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Luxmeter 'TCA-LUX' 'with the verification

Luxmeter 'TCA-LUX' 'with the verification

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Technical characteristics
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Light meter unit Assignment 'TCA - LUX' '

Device for measuring light in the visible spectrum generated by artificial or natural sources, located arbitrarily with respect to the receiver.

The basic specifications and characteristics of the device Luxmeter 'TCA SUITE'

Range measurement light 1,0 ÷ 200,000 lux
Basic relative measurement error light (max) ± 6,0%
Non - linearity characteristics of the light (max) ± 2,0%
Including the limits of permissible relative error caused by the relative spectral sensitivity of the deviation of the relative spectral luminous efficiency (not more) ± 4,0%
Including the limits of the calibration source A relative permissible error (not more) ± 3,0%
Including the limits tolerable additional relative error caused by the characteristic of the spatial light meter photometer head (not more) at angles of 5 degrees 15 degrees 30 degrees 60 degrees ± 0.5% ± 1.0% ± 5.0% ± 15.0%
Limits of additional instrument relative error in the measurement of optical quantities, by changing the sensitivity of the photometer head at change of temperature in the measurement zone for each 10 ° C (max) ± 3,0%
LCD 3½ digit

operation of the device the device conditions Luxmeter "TCA - LUX"

environment temperature from 0 to + 40 ° C
Relative humidity at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C to 85%
Atmosphere pressure 84 ÷ 106,7 kPa

Overall dimensions Luxmeter 'TCA - LUX' '

The measuring unit (max) 155 x 77 x 40 mm
Photometric head (max) Ø36 x 21 mm
Weight of the device (not more than) 0.45 kg
battery - size "Krona" battery 9

The difference function of the relative spectral sensitivity of the photodetector system filters adjusted to match the function of the relative spectral luminous efficacy of monochromatic radiation for photopic vision V (λ) in accordance with GOST 8,332.

Effective illuminometer reference plane coincides with the plane front cosine nozzle photodetector.

Scope unit Light meter 'TCA SUITE'

Industrial enterprises and organizations (service occupational health and safety service chief power engineer), educational institutions, research centers, museums, libraries and archives, transport and communications, Metrology and Certification Center, medical institutions, SSES centers, certification of workplaces, agriculture agriculture and many others.

The device is also suitable for measurement of light when using photoluminescent materials (including license for MOE. Measurement ranges specified in CCITT 12.2.143 - 2009 (Modification 1 of 14.12.2011 № g)).

A simple method for measuring the light flux, suitable for an approximate evaluation of the light flux majority lamps or LED modules.


is absent.

Packaging unit Luxmeter 'TCA - LUX' ':

Illuminometer "TCA - LUX" Battery Type "Crown" (6F22) of ekspluatatsiiSumka Guide device for transporting goods

Significant advantages of the device Luxmeter 'TCA SUITE' over analogues

Best in its characteristics the domestic light meter, is not conceding world counterparts, reliable and easy to operate. Affordable price.

Instruction Manual Certificate of Approval of the SI type of Russian Federation till 30.05.2021 ( * . jpg) Verification Method MT 20040 - 11

You can buy Luxmeter 'TCA - LUX' 'with poverkoyna site STP instruments manufacturer "TKA" at an affordable price. Luxmeter 'TCA - LUX' 'with the verification: a description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories.

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Luxmeter 'TCA-LUX' 'with the verification
Luxmeter 'TCA-LUX' 'with the verification
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