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Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid buy in Ijevsk
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Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid

Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid

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Technical characteristics
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  • Processing mediumРаствор

Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid

Installation pump autonomous with system of purification of UN-16/20 drilling mud fluid is intended for supply of drilling mud fluid under pressure in a well for the purpose of the drive of the bottomhole engine and ensuring circulation, and also for purification of solution in the course of drilling.

Installation pump autonomous represents a mobile complex of processing equipment which provides giving in a well of drilling mud fluid under pressure and its subsequent cleaning of vyburenny breed.

Installation is executed from conditions of convenience of transportation in the form of two blocks in which the processing equipment is mounted on a platform of semi-trailers heavy trucks and it is closed by soft awning shelter.
Both blocks of pump installation settle down on the platform at the mouth of a well.

The block of cleaning will connect the following technological communications:

  • with a funnel on the mouth of a well — the metal pipeline or a sleeve with a bias corner towards the block not less than 15 °;
  • with the pump block a rubber sleeve on the line of absorption of the retaining pump and two pipelines — on the line of a starting latch and the line of dumping from the safety valve of the boring pump.

The pump block will connect to the mouth of a well a sleeve or the pipeline. Both blocks have to be installed on calculations before filling of capacities and pipelines with drilling mud fluid.


Maximum productivity, l/sec. 16
Maximum pressure, MPa 20
The number of blocks in installation 2
Net volume of technological liquid, m3 18
Capacity on a vibrosieve, p/a, not less 20
Capacity on a hydroclone, p/a, not less 20
The smallest size of the deleted particles, mm 0,06
The established electric power, kW, no more 60
Full dry weight, kg:
- pump block 28 000
- cleaning block 23 000
Overall dimensions of blocks in transport situation, mm:
- length 12 700
- width 3 000
- height 4 300

The description of components of installation, their appointment and work are given below in technological sequence.

The block of purification of drilling mud fluid consists of the following components:

  • trekhsektsiopny capacity;
  • vibrosieve;
  • hydroclone peskootdelitel;
  • slurry pump;
  • float-operated valve;
  • the pipeline is pressure head;
  • the pipeline which is soaking up;
  • recuperative air heater;
  • electroboard;
  • semi-trailer heavy truck;
  • awning shelter.

The block of cleaning carries out function of reception of drilling mud fluid from a well and its cleaning of vyburenny breed.

Three-section capacity consists of compartments, two of which have height of 0,9 m and the volume of 4,5 m everyone, and the third — height of 1,6 m and the volume of 9 m3. The capacity design with unequal height compartments is accepted proceeding from technological features of process of purification of solution and allows to combine rather small height of a rastvorosliv with an opportunity to have a necessary reserve of drilling mud fluid on a case of unforeseen complications in the course of drilling. Two identical compartments are divided by an overflow partition with a shiberny lock, and the third high compartment is connected to the next compartment the overflow pipeline with the float-operated valve and the perepuskny pipeline with the shiberny gate.

Steps of purification of drilling mud fluid

1. The vibrosieve like SV-1L-02 is established on technological capacity over the first compartment and intended for purification of drilling mud fluid of particles of vyburenny breed not less than 2,0 mm in size. It is the first step of purification of drilling mud fluid. The vibrosieve like SV-1 L-02 is recommended by the manufacturer for application in circulating systems of installations for workover and at kickoff of the second trunks. At the request of the Customer the block of cleaning can be completed vibrositompozvolyayushchy to delete smaller particles of vyburenny breed.

The solution purified on a vibrosieve flows down in the first compartment of technological capacity, and slime on an inclined tray is removed out of block limits where is going in containers with the subsequent export to the ground for utilization. Drilling mud fluid, having filled the first compartment to the level of an overflow partition, begins to flow in the second compartment.

2. The second step of cleaning is the hydroclone peskootdelitel who is established over the second compartment of technological capacity. Drilling mud fluid gets from the second compartment of capacity the slurry pump by means of the soaking-up pipeline and on the pressure head pipeline moves in an entrance branch pipe of a hydroclone under pressure of 0,2-0,3 MPas. In a hydroclone there is an office of particles of slime not less than 0,06 mm in size. The purified solution on the pipeline merges in the third compartment of technological capacity. Unloading of slime is made through a peskovy nozzle of a hydroclone and a removable tray on a folding tray of a vibrosieve from where slime is dumped in the container-shlamosboriik. On the first models of installations the peskootdelitel of PG-60 was applied (pr-in. Pleasant). If necessary installation of a peskootdelitel of the slime not less than 0,04 mm in size providing office of particles is possible.

The slurry pump is intended for supply of the drilling mud fluid which passed cleaning on a vibrosieve in hydroclone a peskootdelitel. The pump is installed on a semi-trailer platform. The pump centrifugal with a lateral supply of the pumped-over liquid. Its main details are made of wearproof and corrosion-resistant materials. The taking-away branch pipe is directed vertically up. Productivity of the pump is accepted slightly more, than it is required for work of installation and if necessary, it can be adjusted by means of a latch on the pressure head pipeline. After a latch on pressure head the truboprovodeshlamovy pump the manometer is installed.

Around the pump the passes sufficient for implementation of service and repair are provided. The platform on which the pump is installed is supplied with protections, and for rise on it there is a ladder.

On the first installations the widespread slurry pump 6Sh8-2 is installed. Much more reliable pump having hard-alloy omental knot and which is not inferior according to the characteristics to the best world samples is at the moment fulfilled.

The float-operated valve is intended for prevention of overflow of the second compartment of technological capacity and environment protection against hit in it drilling mud fluid.

The float-operated valve consists of a basket and the float located in it from polyurethane foam or other material with specific weight there is less unit. The float freely lies at the bottom of a basket. In its center there is an opening which the vertical directing probe welded in the center of a bottom of a basket enters. The basket is fixed in the top part of the second compartment of technological capacity under withdrawal of the overflow pipeline.

At the same time the float has to be located on an axis of a vertical site of the overflow pipeline.
The valve works as follows: when filling capacity with drilling mud fluid the float, under the influence of the pushing-out force, emerges and nestles on an end face of an overflow pipe, blocking its section. Thus, the solution overflow from the third compartment in the second stops. As soon as solution level in the second compartment goes down as a result of operation of the slurry pump, the float under the influence of a body weight falls to a starting position, opening the section of a pipe through passage, and solution is again poured from the third compartment in the second before its filling and closing of the valve.

The recuperative RV-40(zh) air heater is intended for heating of three-section capacity and the power plant of the pump block before start in a cold season. As fuel diesel fuel is used.
Switching of supply of hot air is made by the shiber established on an air duct.
The pipeline pressure head is intended for supply of drilling mud fluid in hydroclone a peskootdelitel.
The pipeline has a latch for giving regulation, the manometer for control of pressure in a peskootdelitel and fast-combined connection for connection of a sleeve at depletion of capacity or its washing.
The pipeline which is soaking up is intended for supply of drilling mud fluid from capacity in the slurry pump.
The pipeline has two rotary locks and fast-folding connection for connection of a sleeve from a tanker when filling capacity.

The electroboard is executed in the form of a metal case with the actuators and thermal relays, and push-button switches located on the forward panel placed inside for start of electric motors of the slurry pump and a vibrosieve.

The electroboard is established on capacity and connected by a cable to a diesel electrical unit of the pump block.

The block pump consists of the following components:

  • pump boring;
  • power plant;
  • transmission;
  • driveshaft;
  • pneumocompensator;
  • safety valve;
  • the manifold is delivery;
  • the pump is retaining;
  • pipeline starting;
  • the dumping pipeline from the safety valve;
  • control panel;
  • fuel tank;
  • diesel electrical unit;
  • the board is electric;
  • ladders;
  • semi-trailer heavy truck.

The block pump carries out function of pumping drilling mud fluid in a well.
The main component of the block is pump installation.
In a kachestchva of the drive the latest, four-cylinder, duple diesel with a turbo-supercharging and electronic injection of production of Detroit Disel firm is used.
Transmission — automatic, five-step, Allison firms.

The power plant via the driveshaft and chain transfer brings the leading shaft of the boring pump into rotation. Other end of a shaft through a belt drive brings the retaining pump into rotation.
Control of pump installation is exercised from the control panel.
The control panel contains the display showing key parameters of the power plant, and also the gear shifting handle.

On an output collector of the pump the pneumocompensator and the manometer are installed.

In pump installation control of the following parameters is provided:

  • speed of DVS of the power plant - a tachometer;
  • oil pressure in the engine - the index of pressure;
  • temperatures of cooling liquid in the engine - the index of temperature;
  • engine operating time - the counter of motochas;
  • pressure of drilling mud fluid in the delivery manifold - the manometer;
  • availability of diesel fuel in a tank - the index of level of fuel;
  • tension sizes in accumulators - the voltmeter.

For the purpose of depreciation on the subsequent installations use of units of the Russian production, the boring pump - GPO "Votkinsk Plant", the diesel - the Yaroslavl motor plant is planned.
The fuel tank of V=l of m3 is intended for storage and supply of diesel fuel in the power plant.
Squared tank. On the sidewall turned towards pump installation, two indexes of level are established.

The manifold delivery serves for the direction of a stream of solutions in a well or in the third compartment of capacity. For this purpose on it two latches are established.
The manifold comes to an end with fast-folding connection for connection to a strut of the drilling rig.
The pipeline starting serves for connection of a starting latch of the delivery manifold and three-section capacity of the block of cleaning. It is mounted after placement of blocks at a well.

The diesel electrical unit is intended for power supply of electric motors and system of lighting in the absence of the electric power on a well.

Rated power of an electrical unit 60 kW
Current sort variable three-phase
Rated voltage 400 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz

All components of an elsktroagregat are mounted on a frame.
The engine and the generator are connected by means of a flange board in the uniform block. The torque from the engine to the generator is transferred by means of the connecting coupling.
The control panel is installed on the right.
Under the engine and the generator the fuel tank and accumulators is established.
The board electric represents a metal box in which the switch BP-32 for inclusion of a diesel electrical unit, or an industrial power source is installed.
Semi-trailers heavy trucks are intended for placement of processing equipment.
ChMZLP-93853-0000030 trailer type with completion.
On the trailer there is no ladder, the platform is expanded to 3 000 mm.
Loading capacity of the trailer is 24 000 kg.
The tractor - the MAZ-64229 type gidrofitsirovanny.

The awning shelter consists of a metal framework with the mounted lighting and soft awning material with a polyvinylchloride covering in accordance with GOST 29151-91. The framework folding also consists of pipes of rectangular section.

The shelter serves for protection of the equipment and service personnel against an atmospheric precipitation and influence of low temperatures.

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Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid
Mobile autonomous pump installation with system of purification of drilling mud fluid
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