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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBiona
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Inoculant with adhesive stabilizer (producer Argentina), to advance the processing of soybean seeds. They are used to provide plant available nitrogen and reduce the cost of technology of cultivation of legumes. 

Mechanism of action: 

Nodule bacteria penetrate into the roots of leguminous plants through the root hairs. With the advancement of root hairs bacteria secrete mucus as a consequence, formed long filaments (or strands). These structures, called infection threads, penetrate deep into the roots of the plant, where bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, which encourages rapid cell division in plants around the bacterial deposits, which leads to the appearance of nodules.

Interactions between rhizobia and legumes have symbiotic (from the Greek. Συμ - "together" and βίος - "Life"). Symbiosis - a close and lasting coexistence of representatives of different species. Legumes, providing nodule bacteria in carbohydrates and minerals in return receive ammonia nitrogen, formed as a result of atmospheric nitrogen fixing rhizobia. Part of assimilation by plants of nitrogen remains in the soil with plant residues, so the beans are the best precursors for subsequent crops in the rotation. 

Features and benefits: 

  • It provides the biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen;
  • promotes accumulation of nitrogen in the soil;
  • It has the ability to inoculation 21 days before planting;
  • uniform distribution of fixed nitrogen phases soybean vegetation unlike nitrogenous fertilizer;
  • It requires no extra cost for use, unlike mineral N fertilizer;
  • efficiently at high acidity of the soil;
  • It is an effective alternative to mineral nitrogen fertilizers and saves 1200-1350 rub. / 1 ​​m;
  • increases soybean yield by 4.0 t / ha and more, with the first crops of soybeans in the 5-7 t / ha or more;
  • increases the protein content of the beans to 3%;
  • promotes early formation of nodules. 

Mode of application: 

Method number 1 - advance processing. For inoculation, 1 ton of soybean seeds using 2.5 liters of the final mixture (1.7 L and 0.8 L inoculant stabilizer). The components are dissolved in 6-8 liters of water and mixed with 1 ton of soybean seeds. Treatment is carried out no more than 21 days before sowing seeds in the seed treatment plants (preferably drum, to prevent injury to the seeds), followed by packaging in bags, big bags and other packing materials. 

Method number 2 - Processing the day of sowing. In this processing flow inoculant does not change (2.5 l / t), the working solution flow rate of 10 l / m. The treatment is carried out in plants for seed or knapsack sprayer when loading seed transport.

Allowed inoculation of soybean seeds treated with chemical disinfectants based on thiram, carbendazim and thiabendazole provided dressing for 5-7 days prior to inoculation. Allows simultaneous processing sowing day in a working solution based on benomyl and fludioksanila, wherein the inoculum is recommended to increase the dose by 50%, m. E. To 3.75 l / t (a mixture of 2.55 l and 1.2 l of inoculum stabilizatora- adhesive). It is recommended that the use of inoculant with bioprotravitelem "Respect" on the basis of the bacteria P. Aureofaciens, which do not inhibit nodule bacteria. 

An important factor for the effectiveness of "Nitrofiksa"  and the normal functioning of the symbiosis between plants and bacteria are the agro-ecological conditions: the presence of phosphorus in the soil is not less than 2.5 mg / 100 g of soil; the acidity of the soil for planting legumes should not go beyond the pH 5,5-7,0 units. 


  • Avoid direct sunlight on the treated seeds and inoculant (processing performed only in warehouses or under the roof zernotoka, during transport, seeds, cover with a tarpaulin);
  • inoculated seeds are stored in a sealed container in a cool, sheltered from sunlight;
  • open the packaging to store no more than one day;
  • car body prior to removal of seeds on the closing tarpaulins. 

Formulation: two-drug: inoculant - liquid light yellow adhesive stabilizer - liquid of dark brown color.

Composition: living cells of bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum.

The number of viable cells: not less than 2.5 x 10  9 CFU / ml.

Shelf life: 2 years at a temperature from +4 to + 20 ° C in a dark place.

Safety: the drug is harmless to humans, warm-blooded animals, insects, environment. It has no phytotoxicity. 

Packaging: component inoculant - pack in a cardboard box "bag-in-box" with a 2-liter component adhesive stabilizer - bag "bag-in-box" 1-liter beaker and adapter.

Frequently asked Questions

What is necessary to make nitrogen fertilizer if the inoculated seeds? 

Nitrogen fertilizer should be no more than 20 kg of active ingredient (ai). If add nitrogen to 20 kg a.i. / ha nodulation occurs later, the decrease in their number, and in some cases leads to their total absence. As a result of further soy appears nitrogen starvation and there is a need for additional expenses for nitrogen fertilization (fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers). 

Inoculums of LLC "SHP" Niva "compatible with chemical protectants of seeds? 

Treat the seeds with chemical disinfectants based DV carboxin and (or) thiram, thiabendazole, metalaxyl is necessary for 5-7 days prior to inoculation. Permission is granted to co-processing on the day of sowing with chemical disinfectants only on the basis of ai benomyl, fludioxonil, imidacloprid thus increase the rate of 50% of inoculum. We recommend to use the drug "Respect"  together in a tank mix with all inoculants without increasing the norm.

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Inoculant Nitrofiks P
Inoculant Nitrofiks P
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