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Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal buy in Moscow
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Buy Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal
Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal

Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureGermany

The HPL DUROPAL panels, plasticity a compact of hpl are a self-bearing architectural wall and ceiling facing panels, panels constructional for walls, ceilings, partitions from decorative paper and layered HPL plastic (High Pressure Laminate), EN 438 meeting standards and ISO 4586. In a decorative collection of the Duropal compact panels there are leaf surface stamping options (a panel surface) which any producer in Europe does not make. Soft and "warm" swore in comparison with "plastic" analogs. Panels

Full transfer of structure of a natural tree, metal, stone. Feature of material – a heavy-duty surface with "live" structure. Slow-burning material, is not susceptible to chemicals, dyes, steam, water, differences of temperatures, high resistance to blows and scratches.

the self-bearing panels and plasticity;

high stability of the sizes;

high resistance to mechanical damages;

high wear resistance;

moisture resistance; the high density of material interferes with penetration of pollution into structure of panels; for medical panels – interferes with reproduction of bacteria – the antibacterial medical panel Duropal Micro Plus;

anti-static character; does not install heat, electrical equipment

simplicity of processing, does not demand use of the special equipment, can be processed in the conditions of a building site by the simple woodworking tool;

does not demand additional processing and protection of end faces; the black or white kernel of a basis of material, emphasizes a delicacy of design and dimensions of forms as on a wall, and furniture, in systems of partitions Hpl (toilet cabins)

simplicity of installation – both visible type, and glue invisible system;

cleaning with any detergent, removal of graffiti by means of aggressive structures;

Duropal plastics call "bioplastic" at the expense of "live" structure and "breath and depth" surfaces, these laminates finishing are intended for all who are interested in non-standard interior finishing production. Inexpensive and qualitative German sheet decorative Duropal plastic. Having taken Duropal in hand, you will never mix it with "plastic" standard analogs of Hpl!

The Duropal panels PFLEIDERER Germany concern plastic constructional facing wall decorative, a laminate self-bearing (compact panel) are the German interior decorative paper and layered hpl plastic or plastic furniture in the form of large-format flat panels, the sheet decorative material, fire-resistant quality covered from two parties with especially strong laminate of a high pressure of High Pressure Laminate for special areas of use where greatest demands are made of loadings (for example, malls, walls of hospitals, walls of the airports, furniture for office, protection of walls, etc.) and increased requirements to fire resistance. Decorative HPL Duropal plastic - is issued more than 100 years - plastic - the pioneer, is specially adapted for use in various populous places with increased requirements to design, hygiene and processing: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, sanitary rooms in hotels, and also in places with the increased risk of developing of infections – in buildings of the airports and stations, at catering establishments, in the food industry, pure rooms and public transport.

Products from decorative layered plastic of a high pressure (panel hpl) of the Duropal company are very strong heat-resistant, moisture resistant and shock-resistant (anti-vandal) surfaces. Their application is especially actual where greatest demands are made of quality, durability, high operational characteristics and an esthetics (design). Feature of Duropal plastics is that the concern lets out also thick compacts – wall constructional hpl of the panel in new surfaces: luster, crystal stone, hologram illusion, rustic, porous tree, superopaque, etc. Usually "structural" surfaces are issued at other producers only in thin furniture laminates. Similar materials receive priority application in objects where "highlight" in design, singularity of the project and high operational characteristics for protection of walls is required.

In assortment of DUROPAL all types of surfaces are issued in compact panels with a black kernel – in the wall hpl panels 6-12 mm thick thickness, also hpl compacts with a white kernel - that DUROPAL on the first place among the European analogs also puts forward. DUROPAL "live" plastics, force to feel. All types of surfaces are completely natural and transfer unique feelings of a surface, whether it be a stone, metal or a natural tree. In total in May, 2014 16 unique compact plastics with unique texture and surfaces are presented.

The medical hpl panels for facing of walls of pure and sterile rooms of operational operblok, procedural offices, the neonatal centers and maternity houses - Duropal Micro Plus.

The hpl plastic specialized for medical furniture, walls of laboratories, a X-ray and physiotherapeutic offices, chippers and protective otboyny boards of Duropal – finished medical constructional decorative products. Antibacterial plastic wall and ceiling.

Decorative constructional Hpl Duropal plastics call "bioplastic" because of unique "live" feeling of natural material, a natural tree or metal

Irrespective of the let-out products (furniture a laminate, plastic for walls) the concern supports and guarantees uniformity of color of material, is not dependent on texture of a surface. Therefore, even buying material in 10 years, quality and color of material – are INVARIABLE!! Application of one decor in different textures is popular that gives tremendous effect – the glossy panel plus the panel of the same color in structure – over opaque and porous a rustic. More than 100 years Pfleiderer concern – the oldest enterprise in Europe, observes the basic principles of production – quality, environmental friendliness, design, guarantees, responsibility for the made production, combining these qualities with extraordinary high parameters of durability, moisture resistance, an antivandalnost and very original decorative effects. These materials will inspire any, looking for non-standard decisions of the architect or designer of an interior. The Pfleiderer concern became the winner of the world nomination of innovations in the field of an interior, architecture and design - "To Interior Innovation Award 2013." (some kind of "Oscar" architectural).

The medical anti-vandal antibacterial slow-burning DUROPAL micro PLUS panels ® - sanitarily the active surface, is sewn up from bacteria, fungi and microbes. DUROPAL micro PLUS® puts fat plus to antibacterial protection. Even at the room temperature of a bacterium breed very quickly. DUROPAL – the medical micro PLUS® panels reduces quantity of bacteria more than by 99% within 24 hours. DUROPAL micro PLUS® keeps all advantages of DUROPAL-HPL plastics.

When bacteria come into contact with a surface of DUROPAL micro PLUS® vital signs of bacteria stop. As a result of a bacterium perish.

The microbes and bacteria which most often are found in the food industry and in medical institutions. Bacteria were placed on a surface of the test medical Duropal panel. In 24 hours an inspection on efficiency of DUROPAL micro PLUS® is carried out. DUROPAL micro PLUS® reduced quantity of bacteria by 99%. Only 10 bacteria drove out of 10,000 bacteria after 24 hours. DUROPAL micro PLUS® is absolutely safe for people and environment. The surface contains the active agents which are contained in shampoos, toothpastes and skin creams. Active agents are deeply in a surface, excepting a possibility of moving to food and air. The panel surface for walls or a table-top all the same demands periodic cleaning from pollution and dust since DUROPAL micro PLUS® in this case gives stable protection against bacteria and microbes (but not from traces of dirty hands, fat). Analyses of SGS Fresenius institute confirmed long and stable efficiency of DUROPAL micro PLUS®: Antibacterial protection continues to work steadily after the long test for the blows and a scratching imitating active use of a table-top or the wall Hpl panel in places with big passability, panels for a cabin of the toilet, medical panel. Test results SGS Fresenius: Result: Antibacterial efficiency of DUROPAL micro PLUS® is 1,000 times higher, than at other similar materials. Scratches or abrasives do not make negative impact on efficiency of DUROPAL micro PLUS®. The panel "works" all term of operation in hospital or the operating room. We deliver medical chippers and panels wall Hpl for medical blocks which interfere with reproduction and emergence of microorganisms, fungi, a mold. It is especially important in zones where surgeries and procedures are performed. Panels antibacterial Hpl DUROPAL are installed also in zones with the increased risk - in damp and crude rooms, in laundry rooms and catering departments, nurseries to provide the ideal protective environment. Medical plastic interferes with creation of the adverse environment which can damage health.


• hospitals and clinics, medical offices, drugstores, laboratories

• catering establishments, catering establishments, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, cafe of a fast food

• outdoor and indoor pools, saunas, toilets, cabins toilet and sanitary partitions, kindergartens and schools, enterprises of chemical industry, farm enterprises

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Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal
Medical panels for walls and ceilings, hpl plastic antibacterial, anti-vandal, slow-burning Duropal
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