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Humic organo-mineral fertilizer Oksigumat for coniferous and deciduous trees

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  • BrandОксигумат
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • CompositionOrganic-mineral
  • Release formGranules
  • Method of manufacturingComplex-mixed
  • Aggregate stateSolid
  • PackagingPolypropylene bag

Humic organo - mineral fertilizer Oksigumat for coniferous and deciduous trees, 1 l.

OXYHUMATE - the humic medicine received by oxidizing processing of peat which active ingredients are natural biologically active connections.

The oxyhumate stimulates viability and energy of germination of seeds. Increases productivity and resistance of plants to diseases.

The oxyhumate is developed, tested and recommended to the GNU "Institute of environmental management of National academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus".

Medicine Oksigumat is registered and entered in the State register of means of protection of the plants and fertilizers allowed for use in the territory of Republic of Belarus.

Active ingredients

Humic substances, carbonic, oxycarbonic, fenolkarbonovy acids, fulvic acids, pectins, range macro - and minerals (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, B, Mn). A 6% concentrate of biologically active agents (in recalculation on OHM - 90% ).


  • Increases energy of germination and viability of seeds.
  • Intensifies growth and development of plants.
  • Increases the general resistance.
  • Increases winter hardiness and resistance of plants to diseases.
  • Protects from mushroom diseases (peronosporoz, fusariosis, askokhitoz mealy dew, fitoftoroz, root decayed).
  • Promotes restoration after change, a drought, frosts, remoistening.
  • Strengthens processes of rooting and photosynthesis. Stimulates growth of root system.
  • Significantly increases decorative properties of garden plants and flowers. Promotes earlier and plentiful budding. The size of inflorescences and quantity of inflorescences on a plant can increase twice. Increases blossoming duration.
  • Reduces the content of radionuclides, heavy metals, toxins in plants.
  • Allows to reduce a dose of introduction of mineral fertilizers by 20 - 25% , promoting, thus, decrease in product cost, without prejudice to a harvest.
  • Reduces the content of nitrates in vegetables, root crops, and green cultures by 45 - 50% at the expense of an intensification of nitric exchange.
  • Increases productivity of plants

- vegetables and root crops for 20 - 30%
- potatoes for 10 - 18%
- grain and leguminous crops for 12 - 17%
- green material of forage crops for 30 - 40% .

  • Accelerates maturing.
  • Provides environmentally friendly production with higher content of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates.
  • At systematic use the structure of the soil, its buffer and ion - exchange properties improves.

OKSIGUMAT advantages:

  • it is harmless to the person, animals, bees, and soil microflora
  • it is highly effective, it is used in small doses
  • it can be applied together with fertilizers and means of protection of plants
  • does not collect in agricultural production
  • it is convenient in application

The OXYHUMATE is delivered on the enterprises of the agro - industrial sector and in shops of retail trade in packing of 0, 33 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l. According to applications the release in other container is possible.

Using ArcGIS geographic information system tools, specialists of LLC Ferment carry out:

  • modeling of productivity of crops at complex use of the regulator of growth Oksigumat taking into account soil and climatic features of your region.
  • preparation of ecologically reasonable methodical recommendations about use of the medicine "Oksigumat" at cultivation of crops, characteristic of your region.
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