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KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation buy in Krasnodar
Buy KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation
KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation

KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation

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  • BrandKnipex
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  • KindTubular

KNIPEX-WERK C firm. Gustav Putsch founded in 1882 by Karl Gustav Putsch in Vuppertale-Kronenberg as a smithy on production of pincers specializes more than hundred years only in development and production of the high-quality sharnirno-gubtsevy tool: passatizhy, nippers, pincers and other tool of this type. This specialization, century traditions and the extensive saved-up experience make a basis for preservation of the leading position of firm in the area today.


KNIPEX is today a rich palette of models and standard sizes of tools which design to the smallest details is thought over and checked in practice. It is development new and continuous improvement of the made tools long ago. It is the technological process based on use of the latest equipment at which all stages quality of performance of operations, including forging, machining is controlled

To the person, at least once performing work with the help of the KNIPEX tools, it is not necessary to explain, this tool is how convenient and reliable. For an example, - usual passatizha of KN-0202180 it is possible to have a bite easily a royalny wire with a diameter of 2 mm, and on the cutting edges there will be no trace left even, and after that the same passatizha to cut a tape adhesive tape. Try to repeat the same operation by other tool!

At the expense of what similar quality is reached?

As starting point for development, designing and production of the tool of such level serves the clear and complete idea of its appointment, of ways and working methods with its help, and also constantly renewed requirements of users. The careful choice of the constructional materials corresponding to specific loading of concrete model of the tool acts as one of decisive factors of achievement of the highest quality of the KNIPEX tools. Brands of the steel processed in forge shop of KNIPEX plant are selected in strict accordance with these requirements.

Moreover, steel is exposed to rolling at steel foundries according to the specifications developed especially for KNIPEX firm. Constant reproducibility of the high rates of durability put at design, the certified quality monitoring system operating on production organized according to requirements of the ISO 9001 standard allows to guarantee to reliability and ergonomics of the KNIPEX tools.

About that, developments of engineers of KNIPEX firm are how successful it is possible to judge by great popularity of the tools of the 86th series (tick-borne keys) patented by KNIPEX firm and the 87th series (universal perestavny keys of "COBRA"). The unique design of tick-borne keys of KN-8606180/250/300 provides the sparing clip of a nut or a head of a bolt therefore they can be recommended for twisting of the chromeplated fixture, - for example during the sanitary works.

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KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation
KNIPEX tools, keys, pincers, boltoreza, removal of isolation
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