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Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)

Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)

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Technical characteristics
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Hydrogen peroxide  ( hydrogen peroxide), H2O2 is the simplest representative of peroxides. Colorless liquid with a "metallic" taste, soluble in water, alcohol and ether without limit.

The compound has strong oxidizing properties and is corrosive to most metals. Reacts with many substances; mixes up with ether, distilled water and alcohols in any concentration. It is a good solvent, used only in aqueous solutions. Can spontaneously split into oxygen and water.

Hydrogen peroxide - unstable crystalline hydrate H2O2 + 2H2O, colorless liquid. It dissolves in unlimited quantities in water, ether, alcohol. Explosive in concentrated form, forms burns. As a strong oxidizing agent, it can be corrosive to metals. The wide scope of application (medicine, disinfection, technology, industry) is explained by the fact that this compound is an oxidizing agent, reducing agent, catalyst.

Application area

The drug is in great demand in everyday life and in industry. In particular, it applies to:

  • Production of disinfecting and bleaching agents;
  • Bleaching in the textile and pulp and paper industries;
  • Rocket fuel production;
  • Obtaining dyes and polymeric materials;
  • Disinfection of water in small private pools;
  • Production of porous materials (as a foaming agent);
  • Очистки сточных и промышленных вод;
  • Модификации крахмала;
  • Обеззараживания инструментов, поверхностей, предметов ухода за больными, белья и др. в медицинской сфере;
  • Выведения пятен, возникших при разливе перманганата калия (из - за восстановительных свойств).


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Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)
Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol)
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