harm humans. This is the most important plus when caring for plantings!

The price of humic fertilizer packaged in 0.5 liter bottles is 165 rubles per bottle, excluding delivery.

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Humic fertilizer "A-VITA"
Humic fertilizer "A-VITA"
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