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Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS"

Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS"

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Products: Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS" for quality control laboratories buy wholesale price from manufacturer in Russia

Dear clients, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the information on the site is purely advisory in nature. Convincing request, availability and current cost to check with managers

Description: Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS" is software for quality control laboratories, designed to automate laboratory activities in order to improve the quality of work and reduce testing costs.

Laboratory automation allows you to:

  • Reduce paperwork in the laboratory through the introduction of electronic logs and logs of results
  • Improve the quality of test results by automatically calculating test results and monitoring product compliance
  • Reduce the time spent on calculating test results using built - in calculation algorithms that fully comply with the regulatory documentation for methods
  • Automatically generate output documentation based on test results
  • Introduce electronic accounting and monitoring of the state of measuring instruments and test equipment
  • Carry out automatic collection of test results from quality control devices

The Lintel LIS system is certified for compliance with GOST 53798 - 2010 "Standard Guidelines for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)" and meets the requirements of regulatory documents for software:

  • GOST R 8.654 - 2015 GSI;
  • GOST R 8.883 - 2015 GSI;
  • GOST R ISO / IEC 12119 - 2000 Information technology. Software packages. Quality requirements and testing;
  • GOST R ISO 9127 - 94 Information processing systems. User documentation and packaging information for consumer software packages;
  • RMG 76 - 2014 GSI. Internal quality control of the results of quantitative chemical analysis;
  • MI 2335 - 2003 GSI. Internal quality control of the results of quantitative chemical analysis;
  • GOST R ISO 5725 - 2002 Accuracy (correctness and precision) of methods and results of measurements;
  • RMG 61 - 2010 GSI. Indicators of accuracy, correctness, precision of methods of quantitative chemical analysis. Assessment methods.

The program is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases under number 495 for the software class: "General - purpose applied software, Organizational process control systems, Information systems for solving specific industry problems".

Sample registration

Lintel LIS allows you to create a unified information base of test results, which guarantees full traceability of measurements.

All information about the sample is available at any time, to each user, in accordance with his access rights.

Built - in mechanisms for archiving and protecting information will ensure the required level of security and safety of the entire history of laboratory activities.

Sample registration can be carried out automatically using the LIS Mobile Client application.

Test programs

The test program can be formed both on the basis of a preset template and in accordance with the necessary requirements. Test program templates are created in accordance with the requirements of the Customer at the stage of implementation of "Lintel LIS".

The user has the ability to independently create test program templates containing all the necessary test methods for a specific type of samples. You can also assign test methods in accordance with the selected regulatory document or independently select test methods from the full list of methods available in the system.

Electronic magazines

The laboratory management process at Lintel LIS is based on the use of electronic logs for registering samples and logs of test results, which are developed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer and fully correspond to the logs on paper. It is easier for laboratory staff to switch to work with a system that repeats the usual algorithm of laboratory activities.

Keeping electronic journals in "Lintel LIS" allows you to completely abandon paper workflow in the laboratory. At the same time, the system has a built - in mechanism for printing electronic journals, which has flexible settings and allows you to keep journals in full compliance with the requirements of the Customer for paperwork.

Printing reports

Lintel LIS implements the “one window principle”, which allows you to enter data into the system once and then automatically receive all the necessary reports, schedules, quality certificates, magazines and other output documents.

The format of all documents meets the requirements of the Customer for the preparation of technical documentation when carrying out laboratory control

Test quality control

The introduction of the process of automatic control of the reliability of the performed studies allows assessing the acceptability of the obtained measurement results in accordance with the norms and rules of the state system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements, the requirements of GOST R ISO 5725 - 2002.

Reducing the influence of the human factor on the process of calculating the results and assessing their reliability. Calculation of test results in Lintel LIS is carried out automatically in accordance with the algorithms laid down in the regulatory documents for test methods. This allows you to reduce the time for performing calculations, to abandon the manual calculation of indicator values and fixing the test results in workbooks.

Statistical reports

The flexible reporting system in Lintel LIS allows you to easily create statistical reports for analyzing laboratory activities and monitoring product quality.

Statistical information based on objective data on the laboratory's activities, obtained from the unified information base "Lintel LIS", will help the management to make the right management decisions.

Equipment certification

The equipment accounting module in LIS eliminates the risk of untimely verification or certification of equipment.

The program allows you to keep records of measuring, test and auxiliary equipment, generate calibration and certification schedules, promptly notify about the next certification and print applications for certification

LIS mobile client

The use of a tablet computer and barcode identification technology during sampling will allow at the site of sampling testing to generate a sampling report and automatically transfer data on the registration of a sample to Lintel LIS.

LinteL Link

Integration of quality control devices with the LinteL Link data collection system allows the collection and transmission of laboratory test results from devices manufactured by JSC BSKB Neftekhimavtomatika to a personal computer via wireless communication.

The recording of results from "LinteL Link" to the "LinteL LIS" database occurs automatically, which makes it possible to refuse from keeping workbooks for the connected equipment.

The LinteL Link data collection system allows:

  • automatically receive test results from quality control devices
  • form a unified database of laboratory test results
  • print reports and graphs based on test results
  • search and sort test results according to specified criteria
  • integrate quality control devices and laboratory information system "Lintel LIS" into a single software and hardware complex

Online presentation

An excellent way to get to know the Lintel LIS system better is to take part in an online presentation and see all the benefits of automation with your own eyes.

If you have any questions regarding products, implementation, integration, or anything else, let us know. Our highly trained representatives will be happy to share comprehensive answers.

Technical requirements

The laboratory information system "Lintel LIS" is installed on the technical resources of the Customer. On the Customer's server, the Lintel LIS database is deployed and a directory with updated files is located, and the client part with a connection to the database is installed on the user's workstations (computers).

For a successful installation, it is recommended to install Lintel LIS in accordance with the technical requirements for the server and client parts:

Server side technical requirements *
Technical requirements
for the client side
  • processor with a clock frequency of at least 2 GHz;
  • 64 - bit operating system: Windows (7, 8, 10) or Windows Server (not lower than version 2008);
  • random access memory (RAM) not less than 8 GB;
  • 100 Gb of free hard disk space.
  • processor with a clock frequency of at least 2 GHz;
  • operating system Windows (7, 8, 10) 32 or 64 - bit;
  • random access memory (RAM) not less than 1024 MB;
  • screen resolution at least 1024x768 pixels;
  • network access to the server with the installed System database and directories with updated executable files at a speed of at least 20 Mbps.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment, partial payment is possible

Manufacturer: JSC BSKB Neftekhimavtomatika is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production and development of automatic devices for quality control of various types of products: fuels, oils, lubricants, bitumen and bitumen materials, catalysts, asphalt concrete, geotextile materials and others. The devices are manufactured under the LinteL trademark and implement test methods in accordance with: ASTM, EN, ISO, GOSTs of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Manufactured products:

  • Laboratory automation
  • Quality control of GEOTEXTILE
  • ASPHALT CONCRETE quality control
  • Quality control LUBRICANTS
  • FUEL quality control
  • Quality control of CATALYSTS
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Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS"
Laboratory information system "Lintel LIS"
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