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KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape buy in St petersburg
Buy KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape
KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape

KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСИС
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of raw materialInorganic

Casing galvanized - protect a heat-insulation layer from polyurethane foam - a shell of PPU, the made foam K-Flex rubber (Kafleks), Armaflex (Armafleks), ROCKWOOL mineral wool (Rokvul), Parok / PAROC, pipes from destruction which reason can be negative external factors influence an atmospheric precipitation, sunshine, mechanical damages, etc. at air laying of network of the pipeline in isolation PPU. Casings are made from thin-sheet galvanized steel (0,5 mm) with rolling of stiffening ribs on them.

TUM - The thermo Seated Coupling-is intended for isolation of welded connections of the pipeline after welding of pipes and shaped products in isolation PPU when the uninsulated site from 30 to 50 cm long remaining after welding of elements of the pipeline is protected by a polyethylene casing of the termosazhivayemy coupling which fastens by two ends to a polyethylene cover of the welded section of the pipeline on special technology depending on type of the used coupling then filling of components of polyurethane foam in space between a steel pipe and a casing of the coupling which is thermotaking seat is made.

Shell PPU-prednaznacheny for thermal insulation of pipelines of systems of heat supply and heating, hot and cold water supply, for repair of the damaged sites of heating systems, thermal insulation of oil and gas pipelines, products pipelines, pipelines for transfer of the hladoreagent, and also for seal of welded steel joints isolated by polyurethane foam of pipelines.

The thermoshrinkable film TL-Termousadochnaya a tape is two-layer insulating material which consists of a special film basis. It is made in the form of the thermo and svetostabilizirovanny, electronic chemically sewed cloth focused in the longitudinal direction. On this film there is a thermofusible adhesive layer which basis are the modified compositions of copolymers. Additional reinforcing of a tape fiber glass fabric is admissible.

Isolation K-FLEX/K-FLEKS-vysokotemperaturnaya flexible isolation of pipes, capacities, shaped parts of the pipeline, air shafts, etc. from the made foam rubber kafleks. Our enterprise is guided by requirements of thermal insulation of the following branches.

Isolation of Armafleks Isolation Parok Isolation Rokvul Anticorrosive protection, ph. (921)3914842, 8 (921) 983-9665,8(911)114-2936

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KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape
KZS, TUM coupling, shell, thermotape
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