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KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation

KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandKorg
  • Country of manufactureJapan

KORG KRONOS2-61: The Korg company represents the updated KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation released in 2014. The workstation represents the symbiosis of modern digital technologies added with a rich set of universal tools for creativity. KRONOS2-61 will become the fine decision for live performances, and also for a professional sound recording in studio. After release of popular model of the KRONOS workstation, engineers of the Korg company significantly expanded this model, having added to it absolutely new libraries of sounds which size makes about 21 Gb. In the first model the base of sounds occupied no more 12Gb. Among functional features it should be noted a number of new operational functions which include the original color mode which is visually facilitating work with station and sounds, features of deep control of sounding and many other things. Also the workstation supports function of management of sounding directly on the touch screen therefore if you need to move or adjust value, it is possible to make it by means of a contact or dragging of blocks directly on the screen. In a set of delivery of the workstation there is all necessary for creativity and studio work right after acquisition. KRONOS2-61 is equipped with a multipurpose 16-track MIDI sequencer and a 16-track AUDIO-SEQUENCER. Effects of quality processing with a possibility at the same time of use to 16 effects are available to users. The big touch TFT display, the dynamic keyboard from 61 keys and many other governing bodies is available to visual control and management. In addition to it the producer offers a SSD disk of 62 Gb on which it is possible to keep the created music, patches and the edited workstation preseta for the subsequent use. It is possible to buy the digital KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation in our online store. Main features of the KRONOS2-61 workstation

  • The unique digital workstation of new generation having advanced performing characteristics for live execution and work in studio.
  • Nine modern sound modules (SGX-2, EP-1, HD-1, AL-1, CX-3, STR-1, MOD-7, MS-20EX, PolysixEX), each of which uses original technology of creation of authentic, original sounding.
  • The sound SGX-2 module offers musicians of 12 variations of sound of the best classical pianos.
  • The professional KARMA technology gives the chance to generate infinite variations of phrases, musical effects and beking-tracks for activation of all creative process.
  • The virtual synthesizer of the EP-1 module gives the chance to feel natural sound of six most popular classical electropianos.
  • Technology of unique digital synthesis of MDS for smooth and natural sounding of different types of amplifiers, effects and emulation of an office.
  • One of the most powerful in the class of sound HD-1 modules (High Definition) for receiving sounding of high resolution. The best of ever created by the Korg company.
  • The integrated system of natural analog synthesis of the AL-1 module by means of the generator of a signal and morphing filters creates the soundings unattainable for analog synthesizers of last years.
  • About 200 patterns of sounding of the real analog body of the sound CX-3 module.
  • The system with architecture of open sampling gives the chance of sampling and a resemplirovaniye in any mode: Program, Combination or Sequencer.
  • The sound STR-1 module transfers sounding of plucked tools, such as an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a harpsichord, klavint, a harp, bells and different ethnic tools.
  • The producer provided release of the workstation in three options: 61, 73 or 88 keys.
  • The workstation keyboard sensitive with function of a postcontact.
  • The universal interface of the workstation settles down around the big touch display.
  • The Set List mode with programs, combinations and songs with the indication of notes of performance are organized in the uniform list on one big page now.
  • Possibility of simultaneous use to 16 first-class effects among which 12 effects of an insert, 2 master effects, 2 cumulative effects and many others.
  • The built-in 16-dorozhechny MIDI sequencer for record of 16 paths plus one master track (only 200 songs).
  • More expanded Drum Track function for simultaneous game with drum gruva.

Professional opportunities the Professional workstation with 61 KRONOS2-61 keys represents not just new tool, but the whole milestone on the evolutionary way of professional synthesizers and workstations. She personifies the most unique and fresh ideas, and also the most outstanding technologies of the KORG company. The KRONOS2-61 station could unite in the structure of several harmoniously working sound modules, and also absolutely new interactive functions of reproduction which precisely transfer features of game and execution of musicians. The most important characteristic of the updated workstation is that she offers musicians almost inexhaustible stock of improbable opportunities and sounds. Nine sound modules of professional sounding the Workstation is equipped with nine sound modules, each of which uses original technology of creation of authentic and unique sounding, these are SGX-2, EP-1, HD-1, AL-1, CX-3, STR-1, MOD-7, MS-20EX and PolysixEX modules. Each module of synthesis thanks to the most advanced technologies allows to create and betray qualitatively all shades of sounding of the most different tools. Together these sound modules embody everything not only a rich heritage of synthesizers of Korg, but also represent the whole history of development and production of professional electronic synthesizers and piano. The workstation contains timbres of the classical, not losing relevance eventually tools, and also the unique, struck the world timbres created by professional musicians in the set. The workstation of new generation for live and studio use the Digital KRONOS2-61 workstation represents the unique, only tool which was specially developed for the performers who are often acting alive and also for developers of the computer or studio production environment. The workstation can work with musicians and sound engineers for whom professional synthesizers of the latest models are usually necessary for work equally well. When developing of the updated KRONOS model the producer considered opinion and wishes of many eminent and professional musicians on the basis of which this surprising workstation was created. SGX-2 Premium Piano - the sound module of an acoustic piano sound of an acoustic piano was not never transferred more precisely yet. Especially for the most exact transfer of nature of sound of a concert piano engineers of Korg refused restrictions which impose the existing sampling methods. For creation of patterns the Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) technologies allowing to reproduce big samples directly from the internal disk Solid State Disk (SSD) were used. The sound SGX-2 module brings to attention musicians two types of acoustic grand pianos: German D model and Japanese "C". Each type of a grand piano uses excellent stereosamples with eight levels of dynamic sensitivity for each of keys. Timbres were created with limit attention to the smallest details that allowed to keep warmth and realness of a timbre of an acoustic piano including transfer of a resonance of the case of a grand piano, mechanical noise which are made when pressing a key or damping pedal. EP-1 MDS Electric Piano – the professional sound module of electropiano the Updated sound EP-1 module is intended for reproduction of sounding of the most known and popular models of classical electropiano. The unique MDS technology (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) allows to exclude completely transitions in sounding between samples. This technology also gives to users an opportunity for unique management of the sounds and elements of noise giving the distinctive character to sounding of electromechanical tools. Sounding with the MDS technology immediately responds even to the most light touch to keys. The technology also gives the chance of use of wide dynamic range, and considerably bigger, than it is possible to expect from digital technologies. Each of available models of electropiano creates realistic simulating of sounding of amplifiers, offices, loudspeakers and even rare vintage effects. All this transfers distinctive nature of sounding of original tools. CX-3 Tonewheel Organ - the sound module of the real acoustic body Tonewheel the Very first model of electrobody of the Korg company (CX-3) went on sale 1980 more. This model which was so fallen in love by musicians was republished in 2000 in the form of absolutely new product under the same name again. In the updated model the latest technologies and the timbre of body of TONEWHEEL checked by time were used. The sound CX-3 module very accurately transfers all characteristics of classical electromechanical body. The patented Korg technology is used for a reconstruction of sounding of the real lamp amplifier, important effects of a vibrato and horus, the rotating loudspeaker. In new model it is considered practically all, even effect of unstable sounding and existence of characteristic noise of the amplifier. Enjoy use of the EH exclusive mode, switching registers with 9 on 18 (13 registers plus 5 for the choice of percussion) and create more detailed and saturated sounds. Now unique timbres of body, acquaintances to us on legendary speeches of eminent musicians are available also to you! HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer – best quality stereosounding the Flagman sound module with PCM, sampling and the Wave Sequencing function This module is called by HD-1" High Definition" for the excellent sound created thanks to such characteristics of Korg as reproduction of immiscible samples, resonant multimode broadband filters and fantastically fast and smoothed bending-around LFO. Once again we will mention the SSD and Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) technologies allowing HD-1 to use a bigger set of samples (to 1 GB), in comparison with the available built-in memory. HD-1 transfers all main timbres in the smallest details, beginning from orchestral to classical music, from fate to hip-hop, etc. Such huge range of samples allocates KRONOS from the list of all existing synthesizers or samplers, guaranteeing thereby excellent results during the work on movies, video and sound effects. The sound HD-1 Drums module for creation of unique parties of percussions the Sound HD-1 module contains the library of reels "Ambient Drums" developed by the Korg company. The Ambient Drums library includes two sets, each of which contains three various variations of position of microphones which cover all installation, and also samples of individual blows. The architecture of the sound HD-1 module allows users to make independently necessary timbres of percussions at the same time mixing sounds of tools with other layers, creating the original sounding. AL-1 Analog Synthesizer - the sound module of analog modeling the AL-1 Module represents the module of the real analog modeling which was for the first time involved in Korg OASYS in 2005. Generators of this module with ultralow coefficient of mutual imposing are capable to recreate all power and magnificence of natural analog synthesis without any artifacts and additional sounds. Existence of transformation of wave forms allows to change forms of generators in real time. Resonant modeling of the module gives an opportunity of the fast choice between classical sounds of the filter and extraordinary flexible MultiFilter and many other things. Technical characteristics of the KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation Specification of the keyboard:

  • Quantity of keys: 61;
  • Type: sensitive, dynamic keyboard;
  • Function of a postcontact: yes;
  • Type: Natural Feel Keyboard.

Main specification:

  • Graphic Display: the screen of a contact, color, 8 inches, type - TDT SVGA with brightness control;
  • Sound modules: SGX-2, EP-1, HD-1, AL-1, CX-3, STR-1, MOD-7, MS-20EX, PolysixEX;
  • Built-in libraries of timbres: EXs1 - ROM Expansion/EXs2 - Concert Grand Piano/EXs3 - copper and wooden wind tools / EXs4 - Vintage Keyboards/EXs5 - expansion 2/EXs6 ROM - SGX-1 the German piano of D/EXs7 - SGX-1 the Japanese piano of C/EXs8 - fate of Ambience Drums/EXs9 - Jazz AmbienceDrums/EXs17 - SGX-2 Berlin D/EXs18 piano - collection KORG EXs;
  • Memory: Pribl. 2 GB (memory for sampling, the mode will change depending on use of the PCM expansion of libraries and users of selection of banks);
  • Wave patterns: 598 user, 187 Preload (support of a stereo of multisamples), synchronization of separate notes and tempo-based settings;
  • Program/combination/set of percussions: 2,560 programs of the user memory;
  • Set List: the list from 128 sets, 128 slots in a Set List of each set;
  • Lists: equalizer 9-band graphically, tone function, transpose, etc.

Sounding/sound recording:

  • System resampling, In-Track sampling: yes;
  • Word length/Frequency of Sampling: RAM – 16 bits / 48 kHz (a stereo / mono), the Disk: 16 or 24-bit/48 kHz;
  • Sound recording time: depends on the volume of available PCM RAM;
  • Disk: at most 80 minutes of a stereo (879MB: 16bit);
  • Copying: direct selection (copying) of audio-CD (CD-DA);
  • Formats: formats KORG, AKAI S1000/S3000, SoundFont 2.0, AIFF and WAVE formats;
  • Editing: Time Stretch, Time Slice, Crossfade Loop and other standard functions of editing;
  • Effects: insert of effects: 12 (Stereo in/stereo out), master effects: 2 (in/stereo out stereo), timbre equalizer: a 3-band equalizer for each timbre / track.

Specification of section of effects:

  • In total effects: 197;
  • Modulation: dynamic modulation and Common LFO;
  • Control and management: side-chaining stereo for the compressor, a gate, a voice coder, etc.;
  • Preseta: 783 preset.

Specification of the KARMA module:

  • Modules: one module in the program mode, four modules in a combination and in the sequencer mode;
  • The generated effects (GE): 2,048 preset, 1,536 user (96 Preload);
  • Controllers: On/Off, Latch, Chord, Assign, Module Control, KARMA Realtime regulators 1 - 8, karma scene 1 - 8, Karma switches 1 - 8, KARMA Wave-Sequencing, GE Sub of category, Freeze Randomize, Time Signature Control, Tempo synchronization, Auto RTC (Real Time Control) control.


  • Tracks: a 16-track MIDI sequencer + a 16-track recorder with the hard drive, 1 master track;
  • Number of songs: 200 songs;
  • Permission: 1/480;
  • Speed: 40.00 - 300.00 (1/100 BPM permission);
  • Maximum memory size: 400,000 MIDI events or 300 000 audio of events;
  • MIDI-treki:16 tracks plus a master track of 718 preset/100 of the user patterns (on the song) 18 preset/16 of the user templates of songs;
  • Format: KORG (KRONOS, OASYS) Format, SMF formats 0 and 1;
  • Audio-tracks: 16-track reproduction, 4 paths of simultaneous record, a format - WAV 16bit/24bit;
  • Maximum time of record (mono): 80 minutes;
  • Automation: Volume, Pan, EQ, Send1/2, etc.;
  • Controllers: vector joystick, joystick, tape controller, switches 1 and 2, regulators 1-8, romper suit 1-8, top and lower row, switches 1-8, master toddler, KARMA On/off, module of control of switches, Drum track on/off.

Additional characteristics:

  • Exits: MAIN OUT L/R, individual 1-4 TRS (balance), exit to earphones, S/P Dif, USB-B (24 bits., 48 kHz, 2 channels);
  • Entrances: TRS (1, 2), S/P Dif, USB-B, connection of a pedal of a damper, etc.;
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru;
  • USB: A x 2 (for connection of the device of storage), B x 1 - MIDI/Audio Interface;
  • SSD Drive: 62 GB;
  • Overall dimensions: 1040 mm. x 364 mm. x 134 mm.

Manufacturing country: JAPAN

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KORG KRONOS2-61 workstation
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