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Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model buy in St petersburg
Buy Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model
Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model

Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model

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The cleaner of blood, analogs which among modern medical devices does not exist. This therapeutic device is characterized as safe, painless, noninvasive, effective and convenient. Blood clarification by the laser is an effective method of treatment without side effects that does it to one of the most popular devices against civilization diseases in the modern world. Indications for physiotherapeutic laser procedure with this laser device are 130 diseases.

With design in the form of hours, the laser can be used even on the way. Is suitable as the portable device for treatment of people who have not enough time. Small size, big productivity! The device for all family, for healthy and for patients, for young people and for elderly people.

Is suitable as for house, and clinical use.
Successful application more than 10 years around the world.

Its effect is simply difficult to be estimated.

By clinical practice it is proved that blood clarification by the laser possesses considerable action on such symptoms as sleeplessness, a headache including migraines, dizziness, decrease in sight, cold extremities, the hypertensia connected with the increased content of sugar, vascular disorders in heart and a brain as the result increases energy and increases force, endurance.

It dilutes blood, reduces cholesterol level, normalizes a lipidic exchange, a blood pressure, improves transportation in body tissue of oxygen and nutrients. The method also carries out immunokorregiruyushchiya, the desensibilizing effect, stimulates blood formation (in particular leykotsitarny and eritrotsitarny sprouts of blood).

Moreover, the blood clarification device also carries out cosmetic function as it reduces the content of fats in blood, improves viscosity of blood and brings toxins out of an organism. Dermatological effect at skin diseases: acne, eczema, psoriasis, thickening of skin, wrinkle, etc.

At the heart of a method - blood radiation directly through skin in line with a beam artery. Here blood is influenced by the 650 nm laser bunch, and the purified blood gets into a brain, coronary vessels of heart and is carried on all organism.

Myocardial infarction? Brain stroke? Diabetes?

It is more and more people, begin to face the following common symptoms:

Hyper viscosity of blood Giperkholesterin Giperglikemiya

This three "hyper" are the major factors causing kardio-and tserebrovaskulyarny diseases, such such as, cerebral thrombosis and a myocardial infarction. Today LASER-a novelty as the physiotherapeutic device is one of the most modern approaches to kardio - and to tserebrovaskulyarny problems with the purpose of improvement of biochemical indicators of blood.


- psoriasis,
- acne rash,
- neurodermatitis,
- dermatosis,
- eczema
- skin thickening,
- wrinkles, etc.

- hypothyroidism,
- autoimmune diseases of a thyroid gland,
- violations of a fatty exchange,
- osteoporosis.
- diabetes,
- tireoidit

Diseases with / c of system:
- stenocardia
- a state after the postponed myocardial infarction
- heart arrhythmia
- hypertensive illness
- myocarditis
- cardiosclerosis
- angiotserebralny dystonia
- dysfunction of sinusovy knot
- vegeto-vascular dystonia
- consequences of injuries of brain, stroke,
- sharp coronary syndrome (insufficiency),
- endarteriit,
- atherosclerosis of arteries of a brain, extremities,
- illness and Reynaud's syndrome
- thrombophlebitis,
- varicosity of N/extremities
- trophic ulcers,
- hemorrhoids,

Neurologic diseases:
- neurosises,
- psychosomatic frustration,
- asthenic syndrome,
- syndrome of chronic fatigue,
- depression,
- sleeplessness,
- removal of pain syndromes,
- neuralgia of acoustical, facial and trigeminal nerves,
- Menyer's diseases,
- bad memory,
- senile brain narusheniiya,
- Parkinson and Alzheimer's diseases,
- eliminates a headache including migraines, it is used at dizziness

Diseases in rheumatology:
- rheumatoid arthritis,
- osteoarthritis

- diabetic neuropathy,
- urogenital infections,
- violation of a spermogenez,
- prostatitis,
- chronic renal failure
- cystitis,
- pyelonephritis,
- prostatitis,
- prostate adenoma 1-2 stages.

In pulmonology:
- emphysema of lungs
- sharp and chronic bronchitis,
- bronchial asthma,
- pneumonia,
- bronkhoektatichesky illness,
- pneumosclerosis

- stomach ulcer,
- gastroduodenit,
- hepatitis,
- chronic cholecystitis,
- pancreatitis,
- colitis,
- intestinal dysbiosis.
- Gepatoz (fatty regeneration of a liver), high level of cholesterol

Diseases of ENT organs:
- antritis,
- plays the dandy,
- sinusitis,
- chronic and sharp rhinitis.
- tonsillitis,
- sharp and chronic otitis,
- eczema of acoustical passes,
- neuro and touch relative deafness.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal device:
- arthroses (treatment of arthrosis),
- arthritises,
- osteochondrosis,
- hernias of disks of a backbone,
- bursit,
- periartrit,
- fractures, dislocations, injuries of sinews,
- miozit,
- calcaneal spur,
- sports injury

- adneksit,
- salpingooforit

- postoperative seams,
- burns,
- frostbites,

Decrease in coagulability of blood
Pregnancy period
Direct radiation of eyes
Reception of immunodepressants
Age till 13 years
Photosensitivity - congenital or caused by drugs
Direct radiation of a neck and thyroid gland in case of a gipertireoz
Frequent bleedings and massive blood loss
Malignant tumors

Medicinal properties of the laser device are based on its unique ability to purify blood.
DLTA as new hi-tech product, took out the national patent as the invention, with the protected rights for intellectual property.

The clinical trials conducted in a number of hospitals showed excellent therapeutic effect during the work with this device. The general effective statistics on clinical trials - 95%!!!

Clinical tests:

Hospital of public safety Tianjin
Hospital of Ksiangua
Hospital Wuhan of "The Chinese and western medicine"
Tongdzhi's hospital
Hospital Shenzhen "Health of mother and child"
Rendzhi's hospital Shanghai
National hospital of the Province of Hubei
Tongren hospital Beijing
Hospital of the Beijing military district
Fuzhou hospital of the Red Cross
National hospital of the Province of Hebei
Third National hospital of the Province of Shandong
Hospital of tumors of of Zhengzhou
First hospital of Mr. Tszybo...


- expensive design, energy-efficient, portable.

- the model is thought over carefully from the point of view of an ergoterapiya.

Ergoterapiya - the direction of the science which is engaged in development, including, models of the equipment convenient at self-service by people with violations in health, convenient at independent use.

- The front panel with buttons is made of red-hot glass. Reliably.

- Usability of the interface.

- There is no need to hold with hands.

- Buttons are located on the front panel, but not sideways,

- The size of buttons in the form of the big, easily pressed keys, is very convenient for rigid fingers, at paresis, an incoordination, small motility. The large and easily pressed keys.

- The panel is convenient even at very weakened sight since the large screen, the large images and big keys easy in pressing.

- Inclusion can be carried out only one key which is separately taken out from others that is very convenient and important in independent use by patients. Switching off if necessary is carried out automatically.

- Noninvasive method of application,

- More than 10 years in the world market it is known as safe laser therapy, any side effects, One of the most popular models of the world market.

- Painless,

- Takes place far from a zone of the dangerous region of a triangle on a face, far from a brain, i.e. not nasal, Change of blood circulation at the level of a skull demands extra care. Sharp change blood circulation even towards strengthening, improvement negatively and very sadly often affects a brain. Restoration of brain blood circulation at local influence at the level of a skull, demands the stage-by-stage very dosed influence with the subsequent adaptation therefore it is necessary to work in the head only under control of the doctor. It creates one more inconvenience since the nozzle is required for each patient. Use of an individual nozzle in a hospital will raise the price of procedure.

- It is intended for use both in clinical, and in house conditions since there are no excess functions as, for example, hours, calendars and other. Everything in this device is entirely subordinated and aimed at productivity and quality in work on blood fluidifying. Existence of additional household functions in the form of calendars, hours, at the small size can worsen quality of work of the main function blood clarification. Devices of medical appointment if are combined with other functions, then get the sizes of stationary impressive dimensions. Therefore "ZAC" - is perfectly used also in any medical institution.

Registration certificate No. RZN 2013/475, OKP 94 4420

ISO9001 & ISO13485

ISO 13485:2003 is the official document confirming that activities for production answer quality management system of producers of medical products.

ISO 9001:2000 is the official document confirming that activities for production, including an aftersales service, are organized according to requirements of the international ISO 9001:2000 standard (State standard specification ISO 9001-2001) "Quality management system. Requirements".

Is the first-ever carpal laser therapeutic device the approved SFDA (Approval) 2005 No. 3260113

(Modification version).

Is the first-ever patented carpal laser therapeutic device since 1997.

Patent: No.: ZL97 104484.8
Name: Extracorporal radiation of blood of laser therapy treatment tool Diode Laser Therapy Apparatus, model SAS-XNIB
Inventor: Doctor Wu (吴小光) - very famous practicing doctor, is the president of Institute of Studying of the Laser in Zheng An. Doctor Wu (吴小光) also is with the owner and the president of the Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co companies., Ltd and Zhengan (Beijing) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd other devices releasing this device, and also presented on our website, in a line of the laser equipment.

Technical parameters:

Laser wavelength: 650nm

Class of potential risk 2a

Output power of the laser: 20 MW

Maximum output power of the laser: 24 MW

Laser type: semiconductor

Monitor / display: LCD

Electric food: AAA batteries x 3 pieces.
Corner beam divergence: φx=0,26rad φy=0,78rad

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
Surrounding temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Number of diodes: 4 pieces.

Intensity of the laser: well to 4 levels

Output power of the laser: 0.74mw
Time: 10/20/30/40 minutes

Color: gold

Complete set:

1. The device - 1 piece.

2. The guarantee certificate - 1 piece.

3. The instruction - 1 piece.

4. A safe case - 1 piece.

Producer: Zheng An (Beijing) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model
Laser device "ZAC", SAS-XNIB model
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