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Lick - a useful delicacy for the animals!

 As you know, salt is a vital mineral, not only for humans but also for animals, salt makes up for the deficit of macro - and micronutrients in the body.



Wild animals find their own salt, salt lick on the rocks and look for it in the salt caves. Mineral hunger drives birds and animals make many kilometers of passages in search of its source.

Domesticated animals, people deprived of their ability to fend for themselves. In this regard, the owners of the animals, in particular cattle and small cattle, it is necessary to provide them with the addition of the right amount of salt.




 For this purpose, the usual friable salt is used, which is added to the water or feed.

But adding a mineral in the food or water is difficult to calculate the correct dosage, which is why instead of health benefits in animals could be in trouble.

Lack of salts in the animal body is shown as follows:

loss of appetite, growth inhibition occurs, there are various diseases (rickets, anemia etc. ), the depletion may affect the state of the wool cut, reduces yields of milk, it causes poor circulation, blood clots, the loss of blood cells, smooth muscle spasms.

Excessive amounts of salts in the animal body can cause:

 dyspepsia, destruction of heart muscle cells, gastric hyperacidity, kidney disease and the deposition of salts in the joints.

If you put the container with crumbly mineral in the reach of the animal, it is likely that it will turn container, and scattered the zatopchet it. For large - scale livestock enterprises such an option not an option, because it leads to high costs.

Salt lick solves all these problems!

in contrast to the loose salt, salt lick has several advantages:

- an overdose is impossible, because every animal feels, how much he needs to make up for the lack of salt in the body at the moment;

- high density to withstand changes in temperature and precipitation, which will be a compact with salt licks, not only in the manger, but also to be laid out on the field and in the watering places;

- each preform with a salt of a different composition may be individually selected for each individual animal suffering from a shortage of certain minerals;




- such salt is scattered and will not be trampled, making it very economical.




Salt lick - it is not just the salt, and vitamin and mineral complex, which includes a specially purified salt, as well as macro - and trace elements such as iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, and others, so this product is very important in the diet of an animal.

Lick - a stone in the form of a block cut from natural rock salt, rectangular or preform, for the production of food which used common salt. Mass of product can be substantial and up to 35 kg.

Briquettes small weight having multidirectional action, are more convenient for feeding farm animals and in great demand.

It need not be added to the feed or water - you just hang on a rope lick or put in a manger within reach of animals. It is much easier and more practical to use loose salt.

Using licks helps to correct the desired flow of useful substances for cattle. Pieces can be laid out on the feeders, or be suspended in the barn at the level of that before they fall short of the human shoulder, in this case, the cattle will not be able to crush the product.

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