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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЗащита АгроСоюз
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Chemical compositionOrganic
  • Operating principleContinuous
  • PurposeTreatment-prophylactic
  • PackagingBottle

IMUNAZOT - Biological fungicide, a rostostimulyator, a fosfatmobilizator of contact and system action, on the basis of rizosferny bacteria of Pseudomonas.
Antifungalny (antifungal) and bactericidal (destruction of colonies of pathogenic bacteria) activity of bacteria is caused by synthesizing of antibiotics – derivatives of a fenazin and a pirrolnitrin. Antibiotics, are capable to be soaked up in plants (through the ends of the cut escapes, roots, through a sheet surface) and to remain in their fabrics long time, playing a role of an immunological factor.

IMUNAZOT – characteristics:

Possesses rostostimuliruyushchy activity, increases viability and energy of germination;
Is a fosfatmobilizator, increases bioavailability of mineral, organic compounds of phosphorus (phosphates, proteins, nucleinic acids, etc. ) and the related metals - Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn.
Promotes the strengthened development of root system of plants;
Improves mineral food of plants due to increase in secondary root system;
Increases resistance of plants to stresses (frosts, a drought, high temperatures);
Provides increase of productivity to 30% ;
Suppresses growth of phytopathogenic microorganisms to 70% ;
Let's combine with pesticides (except copper, alkali of the containing and chemical fungicides);
Reduces stressful action of chemical preparations;
Does not collect in the soil and plants, does not influence taste and a smell.
improvement of quality of production
The complex biological product is active concerning phytopathogenic bacteria and mushrooms: Fusarium culmorum, Fusarium avenaceum and Fusarium solani (fuzariozny root decay) and Fusarium graminearum (fusariosis of an ear and grain); Fusarium oxysporum (fuzariozny withering and fuzariozny root decay); and Fusarium nivale (activators of fuzariozny spottiness of leaves of grain crops, snow mold). At the use of fuzariozny and alternariozny grain of grain cereals, dangerous mycotoxins get to a human body or animals and cause toxicoses.
Bipolaris sorokiniana (gelmintosporiozny root decay, dark - brown spottiness of leaves and ear of grain); Drechslera graminea (striate spottiness of barley); Rhizoctonia solani (root decay, or black scab of tubers of potatoes); Alternaria sp. (alternarioz – ear common people); Botrytis cynerea (gray decay); Mucor sp. (mold); Penicillium funiculosum (blue mold); Rhizopus sp. (gray golovchaty mold); Monilia fructigena (monilialny burn, fruit decay).
Bacteria of Pseudomonas slow down development of viral infections (a virus tobacco mosaic) for 83,7% .
The greatest activity of Pseudomonas is shown concerning gelmintosporioz.
Imunazot is effective in fight against the following diseases:
On grain grains – root decayed, molding of seeds, tserkosporellez alternarioz, rizoktonioz, gelmintosporioz, fusariosis of leaves and an ear.
On fruit trees – monilioz, white spottiness, fruit decayed.
On grapes - black spottiness, gray decay.
On vegetable – root decayed, mealy dew, antraknoz, fuzariozny withering, bacterioses, makrosporioza, a black leg, a black mold, alternarioz, a virus of a tobacco mosaic on solanaceous.
Imunazot, Pseudomonas, synthesize indolylacetic acid (heteroauxin) - the chemical of high physiological activity influencing growth processes (cell fission in growth points is intensified) all species of agricultural plants.
Also as a part of bacteria about 12 - 14% of nitrogen contain.
Pseudomonas - fosfatmobiliziruyushchy bacteria: increase bioavailability of mineral and organic compounds of phosphorus 4(P) and the related metals – Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn.
P – (Phosphorus), as well as nitrogen is necessary for growth of all parts of a plant. It promotes growth processes of a plant at early stages of development. 50% of all necessary phosphorus absorb a plant by then when it reaches only 20% of the height. If the plant does not receive phosphorus at early stages of ontogenesis (for example in the phase "kushcheniye" of grain), in enough, then the damage which cannot almost be eliminated subsequently will be caused to plants. Phosphorus is a part of nucleinic acids which of combinations of consecutive chains consist DNA and RNA which are in kernels of cages. Chromosomes are responsible for cell fission, their growth and transfer of heredity.
The preparation on the basis of Pseudomonas is used for protection of grain and leguminous crops, vegetable, potatoes, in gardens, on cultures of the closed soil (a tomato, a cucumber), on vineyards, flower and ornamental plants.
Application of a preparation on an eddish increases the speed of decomposition of the postharvest vegetable remains, enriches the soil with organic substance, increases biological activity of the soil and as a result the water, air and nutritious modes improve.
Being not a fitotoksichna – bio fungicides does not constitute danger to useful species of insects and water organisms.
IMPORTANT! ! ! Not to gain ill - defined effect – it is necessary to observe precisely, the technology specified by the producer and a dosage.
Danger classes:
Preparations on the basis of pseudomonas belong to the 4th class of danger that means absolute safety for the person and environment. Does not collect in plants and in the soil, does not influence taste and color of the grown - up production.

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