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Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO – ARI-MeD, TOO |
Buy Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO
Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO

Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO

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Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO

"ORMED - kinezo" - the unique development which does not have analogs.
The Kinezoterapevtichesky device is intended for the dosed dynamic change of corners in front and back the directions with various modes of bending and extension in chest and lumbar departments of a backbone.
At the same time there is not compulsory extension of a backbone in the passive mode, at a prone position without active participation of muscles of a trunk to adjustment of the operating strengthening (a corner and amplitude of bending and extension).
It makes medical and training impact on ligaments of vertebras and intervertebral disks, promotes prevention and treatment of curvatures of a backbone, improvement of mobility of its links.
Besides, the medical movements on the device develop the deep muscles which are not involved in usual life, restore a rhythm and depth of breath.

Medical effects:
- prevention and treatment of osteochondroses, kifoz of chest and lumbar departments of a backbone -
- development of mobility of links of all departments of a backbone, rendering medical and training influence -
- strengthening of bone system, removal of blocks and pains -
- microextension in chest and lumbar departments of a backbone in the passive mode without participation of muscles -
- the general physical training and correction of ventilating bodies, improvement of depth of breath -
- improvement of blood supply of the body sites affected with an illness -
- improvement of functions of warm and vascular system -
- activation of blood circulation and a limfoobrashcheniye in lungs -
- increase of reserve and compensatory opportunities of an organism -
- positive psychoemotional impact.
KINEZOTERAPIYa ("treatment by the movement") are the medical movements directed to increase in elasticity of sinews, muscular tissue, and also to improvement of mobility of joints and segments of a backbone.
For restoration of a functional condition of a backbone it is necessary to restore deep paraveratebralny muscles and sheaves. They are the basic elements of a natural muscular corset of a backbone protecting intervertebral disks from an overload.
For this purpose on the device development of mobility of a backbone and paravertebralny muscles by bending extension more than 300 times in 10 minutes of mechanotherapeutic procedure by effort to 50 kg, depending on the patient's weight is made.
The movements of fluctuation lead to relaxation of muscles, and also to use of pressure which promotes release of liquid and a regidratation of intervertebral disks, therefore, the extension which is carried out in a longitudinal axis weakens muscles, trunk muscles, reduces tension and reduces pressure upon intervertebral disks.
In the course of movements on "ORMED - kinezo" the stream of the nervous impulses going from proprioretseptor of the musculoskeletal device involves in response all links of nervous system, including a cerebral cortex.
Thus, treatment with "ORMED - kinezo", physiologically influencing a backbone, allows to restore the volume of movements at rigidity of a backbone, to restore deep okolopozvonochny muscles, to normalize to a traffic of internals.
It is successfully used as the rehabilitation equipment and the equipment for recovering of an organism of athletes from injuries in an elite sport.
Operation of the device is almost silent! The new frequency converters of production Great Britain working at the frequency which is not perceived by an ear of the person are installed.

Nakhodka for the massage therapist!
In the manual mode the device can be used as a massage table. At the same time by means of the control panel the couch of the device is established under a necessary corner. The patient can be stacked down or up the person, and also sideways.

Attention! Since 16.12.2012 the device is delivered in the updated, modern design! At the same time the cost of the device does not change!

Principle of medical action.
The offered mechanotherapeutic (kineziterapevtichesky) sports and medical technology includes the effective techniques of a kineziterapiya providing the dosed amplitudes of mechanical motions of a backbone by serial impact on pelvic, lumbar and chest areas of a backbone of the patient that allows to use it in medical programs of medical rehabilitation of the population with violations of the musculoskeletal device. The technique can find application in the medical physical culture (MPC). In medicine for prevention of curvatures of a backbone, development of mobility of links and microextension of all departments of a backbone of lumbar department in the passive mode.
The dosed physical activity exerts positive, versatile impact, improving a proprioretseptivny impulsation, motor and visceral reflexes, functions of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, oxidation - reduction reactions, work of endocrine glands, trophic processes, and also raises a psychoemotional background.
Neurologists know that at adequate physical training is normalized vascular and neurologic frustration, both in a backbone, and in extremities. And as a result - there is an improvement blood supply of the sites affected with an illness, and it in turn restores exchange processes, promotes reduction of puffiness in a zone of defeat and eliminating inflammatory process.
Also at motive loading the organism sharply increases production of substances which are the main in the pain monitoring system (natural analgetics).

Constructive characteristic of the device:

The device is equipped with modern, reliable and almost silent engine!
- chest and pelvic sections of a couch are supplied with the adjustable elements of heating connected to the program block -
- existence of the emergency button -
- the couch contains head section -
- chest and pelvic sections of a couch are executed in the form of a framework with the panels placed on them -
- the panel of chest section is executed by mobile -
- the head section is supplied with the panel executed with a possibility of movement along the panel of chest section -
- head and chest sections of a couch are supplied with limiters of movements of the corresponding panels.
Security system of the patient
The device possesses the built - in security system which completely protects the patient from the most permissible load. At any moment of operation of the device the patient, having felt unwell, can independently stop procedure by pressing an alarm button.
Technical characteristics:
Tension of a power line with a frequency of 50 Hz of 220±10% of Century.
The maximum power consumption is 0,55 kW.
Overall dimensions without height of hand - rail of the patient (d. sh. v) 2120х600х760 mm.
Scope of fluctuations of 80 - 290 mm.
Frequency of fluctuations of a couch, quantity/min. from 16,8 to 31,2
Procedure duration, till 30 minutes.
The mass of the device is 85 kg.
The patient's weight on installation no more than 120 kg.
Main overall dimensions of installation

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Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO
Installation for active and passive mechanotherapy of a backbone Ormed - KINEZO
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