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Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home buy in Kazan
Buy Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home
Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home

Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home

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Russia, Kazan
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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerООО НПФ "Невотон", г. Санкт-Петербург
  • BrandНевотон
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorViolet

The device "Nevoton AK - 201" is a cosmetological device with a wide range of effects. The device is intended for prophylaxis and treatment of skin defects, and attacks are used in cosmetology.

The device normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous

glands, has anti - inflammatory and vasodilating effects on the body. This electrical myostimulant stimulates intracellular rejuvenation, improves skin elasticity and firmness. Serves as an effective prevention of its aging.

How NEVOTON AK - 201 works

Low frequency pulse current

It has an analgesic, antispasmodic, vasodilator, resorption, anti - inflammatory, trophic - stimulating effect. It affects not only superficial, but also deeply located tissues and pathological foci.

Constant galvanic current

Provides mild and gentle stimulation of local blood circulation, has a vasodilator, wound healing, analgesic and sedative effect, inhibits inflammation and eliminates edema. This current expands and cleanses the pores of the skin, normalizes their tone, the secretory activity of sebaceous and sweat

glands. It carries out chemical peeling, and also has a myostimulating
action, enhancing venous and lymphatic drainage, which contributes to the lifting effect. The healing effect develops gradually, gently.


Official indications for use:

In cosmetology practice

Oily skin:

  • Oily skin care
  • Elimination of acne

Dry skin:

  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Rejuvenating aging skin
  • Lift of the contour of the face, skin of the eyelids and neck
  • Removal of small wrinkles and smoothing of large wrinkles

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes:

  • Rosacea
  • Reduction of the reticular pattern of veins with rosacea
  • Removal of puffiness under the eyes
  • Whitening age spots (freckles)
  • Elimination of small scars
  • Elimination of cellulite and skin stretch marks


  1. Saving time - the procedure takes no more than 20 minutes
  2. The effect after the first application
  3. Effective against cellulite and stretch marks
  4. Compactness allows you to take it with you on vacation or business trip and always look great
  5. Saving money on creams and visits to the beautician

Clinical researches

The device has successfully passed medical tests at the Clinical Hospital. Academician N. N. Burdenko, at the Department of Physiotherapy, Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, as well as at the Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology, St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Hospital named after Academician N. N. Burdenko: 34 patients with acne, post - filling pains, compression - ischemic neuropathy of the facial nerve, arthrosis and arthritis of the mandibular joint in the acute stage, nervousness of the occipital and trigeminal nerves were selected for the clinical study of the apparatus. After a course of treatment in 82% of patients, acute pain syndrome regressed, muscle tone and skin tone increased. Head of the clinical study: Head of the Physiotherapy Department of the Hospital, Colonel of Medical Service Y. A. Rodin MGMSU: The study involved 112 patients with various diseases: trismus of the masticatory muscles, prosonpalgia, glossalgia, neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, acne, etc. A positive effect was noted in 70% of patients: pain, swelling, inflammation was eliminated, physical and psychological fatigue; lymph and blood circulation accelerated; increased muscle tone and skin turgor; scars and infiltrates resolved. Head of clinical research: Professor, Honored Doctor, Academician, Head of the Department of Physiotherapy S. I. Efanov MAPO: 45 people participated in the study, divided into 8 groups. 1 group - dry skin, 2 group - oily skin, 3 group - aging skin and reduced facial turgorrhea, group 4 - seborrhea with acne, group 5 - rosacea, group 6: postpartum stretch marks of the abdominal skin, group 7: stage 1/2 cellulite, group 8 - rosacea. During treatment, 87% of patients received a positive therapeutic result. Head of clinical research: President of the St. Petersburg Physiotherapy Association, Head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V. V.

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Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home
Medical and cosmetic device "NEVOTON AK-201" for medical and cosmetic procedures at home
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