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Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20. buy in Ufa
Buy Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20.
Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20.

Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20.

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Technical characteristics
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  • Country of manufactureRussia

Products: Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS - 20 buy wholesale price from manufacturer in Russia

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  • Thermocryostat Lintel TKS - 20 is designed to maintain temperatures both in the bath of the tremocryostat and in external systems, in the temperature range from - 20 ° C to + 100 ° C.
  • High - performance pump and high heating / cooling capacity guarantee a short time to reach the required temperature
  • High stability and accuracy of temperature maintenance is achieved by a double thermostat, electronic thermostat and an efficient stirring system
  • Control by means of the built - in keyboard. Temperature control parameters are displayed on the digital display in real time
  • Timer for turning on the "autostart" mode
  • A brushless motor with a long service life and low noise is used as a drive for the agitator.
  • Compact, mobile design saves space in the lab
  • High - precision external temperature sensor for temperature control of external systems
  • The thermocryostat is equipped with a drain hose with a plug for easy draining of the coolant
  • Protection against starting thermostatting in the absence of coolant in the bath
  • Complete self - diagnosis system with automatic blocking and alarm in case of incorrect actions or malfunctions of individual units
  • Thermocryostat TKS - 20 is recommended for work with devices manufactured by JSC BSKB "Neftekhimavtomatika" series DB, PN, ARNS, ATX, Kristall, for work with equipment from other manufacturers and for temperature control of product samples


Technical  characteristics
Temperature maintenance range in internal thermostatting mode from - 20 to + 100 ° C
Temperature maintenance range in external thermostatting mode from 0 to + 80 ° C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1 ° C
The working volume of the thermocryostat 16 l


Performance characteristics
Power consumption in heating mode no more than 1550 VA
Power consumption in cooling mode not more than 700 VA
dimensions 620 x 395 x 950 mm (depth x width x height)
Weight no more than 55 kg (without heat carrier)
Ambient temperature from + 10 to + 35 ° C
Relative humidity no more than 80%
Voltage 198 to 242 V
Frequency 49 to 51 Hz
Life time 6 years, no more than 15,000 hours
Warranty period of operation 1 year, no more than 2,500 hours


Sound accompaniment Sound signal when a malfunction is detected
Diagnostics Built - in self - diagnostic algorithms, notifying users of the causes of malfunctions
Thermocryostat Lintel TKS - 20 1 PC.
Stand 1 PC.
Adapter sleeve 1 PC.
Cap 1 PC.
Bung 1 PC.
Pipeline 2 pcs.
Connecting tube 1 PC.
Manual 1 PC.
Passport 1 PC.


The list of liquids recommended as heat transfer fluids is given in the table:

Heat carrier Heat carrier temperature range
  minimum, ºС maximum, ºС
Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) - 100 + 7
Water + 7 + 85
Aqueous solution of glycerin - 38.9 + 100


Freezing point of aqueous solutions:


Glycerol Ethanol
Content, % by weight Freezing temperature, ° C Content, % by weight Freezing temperature, ° C
ten - 1.6 five - 2.2
twenty - 4.8 ten - 4.7
40 - 9.5 15 - 6.8
fifty - 15 twenty - 10.4
60 - 34.7 25 - 14.7
70 - 38.9 thirty - 19.2
80 * - 20.8 35 - 25.1
90 * - 1.6 40 - 29.4
    45 - 33.1
    fifty - 32.0
    fifty - 40.3

* - with a decrease in water concentration, the freezing temperature rises

Payment terms: 100% prepayment

Terms of delivery: EXW, other terms of delivery are also possible

Manufacturer: JSC BSKB Neftekhimavtomatika is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production and development of automatic devices for quality control of various types of products: fuels, oils, lubricants, bitumen and bitumen materials, catalysts, asphalt concrete, geotextile materials and others. The devices are manufactured under the LinteL trademark and implement test methods in accordance with: ASTM, EN, ISO, GOSTs of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Manufactured products:

  • Laboratory automation
  • Quality control of GEOTEXTILE
  • ASPHALT CONCRETE quality control
  • Quality control LUBRICANTS
  • FUEL quality control
  • Quality control of CATALYSTS
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Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20.
Liquid thermocryostat Lintel TKS-20.
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