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Kg heat carrier Marlotherm N 180

Kg heat carrier Marlotherm N 180

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerMarlotherm
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MARLOTHERM N represents inexpensive synthetic organic liquid - the heat carrier for application in a liquid phase in the closed heat-transmitting installations without imposing of pressure with compulsory circulation. MARLOTHERM N can be used instead of mineral oils. The upper temperature bound of working range makes 300 °C for this product. Preferable working range at a temperature from 150 ° to 300 °C. MARLOTHERM N can be imalno used and in the top temperature range at the expense of the small counter-pressure of inert gas apprx. 50 — 100 Mbar in a broad tank. As inert gas nitrogen is recommended. The heat carrier MARLOTHERM N is characterized by exclusive resistance to thermal influences within all working temperature range. At the same time at high temperatures thermal decomposition leads to education low - and the high-boiling reaction products in admissible quantities. The low-boiling components continuously are removed through a broad vessel, or with the ordered frequency within maintenance. It is necessary to avoid too strong concentration to provide a reliable operational condition of the equipment. Not allocated products of reaction remain completely dissolved in the heat carrier. With approach of a share of the high-boiling components to 15% on weight the filled heat carrier is subject to replacement. MARLOTHERM N product at its due application within the specified range does not form high-viscosity or firm deposits. Today are absent educated about cases of a raid on the surface of heat exchangers and according to accumulation of slime in a circulating contour. MARLOTHERM N as the organic heat carrier, is rather resistant to effect of air. The product especially is suitable for circulation on a contour for maintenance of uniform temperature on the processing overworking equipment, calenders, etc. where for technical reasons it is impossible to exclude completely impact of air on liquid - the heat carrier. Thanks to the viscosity MARLOTHERM N can be pumped over without problems by means of serially released bladed pumps at a temperature at least — 10 °C therefore you should not be afraid of the problems connected with transfer of a product of MARLOTHERM N at adverse weather conditions during filling and start of the equipment. At the choice of design and at operation of the heat-transmitting equipment it is necessary to follow instructions of the DIN 4754 standard. It is regularly necessary to check the working condition of the filled heat carrier, controlling characteristics, specific to this product. MARLOTHERM N represents a part of the wide range of high-performance liquids heat carriers of SASOL for application in the range of temperatures from-70 to 350 °C. 

Information on MARLOTHERM® N product

Specifications of a product

at the time of delivery

Characteristic            Indicator             Unit             Control method

Appearance at 20 °C       transparent liquid        -                  visual

Chlorine                      < 10                                    частей на млн. частей         DIN 51408

Acid number           of £0,02                 mg of caustic        DIN EN ISO 2114 potassium/g   

Density at 20                     °C 0,855 - 0,888 g/ml                   of DIN 51757

Viscosity at 20                            °C 28-60 mm of 2/sec.               DIN 51562


General description of a product

Indicator                           Value                  of Unit.         Control method

boiling tº at 1013 Mbar                apprx. 330 - 400                 °C          of ASTM D 1078 

Hardening temperature               apprx. - 60                     °C          of DIN ISO 3016

Flash point                       apprx. 180                     °C           of EN 22719 

Ignition point                  apprx. 330                     °C          of DIN 51794

Admissible temperature of liquid       of 300                        °C          -

in the giving pipeline

Admissible temperature of liquid       of 340                        °C         -

on the internal surface of the heater



MARLOTHERM N has no korrodiruyushchy effect on the materials used in the industrial equipment. Liquid is compatible to the consolidations of the class lt-0 which are widely applied in heat exchangers and made of ftorelastomer. At the choice of consolidations follow instructions of producers of sealants on the thermal stability and mechanical durability. In the presence of high requirements to tightness in the conditions of maximum loads, for example, at the high working temperature and/or frequent temperature changes, it is preferred as consolidations from pure graphite with metal laying.

Toxicological properties and safety measures

Today cases of infliction of harm at the address with MARLOTHERM N product are unknown. Despite it, it is necessary to observe the instructions and recommendations accepted in general concerning organic chemistry or the high-boiling solvents. The product of MARLOTHERM N is intended for use in the closed heat-transmitting equipment. Within observance of safety measures and for environment protection it is necessary to exclude or minimize leak of liquid heat carrier at the expense of the appropriate technical measures.

Storage and transportation

The period of storage of MARLOTHERM N liquid in the closed steel barrels or tanks is almost unlimited. Acceptance of special security measures at storage of liquids heat carriers is not required. At the treatment of MARLOTHERM N liquid, when filling with it of systems and exploitation of the last with use of this heat carrier do not allow hit of a product to the soil or the sewerage. The product is almost not dissolved in water. In case of need it is necessary to deliver the fulfilled MARLOTHERM N liquid to the place of use as secondary raw materials or for power processing with observance of official instructions. The identification code of waste according to the European classification catalog of waste can not be appointed for MARLOTHERM N product as its waste can be classified only proceeding from purpose of this product. Knowing purpose of a product, the identification code of waste is defined in coordination with the local utilizing enterprises. 

With heating temperature increase thermal decomposition of any organic heat carrier accelerates. MARLOTHERM® N differs in high heat stability. At its decomposition the acceptable quantity low - and the high-boiling disintegration products is formed. Products with a low temperature of boiling need to be deleted from system continuously or through certain intervals of time (as a rule, through a broad tank with use of manual or automatic devices of vent). Unextracted products of disintegration are completely dissolved in the heat carrier. At their excessive accumulation heat exchange is broken and safety of system decreases. At achievement of a critical share of the high-boiling disintegration products (more than 15%) the heat carrier is recommended to be replaced.

When heating the heat carrier MARLOTHERM® N in the range of the established temperatures viscous or insoluble (coke) components are not formed. As a result, in system slimes do not collect, walls of pipelines remain pure from a scum, the power of heating does not decrease, remains an appropriate heat transfer. Unlike mineral MARLOTHERM® N oils heat carriers is steadier against oxidizing influence from oxygen that is important advantage not only to open systems of heating at which there is direct contact with air, but also for the closed high-temperature installations in which thermooxidizing process takes place.

Thanks to imalny viscosity of MARLOTHERM® N , on the one hand, does not concede to mineral oils heat carriers on the greasing ability, and on the other hand, surpasses them in starting indicators in the range of low temperatures. MARLOTHERM® N can be pumped over without problems by standard centrifugal pumps from -10 °C.

MARLOTHERM® N – one of the most popular representatives in a wide line of the highly effective heat carriers of the SASOL Germany company developed for the range of working temperatures from -90 °C to +360 °C. Detailed information is provided on demand.

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Kg heat carrier Marlotherm N 180
Kg heat carrier Marlotherm N 180
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